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  1. I know there probably some cosplayers out there that also play DayZRP

    but this photos is to the new Cosplayers or those starting to do cosplay.

    This is not mine and I got it from Facebook


    To new cosplayers out there.jpg

  2. Thank for Devs with the plague mask ? I suggested it, though it looks early version and not full mask one xD but I still love it 

    Also my friend who is in my group got it for me as a surprise XD



    If they could do it different colour too that would be great and full head mask?

    Like this:

    Image result for plague mask


    Image result for plague mask



    Image result for plague mask



    Image result for scp plague doctor




    But yeah ? But that's my suggestion I guess?

  3. Does that mean Rabbits and foxes are added in or something?
  4. Paradox

    Skin Mask Questions

    keep it in it'll be interesting liek the clown mask before....for the crazy clown people that's cannibal
  5. My Rainmeter on my laptop ?

    It works fully and realistic as Resident Evil computer/laptop. 

    Also I have music on there XD

    desktop rainmeter.png

    1. Ender


      nice nice. I've been using rain meter for a long while now. with the addition of wall paper engine as well

      this is my first attempt 

      My second attempt (gif doesn't do it justice but you get the idea)


      And my latest Third attempt (current setup)


      (forums doesn't like embedding .mp4 files. RIP me) 

    2. Paradox


      Nice :DD

  6. I'm watching this... and I find it hilarious there's even a video apologise which I will send you very soon after I posted this video xD it'll be at the bottom of the first video 

    And this is the video of the apologise xD under this... xD


    1. Paradox


      Omg XD More Troll XD


  7. Paradox

    Adventures journal~

    Adventures we do as groups and friends. (Even it's all from 3 different characters: Paradox Seeker Solus Vector Leeloo Loviatar)
  8. Since TS for DayZRP is gone... xD

    I got myself a server for our little group... xD

    because Discord makes problem with in game voice and I won't hear anyone or won't work at all.

    So yeah.

  9. Gonna be playing Dead by Daylight 

    Was playing Garry's Mod SCP-RP for some days (I was a anomaly SCP that kept getting kidnapped and tested/experimented XD) It was...fun xD

    But yeah...owo

    also some reason the US server ain't working for me, Liam J and some others...so...yeah

  10. Was on Garry's Mod a RP Server called SCP-RP - I am a VIP there but today I was on and I did this recording...It was funny I was Roleplaying as an Alien and I was out of my containment cell well this video shows the part that I find it hilarious...


  11. Here's my old video I recorded/streamed xD


    Though it was fun...while it lasted xD lmao 

    This is before the experimental before the other updates and stuff... xD

  12. Pre-ordered Resident Evil 2 Remake! XD

    Woot ?


    pre order RE2 Remake 2.png

    pre order RE2 Remake 1.jpg

    1. Paradox


      I can't wait ? I will live stream on Twitch or Youtube on this.

      I hope you can choose either Leon or Claire like in Playstation 1


    When Nanners played DayZ XD though shame he didn't play DayZRP.

    I am gonna see if I can get him to play DayZRP or join. 

    Knowing him, he would have a character that's trickster terrorist that bullshits his way out as he does in Garry's Mod TTT, Murder, Hide and Seek and Prophunt...as well as other games xD

    Though having him here on DayZRP would be interesting xD 

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