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  1. Accidentally deleted my active character, just after switching my active, didnt realize there was a cooldown and now i cant set any charater as my active for 23.7 hours, can anyone help?
  2. Barry sat at the typewriter, it seemed to stare back at him blankly. He couldn't for the life of him figure out what he was going to write in his biography. So much had happened since the outbreak had broken out, he and his brother Garry had been separated from their beloved father harry, whilst travelling to chernarus on a hunting trip. What lengths will the boys go to to be reunited with their father? will they be able to cope with the pain of their seperation or will they buckle under the pressure of a world that no longer seems to care any more.
  3. Simo and his brother nikolai spent their early years in a covert training program based in East Germany. With the collapse of the soviet union the brothers resorted to sometimes questionable work in and around the 3rd world, shady business dealings with even shadier people. The brothers moved to Chernarus shortly before the outbreak, hoping to find business oppurtunities in the troubled region. Most of their contacts in the Chernarussian black market were lost during the initial outbreak and the brothers have been scraping by ever since, but they have never stopped looking for oppurtunities to rebuild their former business empire.
  4. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:53 06 August 2015 Daytime or Night-time: Day Your in game name: Barry Garrison Names of allies involved: Gary Garrison Name/Skin of suspect/s: Sergei Anosov Suspects weapon/s: Akm Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Hit Logs on Barry Garrison 18:53:35 | "Sergei Anosov(uid=) SHOT Barry Garrison(uid=) by AKM into Chest." 18:53:35 | "Barry Garrison(uid=) STATUS S::1500 B::3500 H::4380 HP::0." I was at GM with a friend of mine, we had been RPing with several groups that had been up there, and we had no issues with anyone. My friend gary climbed up into the tower and i followed shortly after as we had spoken to sergei who was up there. When i reached the top i offered him food almost immediately, at which point he points a gun at us and says he is robbing us, giving the reason that he has no food, and needs our(which we had literally just offered to him). As i was trying to put my hands up i accidentally pressed 2 instead of f2 which brought my secondary weapon out. As i was saying that i was complying to try to indicate that it had been an accident sergei shot me at point blank range, before my weapon animation had even started to show up on my screen. This is terrible RP, as he had no legitimate reason to rob us, and did not give an adequate ammount of time for me to comply when i was verbally communicating that that was my intention.
  5. Im Barry Garrison, gary is a friend of mine. From what i understood Gary said that his gun had jammed or something of that nature. To be honest im surprised you even took the effort to report this, as you gave me all of 1 second to comply to you when you said put your hands up, i hit 2(hotkey for my secondary weapon) apparently when trying to press f2 however on my screen my character had not even began to pull a gun out or anything. and to be perfectly honest you had no reason to rob us, as you were pretty much geared, and i had just freely offered you food, which you claimed was your reason for robbing us in the first place. I was gonna let your behavior slide and not make a report for it, but seeing that you are petty enough to report this because you got pissed for being killed after initiating on me i think i will lodge that report now.
  6. i think it would be nice to see some more variety with revolvers than just the magnum. It would be really cool if they could add a nice single action revolver like the peacemaker, and have it so that you have re-cock it after every shot like in real life.
  7. wish granted, but someone stole the tires and the engine, and have super glued the most grotesque dolls head to where the front badge used to be. I wish i had never ending fried chicken.
  8. you just know stannis is gonna end up being burnt for the lord of light.
  9. The thing is man, a gun like an AK is so utterly simple that even a child with no training can use it, as has been seen in many conflicts all over the world. The AK has only 8 moving parts, so learning how to take it apart and put it back together really does not take a great deal of expertise so keeping one in working order would not present much of a challenge, not to mention that the loose tolerances of the parts and their high degree of travel means practically no ammount of dirt is even capable of causing a stoppage so cleaning it is seldom even neeeded. As for bolt action rifles and such it really doesnt take a great deal of experimentation even from someone who has never held a gun in their life as to how to load and fire one of these weapons. I can guarantee that in an actual SHTF such as a zombie outbreak situation AKs would be about as common as facial hair, more than 100 million AKs and their derivatives have been produced globally, meaning there is an ak for roughly one in every 70 people in the world, considering that the zombie outbreak would have drastically reduced the population this ratio is likely to be much higher, even more so in a formerly war ravaged country like chernarus. Given that chernarus suffered a relatively devastating civil only a few years prior to the outbreak im not at all surprised to see so many weapons floating around, in fact im surprised we arent finding crates of the things lying around all over the place.
  10. Simo

    Badass quotes thread

    "when life gives you lemons, just say F**k the lemons, and bail"
  11. That really couldnt be further from the truth. I live in africa so i have a fairly high ping anyway, but if i try to connect to to servers with high ping my in game VOIP doesnt work and i get massive desync. the fact that it interferes with in game voice chat makes ping even more relevant to an rp server. More often than not any server with a ping of over 200 will kick me after a few minutes anyway.
  12. I have noticed recently that s3 and s4 have been offline. I saw in this thread http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Server-issues-on-s3-and-4 , that the reason for this is that both s 1 and s2 have to be full for s3 and s4 to come online. What i gather from the responses given to the thread were that both S1 and S2 have to be full in order for the admins to switch s3 on, which then has to fill up so S4 can be switched. This makes very little sense to me as S1 and S2 are both in very different time zones, so the chances of both filling up at the same time are very slim. surely it would be better to activate a s3 when S1 is filled up rather than having players go onto the US server where they will have very high ping. likewise s4 could be activated when s2 is full, this way players dont find themselves unable to join for a prolonged period, as i did today; because one server is full and the other is not due to time zome/high ping.
  13. hands down gotta be the magnum, hits harder and farther than the 1911. also ammo is easy to come by and it doesnt need a magazine to work properly.