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  1. Paradox

    what you think of the movie version of Watchdogs?

    I think it's interesting as it had similar way of Watchdogs the game.

  2. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus looks around as hearing the people talk. She pressed her PTT. "Well I woulwdn't wanna be a experiment rat to them, I only go to those I trust, I hardly know those except VDC doctor. I would rather go to her than to them." She let go of her PTT.
  3. Doctor (open frequency)

    Solus listened as she heard him talk about not talking in broadcast publicly and told a frequency. "True but two days? Why? and I will talk on radio but why do you think you can meet me in person?" She let go of her PTT
  4. Paradox

    -Ordered Pizza and two cans of cola on Hungryhouse website- ;D

    It's...I think it's medium or large but I ain't gonna share :D


    Unless you can find me xD and steal it haha

    1. Crazy_Corwin


      Nothing like delivered diabetes!!!!!

    2. Paradox


      Fuck you XD....

  5. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus is looking around as the wind blow her short blonde hair as she listens. She pressed her PTT. "You clearly don't know that. But there is possibility. Who knows?" She spoke. "The doctor I trust from VDC probably knows." She let go of her PTT.
  6. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus snorted hearing the male about the carrier part. She pressed her PTT. "Ehh that would be maybe possible but false. Though it would be maybe through directly contact, but there are those who are immune to it so no matter what they can't turn but also can not be contagious." She spoke as she grinned. She let go of her PTT.
  7. Doctor (open frequency)

    Solus heard the responds talking about the people with red armband and hats. She spoke after pressed her PTT. "And why would I want to see them?" She spoke as she let go off her PTT. She heard the other male she heard before. She pressed her PTT again. "Afraid? Nah that ain't my style. Hunters never afraid. And that is only if you can FIND me. But I doubt you can." She let go of her PTT.
  8. Paradox

    I seen many animals being hunted as trophies and all. Being killed and all.

    This is what I would do.. ↓

    If I were to hunt animals I would use the right way as using tranq darts. Then take picture and then let them go. That's a right way to do it right? I mean I wouldn't kill them just put them to sleep and then let me go. 

    I think that is right way to do it, isn't it?

    What you think?

    1. OskuRP


      Or you could just take the picture without tranquilizing them...a picture of an animal slumped on the ground wouldnt really look that great. If you really want to shoot the animal just shoot it for real and use the whole animal for food and you can take the head or pelt for a trophy aswell if you feel like it.

    2. Paradox


      True but I wouldn't kill them for real, I mean I would kill chickens because they're just...chickens and pigs because they're just pigs. But animals like Lions, Elephants, etc I wouldn't. 

      I mean before long ago I wanted to be a Vet for wild animals like going out in the wild and giving meds and checkup to wildlife like Lions or wolves. But I kinda...failed the college for that. So I took other way and being Game tester since I am best at that anyway. 

    3. OskuRP


      I agree that killing animals like the African Big Five game animals for trophies is fucked up because there is no actual reason to kill them and i think many of them are endangered/close to being endangered. But if there actually was a reason to kill them (food,population control etc.) I dont  see how it would differ from killing a pig or chicken. Sure elephants are really smart but they arent that different from pigs...they are still animals. I dont see the point of tranquilizing an elephant to take pictures of it...you would tranquilize an animal just to take a picture of it where it looks dead?

    4. Paradox


      That's true, but sometimes you can't go near animals if they were awake, if you know what I mean. Also what the fuck did the giraffes do to people to get killed? They are most peaceful animals and they are not savage or hostile. I seen a woman killed one and I was like WTF.

      Is it wrong that Lion killed a poacher and I am happy that happened to that guy? I mean he deserved it since Lions are their own pride and he was going to kill them. They are beautiful creatures. 

    5. OskuRP


      You can very easily get close enough to any animal to take beautiful pictures without tranquilizing them and all your pictures will look alot better when the animal is actually doing something else than lying down in an unnatural position looking like its dead.

    6. Paradox


      I know what you mean about that.

      But I am meaning like if you go fishing, you do fishing like catching them and then put them back in the river/sea. I caught a giant squid when I was in vacation in Italy, I took photo which is was corrupted from my camera (issue with SD card) but I never ever killed it - I placed it back in the sea. That is what I was trying to explain. But without actually harming animals. 

    7. OskuRP


      But...theres no tranquilizing involved in catch and release fishing. That was your original argument right? I tend to eat the fishes I catch unless they are either too small or too big to taste good but i sort of understand people who release the fish. Also I think being caught and released isnt that pleasant of an experience to the fish. It gets pierced through the mouth and dragged around until its too tired to fight back and then held for some picture and released.

    8. Paradox


      It is but I meant for the Tranq argument is that it would be good to hunt animals but only using tranqs.

  9. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus listened to the conversationas she perks at the VDC part, she pressed her PTT. "I trust one doctor from VDC. She's nice." She then spoke again. "Wow things are gone to mess to fucked up badly...and Blood bandit? Wow people ain't creative anymore." She let go of PTT.
  10. Paradox

    Who's going to Mcm May London comic con? 

    London Film & Comic con in July? 

    And Mcm London October comic con? 

    I'm gonna be there on all three xD

    Also who's gonna cosplay/dress up? Or gonna go normal? 

  11. Doctor (open frequency)

    Solus heard a voice as she then take her radio and presses the PTT. "I am unsure the name, but she was the one who asking those who are...not turned.....come to see her. I replied the broadcast to meet up with her. I had a new friend with me who waited outside and I went to one of hospitals or medical building while she takes my blood sample." She replied and she let go of the PTT.
  12. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus responded pushing her PTT. "I see...well I don't see but you get what I mean." She spoke as she now look interested if he seen her face. "combat medic? and that name Potius Cras sounds like a fancy name for an asshole or something. I can take your word for that about that ex combat medic guy. But I won't trust him. Nah I won't die easily...I been bi...well I can say, I am healthy as...any other people here. Me coughing? Pfft I'll be fine" She released the PTT.
  13. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus thought a little as she looked up in the sky and smiled. She listened to him talk before she pressed her PTT. "Sounds like they are right douche, if I seen them I would smack the fuck out...." She coughed and calmed down. "Anyway. Who is involved? I mean I have meet a doctor from VDC or something and she taken my blood sample due being...." She took a deep breath. "Well I can't say since I probably have people going after my ass for my blood to have blood samples and some shit like that." She released her PTT.
  14. Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    Solus listened to the radio as she heard the one male speak about the 'corporation'. She pressed her PTT. "Well there are only some people I trust and I definitely not trust those corporations." She spoke as she then let go of her PTT and heard other male speak. She pressed her PTT again. "Is this about the corp group guys or the other group guys that been salty to me before? But that must be damn shit going on there...who is stupid enough to drive with horde of undead? I guess those guys? Whoever they are." She let go of her PTT.
  15. Paradox

    "Shake that ass" xD