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  1. Hey Murray: No. I'm not AT ALL complaining about not receiving role play. I have role play with plenty of people every time I get in the server. I create role play, and I am attempting to engage in and disseminate lore-friendly ideas with my character, in game - every single time I get into the server. But I what I haven't seen is lore factions impacting the world around my character meaningfully or in any official capacity. If others have: That really IS great, and I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself. But I have given the lore the benefit of the doubt thus far, and role played in lots of places around the map...and part of my feedback is that I'm just not seeing it. Here are some suggestions for what I see could be added. I am opinionated and have no qualms stating my opinion assertively, but I can assure you: NO ONE who has EVER role played with me for any length of time can accuse me of not seeking, finding, and creating role play. Once again: a few simple suggestions for the lore team are being met with all sorts of unnecessary nonsense, instead of engagement with the possibility of being creative about the idea. But I'm supposed to think that this process is meant to be dynamic with the player base and receptive to ideas.
  2. If you still do not see a basis for a civilian, mostly non-hostile lore group, you are being intentionally obtuse - because I have literally listed **at least** five off the top of my head here, and you yourself pointed out that you could see a news/media lore group working. "A CDC or investigative lore faction may come into play later on, we're only 17 days into the new lore. Not even a whole month in. This world we, as LMs, focused on building the structure for. " A. It wouldn't be the CDC in Russia: I agree with and LIKE the non-Western theme you've put in the lore. We're NOT in the west, and it shouldn't feel like it. You've got that part DONE WELL. B. This suggestion is LITERALLY that such important infrastructure as medical personnel and investigative bodies would (AND DO) already exist, and should reasonably have been considered by LMs as a vehicle to spread lore IG from the beginning **IN ADDITION TO the military factions. You are literally living in a world surrounded by a pandemic that has been going on for months in real life: the structures to research, track, and deal with such things DO EXIST - even in Russia. Such people would have already been working on this problem FOR MONTHS - at least. If I am expected to believe that Twitter is still a thing, then why is there so much blowback to the idea of medical, research, or non-military government personnel? Again: I am not asking for the entire story to be blurted out, and I respect that the lore is meant to be dynamic. I understand that lore is hard work and time consuming; however part of the criticism is that in day-to-day play of the game: the lore is really not impacting the server outside of a few limited areas. I can't react to or role play with what is not there. I am not the only one, there's just plenty of people who don't bother to ever provide feedback. And why would they? And why would I bother to take an idea to the LM team when simple suggestions and feedback are met with this *gestures to the thread.*
  3. So - I need to belong to a lore faction to even see the lore IG? I seem to remember Brayces writing a very long, very good post about opposing that very issue during the previous lore *before she became an LM. I should have ZERO expectation that the lore will have an impact on the world around my character?
  4. LMAO - have you read the forums or played the game? This isn't hostility. This is barely even sarcastic. I HAVE been around here for years, so you can keep your tone policing to yourself if you don't have anything of substance to add to the conversation. As for your retort about the zombies being sick people in the lore: Yes, I am fully aware of that, what ever we call them in game, the folks in our lore factions ought to be able to handle them in some lore-friendly way and role play. But as is often the case around here:
  5. A perfect example of why lore groups ought to be varied and focused on spreading lore IG - many players can't be fucked to read lore docs on the forums that are longer and contain subtlety or detail either.
  6. And they're not spreading any lore either. Been there. Twice. The lore team's job is to spread lore. So you're telling me you guys are incapable of role playing in a zombie game around the zombies in more than one location? Incapable of creating radio broadcasts to advise the public? That's funny - lots of us have been doing it for years.
  7. Wow, so many suggestion threads, you'd think maybe LMs missed some major plot elements, huh? Yes, these groups ARE for the player base. The player base has made some simple suggestions that they think would make the lore BETTER, and a bunch of folks are acting like we're killing their puppy instead of going "Huh, yeah, I guess there MIGHT be some other official government type things going on at this point." If feedback and constructive criticism is pissing off people in staff, THEY are the ones who should go play FIFA. This suggestion isn't meant to piss anyone off; it IS however meant to communicate the FACT that despite playing ALL OVER this map since lore wipe, I have YET to encounter a SINGLE role player from a lore faction acting in an official capacity and role playing ANY ASPECT of the lore.
