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  1. Paradox

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    lol With those Doctor part and being bad kinda reminds me of Resident Evil Umbrella Corp xD but much different and more hostile with 'give no fucks' attitude xD I guess that's what you're going for? xD
  2. Paradox


    Applied two jobs... xD

    Gaming industries. 

    😄 One of them is SEGA so least you have someone who can do their shit as SEGA hardly ever fixes any games. I think even they just send it to public without any Game testers to test the games. xD 

  3. Paradox


    Today I will be sleeping early (5.30pm after dog walk) because Friday it's comic con and I have to wake up at 3am XD

    So yeah owo and won't be on until probably late night at Sunday

    because I will be going straight bed after Friday con, then wake up 3am Saturday, then straight bed and wake up 3am on Sunday and I will be probably on Sunday xD that's if I'm not tired as shit.

  4. Paradox

    JackZ's Photo Stockpile

    lmao at the dab one XD Nice just like wolf poaching
  5. Paradox


    Editing Video for Dead By Daylight with two friends xD It was just us three playing it 😜

    Also I need to record Arma 3 Altis Life RP too xD...

    @UndergroundLV @steemy1000 @xdproslim11 I got killed by someone named "Hide your gears" annd didn't let me comply and shot me lol... xD lost my shits and no medics were around but meh owo

    We need to get online there to continue with our Illegal drugs businesses xD I still got money and I also need help getting a house too so me and UndergroundLV have a place for our gang "The Seekers" XD

    1. Paradox


      If I have enough money after Comic con and after getting Annual pass xD

      I can try and get @Vaetherium and @Liam J (If Liam have not got Arma 3) and we can have more people xD to help with our businesses 😛 

      Like if we need a little break from DayZRP

      Edit: NEVERMIND Liam have Arma 3 xD

      Only need for Vaetherium 

  6. Paradox

    Conundrums [OPEN FREQ.]

    She heard the gunshots through the radio and him breathing heavily. She listened to him say it was those that she nicknamed them, or rather code she call the group without them knowing. She pressed her PTT down. "Ahh so is dem fockin' spermwhales yah dey always gettin inta trouble with fockin people" She spoke when she heard him cut off because of the loud gunshots. She heard him yell and chuckles. "Yah meeta dere. Ifa dey don't fockin come ovar dere"
  7. Paradox

    Conundrums [OPEN FREQ.]

    Paradox with the Alias as Alice, were eating can of peaches in the trees as she is sitting down. She heard the radio as she heard the old man voice with an accent of Chernarussian. She known this man so she replied pressing the PTT down. She sounding more British and bit of Northern accent like Fletching, Sussex. "This is Alice, Whatcha mean funneh? Yah I can 'ear yah" She spoke. " 'ear em? Cha mean dose seemen? Whocha talking about? Yah if dey comming after cha den hide an' wait for dem to fock off" She then looks around as she spoke again. "Me food is ready, so I catch yah lata?" She let go of her PTT.
  8. Paradox

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Nordic peeps that was at Sevegrag or how the heck you spell it lmao when I was there. - It was great rping with you guys and I learn more about your group which is awesome and even though shit went down because of the Seamen attacking the place but it was still great rping with you guys. Oh and @JackZ stop scaring the shit out of me with you poping up while being the bushman lol almost gave me a heart attack there lmao xD The Order peeps - It was okay though I kmow two of your peeps who was with me previous time but yeah I need to know more of your group though and maybe I will?
  9. Paradox


    Lmao well when comic con starts next week Friday Saturday and Sunday I won't be on xD 

    I will be there all day and waking up 3am to get ready for three days and coming back late lol.


  10. Paradox

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @CallMeGhosty Yeah that was funny I bet that guy got pissed xD and we think that guy was an seamen but wasn't sure since he crashed and we rped it out and took the battery and ran off haha
  11. Paradox


    me and my friend talking on FB xD about my bubbletea XD lmao

    lmao meme about my bubbletea (questionmark).png

  12. Paradox


    I got home early from work as my manager said I don't need to come back after break - Because there are many volunteers working so I can leave work early lol and plus won't be going back to work for a week since I made my own as holiday 😛 

    Due to Comic Con Next week xD sooooo...

    Yeahhhhh 🙌🎉

    1. Vaetherium


      lucky, i got a few weeks off 

    2. Paradox


      Aww owo I can have weks off if wanna whenever I want lmao.

  13. Paradox

    Who dunnit? [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    "How can it be finders keepers if it's already ours?" She spoke as she had her PTT down. "And also the owners of the town already knows it is ours and probably been told that it's someone else's stuff. But they just being a jerk and do it anyway. Stupid to take other peoples stuff, would you like it if they took your stuff too? No you would probably go rampaging like you having satan's blood ram up your butthole or something...Logical speaking here. Like what Anton said, it had our trading stuff in it."
  14. Paradox

    Who dunnit? [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    Paradox heard the comlink as she frowned as she responded. "You okay though?" She asked him. "I hope things are okay and you get those vehicles that took from us - I mean I am also with you right Anton?"
  15. Paradox


    Damn those DayZ Devs lying to us

    Saying that there won't be map persistence wipe...yet it was. They said it was only Character persistence wipe.

    It's making me so angry that we lost everything, and all we worked for, blah >3>