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  1. Welcome back And don't mind the mic, mine isn't the best either Working on it tho
  2. Welcome SupremeWire Can't wait to someday meet you in DayZ Buddy
  3. Welcome to the community dude Enjoy your stay hehe ;D
  4. Welcome Violet I didn't see much female people in the DayZ world yet, but maybe someday haha, maybe it's just me I hope you have a good time on here And maybe we shall meet one day
  5. Thank you all guys Jmrem1, Don't worry about being weird, I'm all over that haha. Also I checked most of this stuff already but I sure will check out the rest whenever I have a possibility too, thank you for the tip, tips are always appreciated. Milos, thank you and you stay safe too man!
  6. Hello guys, my name is WolfRain, A.K.A Skyler Dragonfly I was here for some time already but I am finally whitelisted, ready to play with all of you Can't wait to meet some of you soon in DayZ
  7. I would go investigate, but be on guard at any time :3
  8. M4 with silencer, I like the underappreciation of this gun. Its just fitting my character in games the best. As well as I like the sound better Magnum as well, true leg breaker right there
  9. WolfRain

    Usable hoods on hoodies/Gorka and etc

    Hoods up would be great. Then you could easily just be a hunter or just someone shooting a bow and arrows. I mean the concept behind it sounds good to me