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  1. Those backpacks look amazing, and carry all the essentials for a hunter/fisher character. +1
  2. Damn you're a beast. Was a hella fun night last night!
  3. That was some stellar RP from all those I interacted with during the rescue of Lee, Elrod and Kola. Seriously guys, well done all!
  4. any chance of an update? puush doesnt allow now members anymore so cant upload there.
  5. Massive thanks to @edgy Phoenix @Tomu and @EmlynDiaries for pulling out my pancrease and forcing Julian to steadily gain weight till he dies lol. Also a big thanks to the rest of the New Divide characters who detained the man accused of shooting me!
  6. Holy Hell.... This map is amazing, would love this for S2! +1
  7. IC and OOC are two very different things. Grouping all americans as bad in chernarussians minds IC is just that, in character. No one actually hates americans, its just part of the roleplay...
  8. This should be in the base game anyway. Deffo a +1 on this.
  9. Eh...... I have to strongly disagree. Almost 90% of Chernarussians I know (Myself included) have initiated on foreigners 'Taking from the chernarussian people'.
  10. Throughout my time on DayzRP I have seen quite a few A3 servers pop up, stay active for about a week, then die. Please just replace Livonia with Deer Isle... -1
  11. Considering how my character survives off hunting animals and cooking them over a fire, I say this is a great idea if it is possible to do. Would make me a bit more nervous when cooking. +1
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