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  1. Mik'Hail was always watching. He was not initiated on so there is where i got the information. If there where no shots, why did two people die? Me and two randomers where located at the brown house right next to church. People died 1 up to 2 minutes afther you ran up there and im not saying that you shot anyone or took position but it was clear to see that you knew where to go. And as i said, shots followed afther u ran up into the woods
  2. I watched the church and there was only one guy that was walking around like he was looking for something... Well now i know that this person was you. I kept watching you and u where alone but then u nearly instantly started to run towards the location where we held up your buddy and there was no shot and no other 2 survivors or something that could give you the knowledge where your friend was.
  3. Ozerold

    Killing of a complying hostage, and Terrible RP

    I'll base my response on 3 points taken out of this quote (and the OP in general): 1. Initiating without looking at the "possible risks" First off, what do you consider as "possible risks" of an initiation? Your hostages' friends coming over and trying to kill you? I guess that is pretty self explanatory, but I guess you wanted to word it in a different way, similar to how you did it in our TS-conversation where you said something along the lines of: We didn't have the area under control, or initiated regardless of how many guys you had in the area and of course the fact that Veresnik Base is a pretty populated place to go to (I apologize if you said something different/worded it differently, but that's what I remember from our conversation). So yes, we "considered the possible risks" and observed the area for a couple of minutes (it was night time during the whole encounter, so if there were any people set up on Veresnik hill or in tree lines around the compound it would have been rather hard to spot them) before closing in on the compound from the direction of NWAF and upon discovering the group that initially consisted of 5 people, we started watching them and listened to what they were talking. After 2 of the 5 left and headed for Vybor, we decided that we could initiate on the remaining group of 3, since we overheard them talking about multiple groups we've heard about before by randomers, claiming that they were bandit groups, but furthermore, one guy in the group was wearing a skull mask, which indicated to us, that he was a member of the Reapers, a group we've not only had nice experiences with. 2. We panicked when something didn't go our way I admit that it took me a couple of minutes to regain some control of the situation, after Daniel was shot, to finally be able to move the hostages away and also not get trapped inside the compound by possible incoming attackers. The situation sadly completely went out of hand even more when I started to get attacked on the dirt road while trying to get the hostages away from the area (as can be seen in the video) and the OP was accidentally shot by our sniper (I'll talk about this in my next point). So yes, the situation was hard to control, especially after Daniel was shot and I did my best to get the hostages to a safe and secure place to finally be able to RP with them and get the information we wanted, but that obviously became even more difficult when I started to get attacked myself, which we didn't expect beforehand since we didn't spot anybody else in the area apart from the 2 guys, that left the group inside the compound, before we initiated. 3. Lack of concern for the complying hostages I guess you are referring to the point in the video, where I can be seen standing behind a hostage, shooting at my attacker and of course that same hostage getting shot moments after. As can be seen in the video I first get shot at by a guy that was somewhere on the other side of the dirt road, which caused my screen to go completely blurry and so I wasn't able to see much more than my own character and the muzzle flash of my enemy's gun and thus I tried to spray in that general direction but also kept moving in order to not get shot, since I was standing around in the open without any cover. I admit that that certain point in the video where I am behind the hostage for 2-3 seconds looks like I tried to abuse him as cover and I have to say that I don't remember much of the situation since it was quite hectic, but if I actively would've tried to do so I guess I would've been more persistent on following him instead of firing on my attacker, furthermore I kept going in the same direction I did before I was behind the hostage. And to address the death of the hostage: I can't really say much about this, other than the fact, that I didn't witness him getting shot during the situation (I didn't see how he died or who by until I saw the video and of course the logs), but our sniper told me, that he apparently tried to try and kill the guy, who was shooting at me and accidentally hit the hostage since he started moving and was directly between him and the attacker when he started spraying at said attacker to help me (in the video you can see the hostage getting shot in his hand, which indicates that he wasn't aiming for him, but possibly for somebody behind him). This obviously doesn't make what he did ok either and he accepts any punishment staff see as fitting, just like I do. I replied for both Dimitry (Ozerold) and me, although I haven't been called into the report I still was quite heavily involved and if staff still want to hear Dimitry's PoV, he can of course also post his own version, but I doubt it will be a lot different than mine. I apologize for the overall messy situation and not being able to properly RP with you, Matt, but everything was a bit hectic. I don't know who hit you, but I am pretty sure that I didn't use you as cover (if then I am sorry, but I doubt it was intentional), at least that's what I remember and the point in the OP's video, where I started to get shot at and stood behind him for a couple of seconds was the only time I believe I got shot at during the whole encounter, other than when I died later on of course, but I didn't have any time to run behind any sort of cover at that time. Pardon my French, but everybody can make mistakes, regardless of how long ago they joined this community, we are human after all and to be honest, if I go and am willing to sacrifice some of my time to talk about a certain situation that happened ingame, I don't expect, that the person I am talking to leaves the channel after saying:"You should stop doing initiations, you suck at them."(Apologies if this is just a vague quote) Nothing more to add to my PoV.
  4. Currently there is nothing necessary left to add to my Pov to this report. Coreena as soon you want to talk about the whole situation pm me or daniel and ask for our Ts id.
  5. Ozerold

