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  1. Another public server having a go and see how it is, maybe posting some pictures here as well. Same character as here since I don't need to change the name when I come back. It's a UK server though.
  2. Wtf is with the S2? myself and my friend are putting fences up we crashed and then there's a freaking time travel back and all our work is just fucked.

    1. FalkRP


      Roll back to fix server issues

    2. Paradox


      Ahh, so everything is fine now right?

      Cause I don't wanna do this like second or third time xD

  3. Paradox

    Gallery on DayZRP Livonia server

    Livonia server~
  4. Minx's ears would perk up at the mention of the origin of the infection, sure she is Bio-engineering and abnormal genetic scientist but she did wanted to know about the origin, or least if the origin is in Livonia. "You said about the origin of the infection, cause I do want to check that out. It's here in Livonia or it's base in Chernarus? It's been a while now and lot of shit happening."
  5. She heard the first person reply back to her, she chuckled. "Nah, I'm British, a scientist that deals with Bio-engineering and Abnormal Genetics" She spoke. "But thanks for the small history about here, cause no one really tells me." She heard second person talk as well. "I'm near Shobotko or whatever you call it, and yeah I don't know my way around here." She heard a third person saying they're nuclear physicists and would drive over, she didn't comment on that.
  6. Dr Bright have heard the emergency broadcast, she had her radio in her hand because she was about to turn to the different frequency. She is currently in Livonia. Though probably no where near that area. "Wait Nuke?" She spoke. "Holy shit, I don't think I'm near there but if this is a place to reply this broadcast....the range of nuke if it's going to meltdown?"
  7. Well I'll be not playing DayZRP for two days since my friend is going to play DayZRP on Sunday and will try and get to me to give me food since I'm very much starving in game. Since if I try and find food myself I'll be dead in second. 

    1. Eagle


      What a shame.

    2. Paradox


      Yeh cause the jerk left me with no chance of survival.

    3. Paradox


      a player*

    4. Roman


      it's rough out there in the apocalypse 

    5. Banshee


      I'm praying for your (character's) well-being 🙏

    6. Paradox


      My friend still can't find me and the map and signs are hard to locate. 

      I would ask for someone to come help but...I don't trust anyone else and the [DATA REDACTED] robbed me would try again rob or kill for gear.

  8. Apparently according to Hofer, it's fine to rob people with no much RP, left nothing to defend with, left to starve since taken food and just left. 

    I tried to RP as much as I can during the hostile but he doesn't even RP, just said "I'm your worst nightmare" that's all. 

    I only got food is because I tried to save another person who is a newbie who got attacked by zombies. And that was just Rare LUCK. 

    1. Paradox


      Hofer and other admins/mods or whoever was on discord.

    2. Ducky


      What a very contextual post this is.

      I surely hope you aren't leaving out any details.

    3. Paradox


      He came up to me, telling me to put my hands up. So I did told me to drop my things, I tried to ask his name. To make it a RP. He said "Your worst nightmare" I asked if he's around here. He just left after. Took most of things like weapons, food, ammos, etc. Left with nothing but just clothes and a hunter bag. 

    4. Paradox


      The melee weapon I had was ruined. I had other but he probably took it with everything else.


    5. Voodoo


      Why not report it then?

      If you feel he broke rules such as hostage care and badrp then put up the report 

    6. Hofer


      This is a blatant lie. I said that you should report the incident. I never stated that what you asked about is allowed.



    7. Paradox


      No recording soo no proof, since I can't record during that time.


    8. Hofer


      Stop claiming I said something I didn't though. 

    9. Eagle



    10. Ducky


      Ah yes... So the next best option is to throw around random accusations with no backing or merit. 👍

      What do you achieve from doing this aside from slander?

    11. Paradox


      Well I said that he could of asked if he needed something but what he did was pretty much a jerk thing. Even I had nothing much to begin with. just some random bullets, food, handgun.

      Also he could just do some actual rp and It would been fine. 

    12. APositiveElmo


      Seems like you're angry that somebody gave you a bad experience and you've misdirected your anger towards Hofer. Chill out, nobody in staff is your enemy 🙂 

    13. Voodoo


      I mean you could report it still.

      His POV can easily fit to yours and with position logs we can easily see how long the RP lasted. Just because there is no video evidence doesn't mean it cant be reported and looked further into.

      If it affected your time on the server then report it


    14. DrMax


      Hofer told me I could kos people and I got banned for it. Why do you do this to us community members @Hofer

    15. Paradox


      Well I can't do anything since I'm starving in game anyway soo I am going be logged out until a friend able to get to my place with food. (talking on discord)

    16. Crim


      tell Hofer to go s🅱️in himself

    17. Hofer


      s🅱️innalla @Crim

    18. Crim



    19. DuquesneLR


      Póg mo thóin @Hofer

  9. Paradox

    Beautiful night 3.jpg

    XD The house I'm in, have no bed. So floor is my way of sleeping
  10. Somewhat in Feb I am going to be going to Leeds, UK to do RE2 Remake (Resident Evil 2 Remake) Fanmade movie or RE1 Remastered (Resident Evil 1 Remastered) movie. Depends really. And we may have a place to do it like I found abandoned buildings that we may use for it. 

    Here's two of them. image.png.40102c9cdba4ba640b6b30d654dd4096.png



    but yeah. That'll be interesting. Lol 

    I'll be in it too and if it's RE2 I'll be acting as Sherry Birkins. 
    If it's RE1, well we'll see 😛

    I'll be getting hotel and train ticket to Leeds when I know when to go there. (will be told soon) xD

  11. Paradox


    Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. XD
  12. I'm now the G mod server for SCP-RP moderator and developer xD I made 3D models for them 😛

    1. Ducky


      If you have experience creating 3D models consider signing up to become a Developer on DayZRP.

    2. Paradox


      I am already doing it for one server, I think it'll be kinda stressful if doing two servers.

      I am also Site manager for SCP Minecraft server too... xD

      For example: 

      Picture I did model for 053 for SCP-RP 

      art picture and model made.png

  13. Yeah I've hardly be here because I'm a trial mod on Garry's Mod server. And becoming their Developer. 

    Aka I make models for them and for the server. So yeah. 

    Apologies. ^^

    1. Eagle



    2. KennethRP



    3. Paradox


      Yeah so I'll be there for time being to pass the trial mod which will be for 2 weeks.  Then I'll try come on here, but I may have to do developer stuff like models making and all.

      Though I don't know if i can post my models I've been working on for Garry's Mod SCP-RP sever.

  14. - User has been warned for this post -
  15. I apologise on that and I think it was 12pm or 1pm uk time because I had full screen I wasn't looking at the time. And I don't know all the names but we have least 40 people in a group. Or more. But I know I came on the guy was there no one else. It was yesterday which is 2019/10/30 and I got on I think around 9.00 or 9.30 I started recording 10.00 according in my stream on fb. It was early in the morning.
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