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  1. Really good read, Hope to See you around!
  2. Thanks guys, reset is done, now I only need to get home from work and test it but should all be done now
  3. Thank you Masulii, done that aswell. I will edit my post on the reset thread that I need a GUID reset too
  4. First of all thanks for your help, clicked on link and red number= wrong profile Posted in thread, requesting a steamID a reset, now waiting for a reply in that
  5. I need a steamID and GUID a reset please // Lunabug: Reset done
  6. So as it turns out, I am not the only one with my steam name apparently. Not sure how it's possible, but when I entered my username in the converter, it gave me profile for another guy. I didn't realise at first until I got whitelisted, tried to join a server and got kicked for not being whitelisted. My question is now: do I need to make a new account and apply again or can I just give you my steamID64 and you edit it in my profile? The ID would be: 76561198033440442 sorry about the inconvenience, hope you guys can help
  7. Solved, just got accepted on my second try
  8. Hey guys, so I got rejected on my first attempt because I didn't explain the KoS rule well enough. Will surely try again, I just got one question: Does that mean the rest of my application was fine and I can reuse the rest or was everything before the KoS section fine and the one who reviewed my application stopped there? I could totally understand that, would do it the same way but it affects the way I go about aapplying again
  9. Pretty active forum I see, liking it already
  10. Hi, my name is Jan, I am 22 and from Hamburg, Germany and while I wait on my application being reviewed I just thought Id say hello. I will be role playing Cpl. Steve Shaw, better known as Cpl. Smokes from the New Zealand special air service and I am looking forward to meeting you guys in Chernarus!
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