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  1. TheGlassSpider

    A theater group.

    Once upon a time Alycone starting working toward having a drama club and event, with similar ideas. It was very difficult to organize, and RL got in the way at the time. But, I love the idea of a troupe of actors roaming around Chernarus and REALLY hope to see it IG! Good luck!
  2. In a way, Robert's idiocy had come in handy - this time. She'd known he'd fuck up the 'Father/daughter Vacation of the Year' - backpacking across Eastern Europe and trying to out-do her love since the divorce (and subsequent custody agreement) had been finalized. And of course, she had to let him fuck it up. Had to let them have their adventure, or else be the bitch. So when she got the call that they'd made it to Georgia, but there were 'problems with the paperwork' and 'we need money', she wasn't surprised. Of course, wires were unreliable. They didn't have an account at a local bank. No one would cash a check from their US account. It was better if she came in person. With cash. Leave it to Bob to be unprepared. But, if she hadn't already been in Eastern Europe to follow up on the paperwork for his father/daughter backpacking trip, she would have been on the other side of the world when the infection changed everything. Nightmares didn't cover the chaos that spread in the disease's wake. Travel routes and schedules became irregular or nonexistent. She hadn't made it to Georgia to deliver their money; she'd been waiting on a connecting flight that was delayed indefinitely. Trains weren't much better: packed, slow, making every stop on rickety rails in all-but-forgotten towns that travel guides call 'quaint.' But they rolled for a little while. In the end, she traveled mostly on foot. By the time she made it to Georgia (or at least that's what the translation guide led her to believe), she couldn't find Ginny & Bob...but there was a note on a corkboard at their hostel. There were lots of notes there. Some bloody and torn. "On the move. East. Looking for colder climes. More people, less infection. Settlements. We'll find each other." She'd found people over the months, traveled some miles with a few of them. But she hadn't found any place with less infection. And she hadn't found Ginny or Bob either. Does she really expect to, or has surviving on the move just become habit?
  3. TheGlassSpider

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Been a while. Good to see one of these off the ground after so many fits and starts. Hope it helps!
  4. TheGlassSpider

    Rant v.1

    My emotes were fair play in my eyes it makes no difference if I am emoting thinking of an attack or saying it or actually doing it . Its all RP. I can understand both sides of this emote discussion (and while I know it's a bit of a departure from the OP, I think it's a good place for feedback as well). Lots of people dislike emotes that are *solely* based on thoughts, because we cannot respond to them, or RP them out. However, an *action* emote gives us something to work with. Of course, this doesn't allow the emoter to give a thought cue. It's all about how well we communicate our characters so that we motivate each other, right? So, I try (and sometimes fail) to MIX an action with a thought when I text emote. So, for the scenario given, I might have: *mutters under his breath as he counts the people around him and thinks about the best time to strike* or *he zips the backpack and narrows his eyes, taking stock of the people around him and considering the best way to get out of this* This way, you still give the thought cue, but you also give the other RPer something that he is allowed to respond/react to. I hope this helps!
  5. TheGlassSpider

    Too much Gear RP?

    Sounds like all the recent YouTube exposure and unbanning is going well. Welcome to DayZRP(?). As for those who think there's no solid rule to enforce: Of course, I've said it over and over: the server's concept of 'hostility' is unfortunately limited to banditry (which is limited to simply stealing things, which is usually motivated by gear). I've often wondered what would happen if we simply made it a rule that you can't steal other players' gear (i.e, that which is currently being worn by their avatar), except ammunition. Then NO ONE could cry about encounters being about gear on either side, and folks would be forced to come up with something, you know, that we haven't seen 1,000 times - or in the OP's case - three times in an hour. But SPIDER! Our REALISM - ermagerd. You can RP out that you *want to take something*, or even that you ARE going to take something, but not actually remove anything from the victim's character. Besides, post-apocalyptic digit-munching and robberies that last an hour because we decide to interrogate a random person who's probably unconnected to our situation is pretty realism-breaking too, but we go for that.
  6. Clearly a big giant 'no' to KoS anywhere on these servers, buuuut besides the KoS, we already have what you're talking about: Hot Spots that certain people claim or control and defend, and which are known to be dangerous areas where you're more likely to encounter hostilities than others. AND those spots are dynamic as groups change, move, and take different areas - so you sort of have to follow the RP around.
  7. I would Like to be considered Active but would request that its not looked at until minimally next week, I have to work out some details with the members of my group before I adjust the Roster. Hey! It's really good to see you too! I'll likely pop in and around Chernarus as my schedule allows. I hope my feedback did not come off too harsh, because I really do look forward to seeing what you do with the group. And I do understand the training around the world (just as US has done some as well), however - it clarifies A LOT that your guys don't have guns with them at the time, and if I missed that in the lore, my apologies. I was more thinking along the lines of - the sort of primitive urge to get back to your family in such a circumstance as this one. Also, I appreciate your clarification of the timeline, it really wasn't clear to me before. Honestly, in terms of the freedom question, I was just trying to be a bit tongue-in-cheek :-) Sorry if I've made you repeat yourself, but I do appreciate you taking the time to answer!
  8. TheGlassSpider