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

  6. Ozerold

    DayZRP Thread of super awesome screenshots of games

    What does the fox say? Get down on the ground... if someone plays the hero he can take a bullet like one then ?
  7. Ozerold

    DayZRP Thread of super awesome screenshots of games

  8. Ozerold

    [EMPIRE] The Broken Empire -Recruitment open-

    10/10 would neck again
  9. ^This, if you can't find food at the moment you're playing the game wrong... ofc u can go 4 apples and berries but u cant say that people r playing dayz wrong... there is no right way to play dayz cuz everyone got his own usual loot run or trips. I know what u mean but ... u know
  10. this is like impossible on private shards... i startet to play on public for 2 weeks now and its not that hard to get food there
  11. Well, I'm right here. The problem here is that you are expecting the experience of a finished project - a game. You are not playing a game, you have access to dev builds of the project during its core development. They will have issues, they will be missing features, some times you might lose a character, or a build might just flat not work for you. This is part and parcel with opting in to the Early Access, and we communicate that -very- clearly. Just as we very clearly communicated that the current build features only the initial implementation of the loot system - an implementation that as of this first version only defines the building types for guns - absolutely everything else is 100% random. first of... its a big honor for me that U read my post and gave me informations. And yes i know that i accepted to play a game wich is still in progress and i did becouse this game is already awesome even if there is still a lot of work to do to call this a finished game. i have all available respect to the devs and theyr work but at that point u have to agree with me that some few features worked better on the exp. servers.
  12. There is not 1 single reason to leave the coast. U find everything u need like AK´s, food and military equip down there. With the new patch the NWAF, Vybor m-base and so on have become totally useless by now. The central loot economy is a good idea (sadly just crap at the moment) but lets just keep it realistic and if we want military stuff we stop visiting a church or a outdoor toilette. The Devs said that they want to change the thing that over 80% of all players are bandits and just KoS without talking... Well on public hives i only killed peps when I HAD TO, and now i have to do disgusting things like killing freshspawns to stay alive. If i would get some few minutes w/ the devs on ts or somethin´ like that i would like to tell em´ the same. ofc is it good that food is rare and ofc is it good that we cant tell anymore what kind of loot we find behind this door but finding high military arms like granates in a church or a toilette is just a joke (yep i found a granate in a church and a toilette by my own)
  13. Ozerold

    new bug BE WARNED!

    It is not in the firestation... OR THEY MOVED TO THE DEMON BRIDGE :0 THATS WHAT I MEAN! these bastards are everywhere
  14. Ozerold

    new bug BE WARNED!

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