  8. This is a role play server. The focus is supposedly on telling stories through role play. This implies that documents on the forums, especially those that aren’t even released to the player base, are supplements to role play in the server – not replacements for it. As Brayces said, “Lore Groups exist to push Lore updates and motives into the region. To allow us, as LMs, to push down information about the region and the world into Chernarus for players to then interact with.” Yes, as I noted earlier in the thread: “Lore masters & their factions are the world builders - the onus is on them to immerse the players in the world, not the other way around.” Players react to the role play that is in front of them in the game. If lore content is not spread and acted out in the world by lore factions, players will not react as though it exists, because – practically speaking – it does not for their characters. “Because you can literally make your own groups now.” These suggestions have nothing to with whether the player base can create groups. They are about whether or not the world LMs are trying to portray is actually implemented in-game with role play. Player-created factions are not responsible for telling your story, or reacting to a story that doesn’t practically exist in their day-to-day game play – even as remotely as in the form of global radio broadcast updates. Ideally, lore folks would use the IN GAME global radio function, but even the forum’s IC radio frequencies would make sense. There hasn’t been a radio broadcast to the general public from any member of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on its radio frequency on the forums since June 1st. Nothing on the radio from the RAC frequency addressed to the public since June 4th. “Medical? Uh, not from a government standpoint no... Are you looking for UN/NATO/CDC?” No, and I’m beginning to think your post is a knee-jerk reaction to valid feedback. As I already said, “It's understandable not to want UN or Western-style factions in the region, but do you think … Russia is just completely devoid of doctors, nurses, volunteers, POLITICIANS?” Chernarus is now part of the Russian Federation according to the lore: With a response like yours, it is difficult for me to believe your team knows much about Russia – which does in fact HAVE a medical system. One Google search is all it takes to get a summary of the history of the Russian Federation’s changes in healthcare since the fall of the Soviet Union, and to know it has established a Ministry of Health and Social Development, the Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing Surveillance Service, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, and many others. These kinds of civilian government agencies oversee federal and local budgets for citizen health care and medical research, as well as its distribution and outcomes. Such organizations (any of which could be a lore faction) might produce the Dr. Facuci’s and ‘pandemic task force’ of the server. You know, the kinds of people committed to studying the disease and trying to tell the truth about how people can stay safe? Who are clinging to normalcy, but who are tragically being drowned out by crumbling society and more powerful factions? On the ground, those folks would have been working to keep Russia’s network of major hospitals and local healthcare facilities funded, supplied, and functional for teams of doctors, nurses, and even midwives – in rural regions in Russia there are midwife posts as part of the healthcare network – who would likely be on the frontlines of dealing with this illness (among all the other normal medical emergencies and issues that go on in the midst of an outbreak). I’m expected to believe it’s unthinkable for the lore team to have included a small, official faction of medical professionals and public health officials spreading lore information IN GAME about a disease that has had two previous waves? Speaking of government: Where is it in Chernarus – IN the SERVER? The Russian Federation has thousands of municipalities, including cities. Each of these has a local leader and government, much like mayors and their legislative bodies in the United States – many are even elected (probably with varying degrees of corruption – which could be part of the tale). These municipalities have all sorts of things like City Councils, advisory boards, local bureaucrats, people in charge of utilities and environmental concerns. At the very least, urban regions like Cherno, Elektro, Novodmitrosk, maybe even Svetlo could have been expected to have mayors and other elected officials, some of whom might have had inside information on the safest regions, a team of loyal local LEOs working with them, or even their own bodyguards and small, but protected, compounds in their respective cities. Are they all dead or missing? Should be part of the lore. Maybe some of the military ought to be looking for them. “Get a group of 5-10 people, contact an LM and pitch your idea. If they see that it fits sufficiently in the lore and is good enough to be a lorebacked group then hey! big ups man!” Once again: It is not the job of the player base to create and introduce YOUR world lore – that is literally what you and more than 100 others have volunteered for lore factions to do. Lore factions are your vehicles to role play the portion of the story that sets the stage FOR the player base. It is not at all unreasonable to suggest that a single non-military lore faction would be helpful to demonstrating and encouraging approachable role play that’s congruent with the official lore. Not for nothing, one of the reasons I don’t BOTHER to apply for LM or a lore faction is that mild feedback like from the OP is met with nonsensical retorts and requests for me and others to do your job on the server. STOP suggesting that we start a player group: This suggestion has to do with rounding out the lore factions and making the OFFICIAL lore believable and immersive in-game. If you think ANY region's official presence would be comprised SOLELY of military personnel barely three weeks into the third wave, then you are are just circle jerking to your mil-sim fantasy and not at all concerned with realism or encouraging different role play styles officially.
