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  1. TheGlassSpider

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    One of the best of these I've ever read @AndreyQ But I prefer the way Ivan says 'suka' - makes my day!
  2. TheGlassSpider

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I want to actually write journal notes IG, and perhaps even lose them. I want to leave creepy notes and find others' lost scribblings!!!
  3. Oh yeah - baiting and folks being disingenuous, too. Folks who pretend not to understand that this *isn't* actually real life, it's a role play server, and who can't accept the rule regarding who makes the decisions about one's character. No one is entitled to anyone's PK; if you're not enjoying the role play you're getting from certain ppl, there are plenty of others in the server. If you can't earn someone's PK (because some folks just don't allow it), create another goal.
  4. @coolman23, @Alkis @Yampa & Neo (sorry don't know your forum name): Thanks for the intense, thoughtful, fun roller coaster of an RP session yesterday. Laura might be able to pistol whip someone now but she might also discover how powerful her new pen can be. @Malthis and @Fae You know what you did Much love to you both.
  5. Totally on board with hating the us vs. them mentality. Hostile/PvPers - let the campfires burn slowly and see fit to just find a reason to RP ignore them sometimes. Campfire folks: Let a cannibal eat a finger sometimes, man. Or be SO nice to them they kill themselves instead (I've done it). It just perpetuates the salt circle to only complain about either people who want their RP in bases with trusted RP friends OR about the hostile folks - there are ad naseams & infinitums along the playstyle spectrum. Take the RP into your own hands and accept there will be ups and downs. I personally like to move around IG and don't really have time to build & maintain a base (plus been there, done that with a settlement without the benefit of base-building). There were (and probably always will be) similar Hostile vs. Campfire, 'realism', and settlement complaints then. And even if neither bases nor settlements are there, people can just log off, shelf their character & escape to the fringes, or switch to another character altogether. They're allowed to do that, people have lives, they have people they trust to RP with more than others, and they have things they'd like to accomplish IG as well. It often sounds like hostilities & banditry are justified under the guide of 'realism' without allowing for the very realistic situation of people trying to play civilian survivors who are justifiably paranoid or terrified and properly defended inside a base they built, and within the rules about not letting outsiders in. At the same time, it often seems like there are too many people completely avoiding consequences or risks. Ever. Yes, there are things on the server that aren't mine. There are other stories rolling on without me. And I am not entitled to them, even if I'm giving my best RP. And yes, some folks might just wanna rain on my parade today. If what I'm doing to engage in RP isn't working to gain trust, open the doors, turn the tide, or whatever - then I try something else (I might not always be good at it, but I try). If that doesn't work, then I move on. There's plenty of other ppl to RP with, and what does it matter if there's a band of paranoid hermits holed up somewhere who don't want to play with me? Their loss. Then my character can say stuff like "Man, don't go there if you're dying, they wouldn't piss on you to put you out if you were on fire," and "I've met torturers who wouldn't let me freeze to death outside their home." Which gains a reputation all its own. Despite cries of 'realism' and 'my immersion' (and believe me, there's no one who loves being really immersed more than I), we all must concede that there's already a certain level of suspension of disbelief necessary, and trying to keep other people's pacing & style in mind ooc'ly is just a kind thing to engage in with your fellow RPers, and that can result in more dynamic role play and trust. People underestimate the power of basic ooc communications as well. If you want to change the RP situation with someone holed up in a base, get in an ooc chat and build a little ooc trust with them. Try to get a feel for their head canon about character development & meet them where they are. There are some folks around here who do things like provide text prompts that you can investigate, and for which they will roll dice that provides your character an interactive result. Some are rolling with self-imposed perma kill restrictions that you might want to hear about if you're going to roll loud with a character you'd like to talk to again. When they're gone, they're gone with some folks. And that can be good for your character's development, too. Others are far more casual. Neither approach is wrong. People are very creative, and it pays to try to understand the conditions they're placing on themselves for the RP. Some folks don't like discussing IC things OOC - and that's okay. But many will talk about the directions they'd like the RP to go and will appreciate the opportunity to be collaborators with you - even if your characters are rivals IG. You can communicate about pacing hostilities, desired end goals, and even boring basic stuff like availability - people don't have to script it out, but it can be awesome to give each other a real chance to collaborate. The onus is upon each of us to build trust, risk more, and create dynamic role play together.
