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  1. Paradox

    Spring Cleaning 3

    Yup xD
  2. Paradox

    Spring Cleaning 3

    The album says as what it is. XD Lol
  3. Paradox

    'Random Server' DayZ Adventures~

    On Random servers adventures of same people/friends as on main DayZRP
  4. Paradox


    Friday Rave~! of 2019 😄

  5. Paradox

    Wolf Vs Zombie - who will win?!

    This is on a random server XD
  6. Paradox

    So many goats! - soon to kill them :D

    xD Well we are on random server just seeing how it goes. But the ransom server we didn't find any hostile people yet xD We only found couple of people with a truck on way to trading post they have and they are super friendly so far.
  7. Paradox

    Gun Ban.. Seriously? ( Open Freq )

    She nodded as she listened to the reason. "Ahh right. That's good because I use snipe riles to hunt for food you know? Those deers, foxes, and other animals we use for food as well their bones for other things." She spoke. "Maybe...that's if you don't go all damn hostile perhaps I can give you lot some weed, that's if I have anny!.... man those joint are fuckin' lit..." She spoke last bit when she moved away from the radio. Then released her PTT.
  8. Paradox

    Gun Ban.. Seriously? ( Open Freq )

    Picking up her radio while smoking more of her joint. "So this ban....it's about Automatics like machine-like guns? Or is that also with normal ones or what?" The female spoke as she let go of the PTT.
  9. Paradox


    if you can have own music on the cassette player I would have this song and if you're near me and hear that song:

    Then you know you better run xD 

    Because you might get chance of being a victim of me doing this to you in game:

    "first break their leg, then other leg, stab knife in the private part and drag it to their chest. Open the wound and take the organ I want. But also their hands and arms are pined to the ground with knives. Make you scream and feel that every pain until you die when you became unconscious"


    And only last thing you hear before you die and go unconscious is this music.

  10. Paradox

    Gun Ban.. Seriously? ( Open Freq )

    Solus hearing the conversation from the radio as she is smoking her joint. "First Anarchy people doing this and now Green Dragons? Really?" She spoke as she smoked more of her joint. "There are hunters out here who uses guns like Sniper Rifles to hunt animals such as deers, sheeps, cows etc Look I get it if it's those automatic guns you banning, those I guess you can ban them? But not Hunting riles or shotguns." She let go of her PTT.
  11. Paradox


    I dunno I guess I been playing too much games where you pick up a body and it looks like well you know... XD when you drag it.
  12. Paradox


    It look like that person who is putting thumb up is about to rape that guy xD
  13. Paradox

    I SEE YOU - Zombie on the fucking roof window part

    Lmao I should but I don't think it works anymore. I tried it before with a melee and it didn't work.
  14. Paradox

    Adventures journal~

    Adventures we do as groups and friends. (Even it's all from 3 different characters: Paradox Seeker Solus Vector Leeloo Loviatar)
  15. Paradox


    With all those reports xD....this reason why people would stay hidden and have minimal contact with strangers or people at all

    Because all those people do is demand stupid amount of things that are hard to find and not enough time.

    Like my group's rule 4: have minimal contact with strangers 😛 
    and Rule 14: use alas names at all times unless needed to use real names (Full character names or real first name)

    We are being very careful like actual survivors who want no bullshit from other groups and we don't want nothing to do with them.

    1. Malet


      Hm, three things come to my mind reading his statement 😅
      1. There are different playstyles and character mindsets and that is good for diversity reasons alone.
      2. I think there is a big difference between active hiding and just avoiding certain high traffic areas. Hiding is something one could easily do on a public server while roaming around gives you these sweet random encounters that are often great.
      3. A lot of people dont have a group and limited time. I get why they would go to Hotspots, because otherwise they might not get RP at all. Having a group to internalRP with isnt everyones privilege 😄 

    2. Paradox


      Well myself and my group had very bad experiences with people and group especially with Kameichi, Seeman, Anarchy also some other groups too. 

      So we stick to our in game rules and sneak around and be away from people. 

    3. Lyca


      But what is the point of rp ... when I avoid everyone. 😄

    4. Paradox


      It's a rp of surviving. XD


    5. Lyca


      But when I avoid everyone... I could just take an empty server and rp there with my friends. XD Then you also dont meet anyone XD

      I dont know. It just takes away the surprise and the excitement of rping on a big server. It's not that there are only "bad people" on the server. 

    6. Paradox


      Public are full of shit.

      people just kill you for no reason xD

      I don't avoid everyone, 

      just think of Left 4 dead, Last Of Us, Walking Dead, Resident Evil.

      Everyone surviving different ways, some just want to survive in their little group with limited interaction with people, some want to rob and be assholes, some want to go and help around. That's what it's like in DayZRP.

    7. Lyca


      I guess so I just think that you miss out when you avoid everyone. Even the ones you could have good experience with. 😉

    8. Paradox


      Nah, I just being careful and not being that person who thinks it's okay to go towards lots of shooting and firefights. I'm going opposite way and getting the fuck outta there. xD

    9. Lyca


      Mhm I see! ❤️


    10. Paradox



      I mean there were some reports on firefights/shootings and people going towards it then complain of getting shot or miss- ID'ed. 

      That ain't smart move. Right?

    11. Lyca


      Nah I agree fully with you, that's stupid 😄


    12. APositivePara


      You broke rule 14 the other day 😛 

    13. Paradox


      That's before I use my alas name now XD

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