  9. Right, we ARE 17 days in - which is why I would expect that stuff that's existed all our character's lives would still be at least existent, if hurting or disorganized. News, business owners, city councils, medical professionals, researchers, delivery/postal workers, government officials, educators. All of these are examples of civilians - plenty of them are examples of 'structured organizations with an overarching body' that could be made official as a vehicle to enact lore IG. I'm not talking about backpackers from Europe and five fishermen from Bereziki being a lore faction - I'm talking about literally ANY kind of non-military, organized group among the factions at all. Sure - have a military faction or three, but if you want me to believe the world around me, it has to be believable.
  10. Take a look at the world around you right now. If we still have Twitter, and we're not even a month into the third wave of the 'Frenzy' mutation, then where are announcements from ANY medical professionals or local communities about the states of the infected in their areas? Where are radio/news updates about the state of infection and instructions for civilians? It's understandable not to want UN or Western-style factions in the region, but do you think a region of Russia is just completely devoid of doctors, nurses, volunteers, POLITICIANS? What kind of civilian lore faction would work right now? I don't know, maybe one made of civilians whose goal is civilian safety or fighting the infection? No one is asking you to 'force' players to take an interest in the lore: we are asking you and your factions to expand your narrow military focus and actually attempt to make your lore FEEL realistic in the game. If the lore exists only on these forums and occasionally on Twitter, what experience is Tommy meant to actually react to and role play with in the actual game world?
  11. That's not at all the point. The point is that if you want the players to act as though the lore has any impact on them at all, it has to actually have an impact on them, which means lore factions ought to actually be interacting with them regularly IG in realistic ways that are appropriate to the lore goals. Lore masters & their factions are the world builders - the onus is on them to immerse the players in the world, not the other way around.
  12. I keep tripping over shotgun shells. Guess I should start keeping them for some of ya'll, since I don't use the shotguns. Incidentally, I mostly stay away from military sites, and often find them in residential/farming type places. Perhaps that will be helpful. I haven't seen any of the pouches either, though. Edited to add: @America For a compass: try hunting stands around the woods areas and the little vendor kiosks in cities - that's usually where I find mine.
  13. Thank you - the same to you. I hope our paths will cross again.
  14. Generally speaking, I think it's a good idea for the things in-game to work realistically (as much possible within the limitations of the game). Soooo, that said, I do think heat packs should be somewhat more effective, and should be 1x2 sized. In reality, they're pretty small, and honestly they don't heat much - so it would make sense to me if you had to have one in your shirt and one in your pants. It does seem like a better solution than half a deer's worth of meat in your pants However, I think the larger issue is really the temperature when it rains. Even in this part of the world, I don't think I'd have to worry about dying of hypothermia in the summer rain (although winter is, and should be, another story). Perhaps, as some others have said, that could be repaired.
  15. Offline raiding = zero role play, I don't care *whose* faction it is. If it doesn't lead to role play (and I'm not talking about farting around doing 'internal' RP while you're sawing someone's fence or some shit), then it ought to be avoided, with a rule if necessary. You want someone's shit: be brave enough to risk it while they can defend it. Otherwise it's just gear-whoring with no risk. Edited to add: Same goes for people INSIDE compounds - RP it out. Get brave and negotiate or entertain or something.
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