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  1. Seems like standards have dropped dramatically...

    1. Ender


      Been that way for two years now. I'm starting to think the people that actually want roleplay are in the wrong community.

    2. Saunders


      read the whole thing. that's absolutely pathetic lol.

  • Blackfyre

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  • Blackfyre

    Group requirements revised

    What would happen if the group was a democracy of sorts, and the characters chose to change the leadership role between them, would the thread change hands each time? Also, if the group was a council of sorts and had no IC leader, how would that work? -1 not a fan of this change.
  • Blackfyre

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Good Luck with this
  • Oisin

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  • Blackfyre

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

    RIP o7
  • Blackfyre

    Chernarus Winter Map

    Looks amazing ?
  • Blackfyre

    Chernarus Winter Map

    Hello all! This map has recently released onto the steam workshop, and considering its the winter season it would be nice to have snow in Chernarus. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597140327 Video of the map can be seen here : (Click on the black text at the top to get the link) The map looks really well done, opinions?
  • Blackfyre


    The shade throwing towards Bethesda is real ?

    All seriousness though looks like Obsidian have come back booming!

  • Blackfyre

    The Cavaliers [Livonia]

    Welcome back guys!
  • Blackfyre

    Bad Version

    Thanks, /close this please ?
  • Blackfyre

    Non Active Character

    Dw y'all can close this up
  • Blackfyre

    Non Active Character

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