  6. Again - see A. And many of us have been here long enough to see the cycle of thinly veiled toxicity carefully kept off the forums, blasted in other channels, and that slowly leaks salt all over the RP side of things creating bitterness that's 'within the rules' in the strictest sense. Which is part of why it's even a concern.
  7. Adding to my list: people obsessed with whether or not others will perma kill their own character. Worry about your own perma conditions and live up to them. You'll find other ppl willing to perma for you. Otherwise: get over it - it's not your character, and not your script, and the point isn't to perma characters and end their RP.
  8. Sorry, disagree here. This place is A. owned privately and the owners can decide who they want here & who they don't, and B. it doesn't exist in a vacuum. And while I'm sure some decisions might be hasty or not the best, I generally trust the staff to suss that sort of thing out. If someone is a toxic shit elsewhere, they're more likely to be one here. Actions have consequences, as I hear so often in role play situations around here.
  9. This ridiculous arbitrary tension between different playstyles. WTF - I've had fabulous hostile RP, I've had fabulous campfire RP. And I've had shit examples of both, too. Neither preference is better than the other, and finding ways to balance them - treat them like spectrum they are - is better for the entire community. The hostile stuff/PvP means nothing to me without at least some of those quieter, more human moments that ppl constantly trauma bonding would share. Basically, it's up to us to balance these aspects of the game as a community & a team, and the fact is it takes all kinds of RPers building the trust to RP with each other in a lot of different ways for that to happen.
  10. Lack of flaws/limitations/development in characters and arcs. Large, powerful groups who claim they're providing fun RP for everyone when they raid and harass smaller groups/settlements with a different playstyle over and over and over again, and somehow think they're entitled to those same people coming out and playing with them. Too many ppl's inability to de-escalate situations, or imagine outcomes besides their own rigid expectations. Too much metagame/ooc (or unclear) sharing of information. People who treat the game as if it's win-lose: it's not. Everything is RP fodder. People treating others like NPCs instead of humans they share a community with.
  11. WHOA! @Brayces That art is awesome! And captures the crux of the whole mess. I always enjoy the RP with you & Jack, because you're awesome, but have also greatly enjoyed meeting so many folks. @APositivePara & @Kordruga Laura started off feeling like she was getting to hang out with the cool kids, and ended up catching a glimpse of 'family' dysfunction that had her looking for the exit. It was really great to see the ramp up to intensity with a less than lethal solution that leaves more RP to come. @coolman23 @Alkis and the folks I met at the school: thanks for a meeting with a different tone than many others, Laura is intrigued about how this James fellow can be quite so upbeat around here. More investigation is necessary. @Fae & @Malthis I keep meaning to thank you both for all the RP we've had for days: I've had a lot of fun, and Laura appreciates letting off steam and having Fae's example to learn from
  12. Praise be, I've seen the Twink King.

  13. To Jack, Pololanik, Ellie, Ana, Anya, Nikolai, Kenny, George & everyone who attended the Red Light Spiked Peaches Party: I had a lot of fun today. (My apologies if I've forgotten some names!) Especially Fae: I've got my transmitter flashlight on you
  14. No. There is no perma-death here (except by choice) because the point of a role play server is *gasp* not actually to kill characters, it's to interact with them. And because if there WAS perma-death, half the server would go nuts doing everything possible to exploit the perma-death system then pay for 'amnesty'.
  15. TheGlassSpider

    Staff Feedback: Baron

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Thank you so much for taking the time (ultimately hours) to go through every possible troubleshooting issue to get DayZ to launch for me. I'm glad we (by which I mean you) finally got it up and running! Suggestions for improvement:N/A
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