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    Somewhat in Feb I am going to be going to Leeds, UK to do RE2 Remake (Resident Evil 2 Remake) Fanmade movie or RE1 Remastered (Resident Evil 1 Remastered) movie. Depends really. And we may have a place to do it like I found abandoned buildings that we may use for it. 

    Here's two of them. image.png.40102c9cdba4ba640b6b30d654dd4096.png



    but yeah. That'll be interesting. Lol 

    I'll be in it too and if it's RE2 I'll be acting as Sherry Birkins. 
    If it's RE1, well we'll see ?

    I'll be getting hotel and train ticket to Leeds when I know when to go there. (will be told soon) xD

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