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  1. Paradox

    Journal - Minx Vance - DayZRP

    Minx's pictures or video (gif) journal.
  2. I find explosive and I wanted to sell them to the traders. +1
  3. I seen normal one but not electric... xD Will it be in the store?
  4. I would love to wear antlers +1
  5. There I put a music for my character 😄

    Check it out on my character's page XD

    Also I put a song for my profile as well 🙂 

  6. I have like 4 shelter kits (one large metal one and two camo net ones) and I tried to sell them at the traders, only that they can't be sold. I found those and I wanted to sell them as I think they worth bit of money. Also they should be sellable like other base like items that' in the traders. Before you say anything YES I have been to ALL THREE TRADERS and wasn't able to sell them. I wanted to sell them other than radioing and selling it to people through radio.
  7. until

    That's fine with me I'll able to maybe start on building my place... xD without interruptions.
  8. until

    Question: If those who doesn't want to enter the Event but also want to be in the game to do their own thing (but stay away from the event area) is that fine? Because I wanted to do my own thing while those who want to do event they can. I'll be mostly at the beach so it'll be far away from the event area.
  9. Hearing the helicopter fade into distance away from her and she picks up the radio. "I would like to thank the two guys with helicopter for helping me, I really appreciate it. If I find any ammo or other things I don't need I'll definitely try contact you guys ." Then there's silence.
  10. Minx looks at around as trying to find something with left hand while on other have a radio. She pressed the PTT. "Uhh I have getting hungry and my lure fishing hook is broken, can someone come and give me a spare lure or fishing hook? I know the last place i know I am at is at the beach...but I will have to find my map to see where I am actually...or about." She spoke as she sighed. She pressed the PTT again. "I can give...something in return...I mean I have a metal wire, I think it's medium or small shelter kit I found, that was going to be sold on the traders...but can some
  11. I could say the same thing about the stuff we have in the store already, but we do still have them. One lure or hook is hardly breaking EULA, I don't think.
  12. I'm way far away from there and I am at the beach and i can't even find a chicken without dying from hunger.
  13. It would be cool if we had lure or fishing hook in the store because it would save lives, especially since I don't know how much or often those spawn as I never seen any spawn while I'm at the boats and on the beach. It would be logical to have least one of those in the store, and it would be helpful when it's needed. We have all those other stuff even military clothing, why not fishing lure or fishing hook that can save lives that is travelling and can't find food?
  14. Minx waited for a response as at the beach looking up at the sky. Once headed a response, she placed a radio to her mouth and pressed PTT. "Ah I got tired of waiting, if you want it if it's still there. I left to the mainland, it has stuff I don't need in there so if you want it take it. I just needed the large backpack like those military mountain backpack. Only one though as I travel around and don't stay in one place too long cause of the walkers....walkers as those things walking about."
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