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  1. Family just wasn't in the cards for 'Stasia. Orphaned too early to remember her parents, she bounced from foster home to foster home until her late teens. When the State found a long-lost aunt living in Poland, it seemed like that might change. Paperwork, passport, plane ticket - her relative came through - and promptly died in a car accident on the way to airport to pick 'Stasia up. Staying in Poland was just a matter of not getting back on the plane. It was easy to pass as a tourist at first, and became easy to pass as a resident - staying in the shadows, living a simple life: sometimes a street performer, sometimes a fortune teller - only stealing if she had to. She'd always lived in her own little world anyway, so when the infection came, not much changed - except occasionally you had to brain someone you knew before. And the assholes who remained were meaner. Things 'Stasia Says "Well, let's talk with the cards about it." "There are so many ugly things. If you can't find something beautiful, you have to make it."
  2. Yes, as we told Crimson in the Discord, we've just all been chilling for the holidays.
  3. Like @AndreyQ said, and now @GreenySmiley the ultimate goal of the initiative is to help new players get engaged with the community and demonstrate good role play; hopefully, more often than not in the game rather than on the forums. Whether you're listed above on the roster, or not, rolling with an organized team, a few buddies, or even solo: I strongly encourage anyone who is willing and able to do that to go for it, in all sincerity. Say hello to new folks, tell them (kindly please) when they make mistakes, show them the role play you want them to see. And we'll all be doing the things.
  4. This is a group of volunteers who wish to work together as a team. We do not have staff backing, nor titles, nor do we receive any special treatment. The mentors decide as a team when and how to expand the team. The kind of passive-aggressive behavior demonstrated above is an example of the kind of behavior that makes the Mentor team deny an application. The purpose of this post is not to discuss denied applications. If you have further application issues to discuss, bring them to me in PMs - but remember I have a job which is my priority. I will ask staff to remove posts that are not topical from here on out. Edited to add: There is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting IG, meeting new people, and demonstrating role play.
  5. Hello and welcome to the new Mentor Program this program has been put in place by the community to help newer members of the community to learn the fundamentals of roleplay and to help them gain a little experience in roleplay before jumping into the crazy world of DayzRP. The mentor program and it's applications will be controlled by all the Mentors in the discord. Once you have decided that you want to attend the mentor program and you are in the discord, You will need to fill out the application which will be found in the #Apllication channel on discord. Once the application has been made you will be picked up by one of the many Mentors and they will have a quick discussion with you about what you want to achieve, your current time zone and the times you are available to play to be mentored. Once all this is done you are set and ready to go simple and easy. There are many variates of roleplay the Mentors will offer Hostile, Neutral, Campfire. There is no set time for any Mentor to teach the mentees. When they are happy you are ready to go ahead on your own and begin making your own stories, then they will let you know. The current Mentors (Forum names/Time zones/Discords) @Alkis - CET - Alkis#7791 @Mugin - PST - MeenMuginLovin#4514 @Ducky - CET - Ducky#0003 @silvermoongaming - EST - Silvermoongaming#5282 @APositiveJade - EST - Jadeboat#3276 @Drbeans - GMT - Beansy#2330 @thicdickdaddy27 - EST - Dewski#0001 @TheGlassSpider - EST - TheGlassSpider#1921 @DrMax - GMT - DrMax#8419 @GaryCash - EST - Sun#3006 @APositiveElmo - GMT - Elmo#7760 @Aiko - MST - Aiko#4971 @Skeeterbolt - EST - Skeeterbolt#5935 @Apollo - PST - Apollo#0968 Mentoring application **EDITED TO ADD: I am currently not accepting applications for new mentors BRIEFLY while ownership transfers and the current team gets a few initiatives going. Thank you for your interest!! Check back soon for re-opening. And remember: Nothing stops you from meeting new people and role playing with them.
  6. I agree that they should be a threat, and think they were TOO easy before. Now I think they're a little TOO much. Their current ability to destroy shit with a single scratch is REALLY a mess - lol. I might like to see their strength pulled back a bit, but their numbers increase a little. Either way, I'm sure we'll all get good enough to handle them sooner than later.
  7. This makes me very, very sad. One of the best groups on the server, filled with great people. I will miss you! *cries*
  8. It definitely currently doesn't work as intended. It looks great, and it being there is certainly realistic, but if it's possible I'd love to see us Either remove or reduce its damage (or increase the speed at which it kills you).
  9. I always advocate player choice over the alternative. Some people canNOT play this game solely in first person without motion sickness - I am one of them. You have the ability to choose to play solely in first person: feel free to use it. There is no need to make that necessary for everyone else.
  10. I actually thought I remembered seeing rules/guidelines that specifically mention NOT doing shit like this. Did I imagine that?
  11. I can agree with others (assuming we can suspend disbelief a bit, and I think we all can) that this isn't the biggest impediment (we can write all sorts of things lore-wise or on personal basis to justify this) BUT - that said - it's also part of why I think GaryCash's solution is more elegant: players choose to join (or create) a group with a KoS clause - thusly there is not a defined zone where the rules are different: there are players on the board (who have chosen this play style) with whom you can build (hostile) relationships that could lead to KoSing them. I'd only say that if one goes KoSing KoSable ppl, they shouldn't be surprised when others dome them too.
  12. I agree that people should be able to choose when to PK their characters. I applaud your efforts to incorporate KoS** into your group, and parameters by which to do so. I simply have seen the effects of KOS zones (and don't really enjoy them), am familiar with (general) tendencies not to PK, and doubt ppl are going to be encouraged to do more RP and/or situations where they will PK as a result of KOS zones. I do not see it encouraging more exciting role play, I see it as exciting as killing avatars (and I don't think that's very exciting*). That's just my opinion: you're totally free to take it with a grain of salt. In fact @GaryCash I'll go as far as to say that you/your group HAS the solution: just the same way we make PK a player choice, we allow players to choose to accept the ramifications of being KoS-able within a group (and by extension people who KoS them accept the responsibility of IDing their target or risk a rule break)**
  13. Since people choose when to PK their characters here, and given it is unlikely most ppl will PK in such KOS zone scenarios, it is what it will amount to.
  14. Killing avatars does NOT equal encouraging RP. Killing avatars does NOT scare people or create fear, it merely inures people to their (non-PK) avatar needing to be re-geared over and over. And becomes so expected as to become boring (or worse). If you want to encourage role play and create fear, then keeping avatars alive and finding more creative solutions are both more productive. If you want to shoot avatars, play pubs.
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