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  1. Paradox

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    THIS made me laugh XD I can imagine someone would do this if it was real life and world gone to...shit. This made my daayyyy XD
  2. Paradox

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    Ahh I get it. Sorta like Dead Rising - except there is no 'temporary' cure thing like in both game and movie (Dead Rising The Watch Tower) and it's in different way. Okie thanks.
  3. Paradox

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    Ahh so she won't be able to turn whats so ever :3 Okie~
  4. Paradox

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    My second Character Solus Vector - She is a carrier. She's on Stage two but not went past that. owo. So that's good? right?
  5. Paradox

    The Seekers (Recruiting)

    Timezones. That's why. And the colour dye are glitchy.
  6. Paradox

    Food, weapons, tools

    She chuckled a little. "To make it...like Easter Egg hunt or something like that." She spoke. "Never done a easter egg hunt? Or watched Indiana Jones? The Mummy?"
  7. Paradox

    Food, weapons, tools

    She heard Arron as she blinked and responded. "Ohh, it has? Finally I love my sniper rifle...and I can hunt for deers and boars." She spoke. "Hey I have been tracking Boars for a while and I know the area they'll be." She then spoke to the first person. "Well then that licence is gone apparently. But thank you?"
  8. Paradox

    Food, weapons, tools

    Paradox heard the radio and replied. "Careful with those high weapons above than pistols. You might need those licence for those but I am unsure if they are a thing anymore or not." She poke as she took deep breath. "There's are a group that might be on your trail and will take those away."
  9. Paradox

    The Seekers (Recruiting)

    The others are on their holiday or they have issues in real life, like for example family issues, renting issues etc. Saviour is coming back but have tournaments to do. He's been away to train for it you can't blame him. Also don't assume people if you don't know about their real life problems, because that's just wrong. Some people have real life problems that needed to handle before they play games. We are currently trying to see what colour for raincoat is not used and change it, but other than we know how to dye an armband. Or we will be changing to wear a purple coat or anything else. Those are fine goals and it says when it will be expired. And we will be adding more goals or changing them. The Traders are trading probably weapons, ammos, food, etc. And that goal is been just added about the anarchy but it will be put on hold since one of the members of ancarchy said that the all deals are off and all that. There are times to just don't talk but to listen. My character been tortured enough. AND because of the P Wipe...we have to get everything sorted. Otherwise what can we do if we have nothing sorted out to even do trading?
  10. Paradox

    The Seekers (Recruiting)

    Updated goals and members lists.
  11. Paradox


    Today is dog show in real life, I am entering in. In my area. It starts at 12pm finishes at 4pm xD

    So I won't be on until later on 😛

    We gonna do prettiest female dog and Fancy dress xD

    This is what my dog gonna dress as....and I also have outfit xD



    1. Sleepyhead



    2. Paradox


      Thank you XD

      We came Third place in Fancy Dress Class 😄

      But we didn't win on Prettiest Female dog but we got a green small Well done Rosette XD

      Picture: 3rd Place 😄

      Fancy dress in dog show 2018- came 3rd.jpg

  12. Paradox


    -Le making a DayZRP or try to a intro-ish xD to the song from Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare intro soundtrack xD 

    Though I will try and do it 😛 because the soundtrack suits this game xD

    Like this: 


  13. Paradox

    Switcharoo Names?

    Oh, my bad then I don't know about that. My apologise
  14. Paradox

    Switcharoo Names?

    Oh then I bought it. to change it. I had money to buy :3 Will that help? I guess it takes some hours for it to be changed I am unsure XD
  15. Paradox

    Switcharoo Names?

    Is that a Character name or username on here? I bought name change on here for my account on this website.