    Ta Seda [Strict Recruitment]

    Holy hype train, Batman - look at that line-up. Congratulations on going official!
  9. I think some people are feeling (rightfully IMO) a little concerned because they remember this. But - I urge you all to hearken back to a time back before some people's memories of DayZRP begin, when once upon a time there was a group of Irish lads who just might play a game of baseball with you, and who'd likely share a beer with you (even if it was just shitty Chernarussian Kvass and not the good stuff from back home). SweetJoe, I've always enjoyed your RP (and am really glad to see you back around here). I think it's clear from the thread goals and general tone that you're trying to do something that *won't* get the group disbanded (because otherwise, why bother, right?) My only issue with the group as it stands is the same that I've had with other similar (but not necessarily Irish) groups in the past: not because they’re representing folks I might disagree with, but simply because it makes very little sense to me for them to have continued on their mission this long (just as it makes little sense to me that American soldiers would, that UN troops would, that any kind of troops or personnel would still be following *any* kind of orders – I sure as shit wouldn’t). I do have to congratulate you on knowing your history – BUT, the logic for this Irish group in Chernarus appears to go like this: - I’m on a job to procure guns for the IRA, - While I’m passing through France, on my way to Chernarus for said job, all hell breaks loose across the world in the form of the zombie apocalypse. - in fact, for a good long time, the Chernarussian border is closed and the country is in quarantine. At this point, I have ALL SORTS of options, but the first of which is to survive. Probably any guns I’ve got go the cause of keeping me and my buddies alive. Of course, we’re assuming folks have survived a while by now (ie, by the time you make it to Chernarus), so we’re beyond that…after survival, the question is: Where do we go/what do we do? Survival, family, homeland, zombie apocalypse – with these kinds of options “finishing the job” seems to me about the last thing on my (or anyone’s) mind. I mean, it's a helluva lot easier to get back to Ireland from France than it is from Chernarus. Clearly you've taken into account what happens if the contact is dead - and that's cool. I also love that there is a built in "end to the story" - at some point you guys do decide that the mission is over and try to head back to Ireland (I'm assuming to your deaths). But I honestly don't see anyone realistically coming to the conclusion that Ireland is still even remotely the same as it was before the outbreak, and that the IRA is still functioning within it. I mean – I guess it works if you want a good reason for why any Irish people are in Chernarus to begin with, it's certainly not the least realistic thing going on in the server ;-) I'd also like to know what 'fighting for freedom' will mean for this group: will you be working to free people from the infected, to free them from unfair tyrannical bandits and power players, or to free them from the burden of their very heavy backpacks? ;-) At the end of the day, I wish you the best of luck with it, and hope the RP goes well for you.
  10. Just make a radio thread: tell people you're trying to set up a peaceful settlement at GM to rebuild and help people. Nothing gets people riled up in Chernarus like someone trying to do something helpful. In no time you'll have all the old GM initia...role play you can stand.
  11. The folks at The Firm: Thank you SO much for the fabulous RP and for not being able to let a lady go to her enemy without one last blade in her boot *she salutes you* And to Roach: <3 the RP always.
  12. TheGlassSpider

    James descent.

    This really is an excellent read, and I'd really like to see more.
  13. Hilarious to run into Vicky and Rick today. Achievement unlocked: You farted in Kab. HAIL NEW PARIS! <3
  14. Thank you, we are aware, and are already sending out some invites.
  15. -Whip etc etc etc- Isn't it nice that you don't have to participate in RP events you're not interested in or can't understand? Maybe I can help you understand this from our perspective. It's been over a year since the outbreak. Zombies are thin on the ground, and the only people threatened by them are weak or retarded or unlucky. Those who have survived are strong. I've seen Mr. Reiner take out a group of ten of them ALONE. Zbor has been holding down a well-functioning city for some time now and offers good security, and theirs isn't the only working settlement in the region. Survivors remember arts and entertainment. Some would like to recreate a bit of what they remember and have a little FUN - which, by the way, is actually a human need. At least some people would be longing for something that seemed normal. They would be attempting to create entertainment; they would be creating settlements and gatherings, and they would be looking for things to do that DON'T remind them (even if only for a few minutes) of the violence and the outbreak. People are all about escape from pain, you know. If you knew my character, you would know that she was a licensed therapist prior to the outbreak. Such efforts as these to preserve and share multiple facets of human knowledge and wisdom, are - to her, and clinically speaking - efforts to assist people in the creation of social support networks, to engage other areas of their brains than those devoted to fight or flight, and to support the re-building of mental health and wellness in the region. Whether such efforts help at all remains to be seen, of course, but have you seen the suicide rate out there in Chernarus? Not to mention the murder rate. If you have suggestions to improve the event, to improve its security, or to improve the RP around it - those are welcome. Otherwise, announcing basically that you are uninterested in it and thus don't see its relevance is not very productive. Clearly, there are plenty of other RPers here interested in the event - enough that it is possible to make it happen. If you're not interested, no problem; it's no reason to make sarcastic and apparently point-worthy posts here. I truly hope you find RP that captures your imagination. If you don't: go out there and make it. It's a lot easier to put down other people's creations than it is to make your own.
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