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  1. Bruh gotta do the character again and I'm shit when comes with that xD 

    Also I am not on discord server (Not sure if kicked or banned) Soooo I don't think I'll get help on that xD


    1. FaeLR


      just join the discord again?

    2. Paradox


      I'm probably can't.

    3. Paradox


      Yup I can't xD I got banned so yeah 🤷‍♀️

    4. FaeLR



    5. Paradox


      Also I didn't have recording since it didn't work my software I use to record.  So....that person will lie and all that.

  2. Wow been a while since I been here. Or on the server. 

    Though I'm kicked (I think) from discord lol




    1. Rover


      I remember you.

    2. Paradox


      Lmao I thought people forgot xD


      Also Red is sus (Among Us)

      Anyway....I don't think I can get back on discord.

    3. Rover


      Just appeal it like any other ban, and state you don't remember why.

      Or look at your warning history to see why.

      Unless you had a history of being a dingus, they'll let you back in, you'll just keep any points you earned.

    4. Paradox


      Lmao I only flamed once since there's an idiot who 1 second robbery without any RP 

      Which I DO remember. Since I was pissed that the admins there simped over that guy because probably he's their friend.

    5. Paradox


      Which sorta went like "fuck this I'm out" And didn't came back here.

    6. Paradox


      I got banned xD

    7. Rover


      Yeah part of me thinks I banned you.

      Like I said, just appeal it if you want back.

  3. Well RIP to your character that died
  4. XD Really? That's a big OOF
  5. Another public server having a go and see how it is, maybe posting some pictures here as well. Same character as here since I don't need to change the name when I come back. It's a UK server though.
  6. Well...I will have wanted posters everywhere on the other server... xD

    Pffftttt....They also on billboards. XD


    Wanted poster XD.jpg


    1. Paradox


      This will know for people  to beware of me xD

    2. Eagle


      1000 rubles ain't much. 

    3. Paradox


      xD meh 

      How much you think I worth then? xD

      (Cause we have notes mod and we can write on paper and he placed 1000 on me so I recreated the poster I made for Billboards and posters mods)

    4. Eagle


      Idk I have no idea what you've done just saying 1000 rubles is maybe 15 bucks haha

    5. Paradox


      Meh xD 

      But seriously....how much you think I worth for being wanted in Dick destroying (meaning shooting people in the dick) and Cock and Ball tortures?

      Cause I can edit and ask the server to change it 😛

    6. Eagle



    7. Paradox



  7. I made first DayZ mod. Woot. xP

    1. Crim


      what is it?


    2. Paradox


      Armband xD

      Though I am also working on a animal Skull that can be dropped by cutting the animal up and wear it 😄

  8. Paradox

    My pet Sheep

    Yes it is XD I got two since last night on public server, there was a event called treasure hunting and I found 3 creates while with my group and I was only one found them. People there call me "Terminator Minx the Punisher" xD
  9. It's a other server, yes but I'm still same character name though slight different, since on there you can be whatever you want to be, doesn't have to be human (I'm trying it out) 

    So as Minx Bright on that server - I choose to be Minx Bright the Criminal Punisher. And shoot criminals in the dick for their crimes. Which it makes many men scared of me XD. 

    On there I'm augmented with technology, so part machine. Cause why not? Though it's also part of reason why I would probably use injections like insulin most of times to keep check on the body. 

    but yah xD




    This is on discord that after announcement I would go around punishing people by shooting them in the dick for their crimes...xD

    1. Paradox


      And I know you gonna ask what is augmented / augment:
      An Augment is a cybernetically-enhanced human and a type of cyborg. However, the risk of the surgery that augments a person is high.

  10. Wtf is with the S2? myself and my friend are putting fences up we crashed and then there's a freaking time travel back and all our work is just fucked.

    1. FalkRP


      Roll back to fix server issues

    2. Paradox


      Ahh, so everything is fine now right?

      Cause I don't wanna do this like second or third time xD

  11. Paradox

    Gallery on DayZRP Livonia server

    Livonia server~
  12. Minx's ears would perk up at the mention of the origin of the infection, sure she is Bio-engineering and abnormal genetic scientist but she did wanted to know about the origin, or least if the origin is in Livonia. "You said about the origin of the infection, cause I do want to check that out. It's here in Livonia or it's base in Chernarus? It's been a while now and lot of shit happening."
  13. She heard the first person reply back to her, she chuckled. "Nah, I'm British, a scientist that deals with Bio-engineering and Abnormal Genetics" She spoke. "But thanks for the small history about here, cause no one really tells me." She heard second person talk as well. "I'm near Shobotko or whatever you call it, and yeah I don't know my way around here." She heard a third person saying they're nuclear physicists and would drive over, she didn't comment on that.
  14. Dr Bright have heard the emergency broadcast, she had her radio in her hand because she was about to turn to the different frequency. She is currently in Livonia. Though probably no where near that area. "Wait Nuke?" She spoke. "Holy shit, I don't think I'm near there but if this is a place to reply this broadcast....the range of nuke if it's going to meltdown?"
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