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  1. I am up in this camp pretty frequently in terms of my activity on the serves. I'd say the majority of the times I am there I receive pretty good RP that isnt focused on the gear at all. However, I do believe that this is excessive and has a negative impact on the server's performance. Plus this. ^ EDIT: I don't get game-ending frame drop in the town and I havent heard any of my buddies (who dont usually dsync) complaining either.
  2. *Xander hears the transmission remains silent well after the man is finished speaking. When the voice ends he lifts his radio, presses the transmitter, and begins speaking in a quiet and calm tone* "No good left in this world, huh? Sounds like something I've heard before" *rubbing his neck, he continues. His tone gets a little more assertive* "Headed North? Keep this thing on, you might want to find someone who can help you out with those thoughts o'yours" *the frequency returns to static*
  3. I can tell you that, 100%, this place is not safe.
  4. As always, great guide. The main thing I would say has already been said, but I will reiterate. -- Adding some images would be nice. Otherwise think about bullet points for your examples / adding some extra examples. It makes it look organized. I was thinking kind of like on the rules page with What to do vs What not to do. This sentence ends abruptly.. in the even(t) the hostage....? I am sure you meant to add -- in the event the hostage's friends attempt a rescue. Be smart about where you take the hostage(s): Try and get your hostage somewhere where you can easily see people approaching, and somewhere where you have some decent cover in the even the hostage. Finally, LINK YOUR GUIDE TO BEING A HOSTAGE! <3 Me
  5. *The voice comes over the radio and seems almost nonchalant* "Deny causing trouble? No, that was not my intention. I admitted that I shot one of you, maybe two. Regardless my point WAS that you don't understand the situation. When we went up there we weren't looking for trouble as you, or others, may claim. There was, in fact, no trouble at all until some douche in a yellow coat came up. In my professional opinion he would be suffering from diarrhea of the mouth, but whatever. No hostilities, no instigation, no antagonation, and definitely no harm came to anyone until that guy and the guy I shot dead started shoving their rifles in MY FACE. And lets get another thing straight here. Our, heh, group, isnt more of a collection of individuals. If I don't feel like listening to something one of them says, I don't, and they don't give a fuck. Stop thinking that you LET US do anything. The fact of the matter is, at least in my situation, I DO what I WANT to DO." *there is a pause before he continues* "Now, again, I am not speaking for anyone other than myself here, because the reality of the situation is, like I said, I don't answer to them and they don't answer to me. So don't go getting your panties in a bunch and crying to Ivan because I came on this frequency and fanned the flames. He probably won't like it either." *Transmission Ends*
  6. *the silence is broken by a voice coming over the airwaves* "I'm sorry, and please excuse my sarcastic tone, but I'm not sure if Ivan is within range. However, I am." *the man spits audibly while continuing to hold the transmitter* "...eh.. some of OUR boys fucked with you?! Get this straight pal. I get the feeling that you weren't there and I was, so listen here. We wandered over there and into the town that was lit up like a fucking beacon in the middle of the night. Did we cause problems? No. Did we listen to what your people asked of us? Holstering our weapons? Fuck yes. The conversation was fine and peachy until some asshats came out of nowhere and started throwing accusations around like their two-cents mattered. If I remember their names correctly, you can ask Alec, Stephany? and that other lady who were there to see if we were out of line." *He coughs and inhales before continuing to speak* "Instead of coming to us and talking about how WE need to respect YOU, look at your own people and ask for respect. We never needed permission to go anywhere and I know for a fact that your people go through our land WITHOUT our consent. Did we come to you asking for respect? No, we handled it and handled ourselves. Handle your own men or they will learn quickly that when you threaten one of us with violence, you get violence." *there is a brief moment of static before he speaks again* "Oh, and that security you have around that town, they suck. You should hire me. I make my shots count, but you already know that." *the transmission ends*
  7. I just wanted to say that this thread is awesome. I work with adolescents in school as a community counselor. I am currently sitting at my desk after talking to a student about their drug-related family issues and yesterday was able to do some suicide prevention work. As such, props to OP for throwing this out there. The ability to have a community to support the members is wonderful and should be taken advantage of as often as possible. As for how I am feeling, my job has been very rewarding this week. I see a therapist so I wont dump my stresses on you guys, but I am here if anyone wants to message me privately or whatnot to discuss anything at all.
  8. #Hype This looks awesome, hope to run into you guys!
  9. That is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!
  10. Great guide! I am going to try this out and will share it with my group +BeanZ EDIT: If I wanted to use numpad to macro keys is there anything different I would need to do? For example - If I wanted to macro *rolls up balaclava exposing his mouth* to numpad 8 and make sure it didnt bind to 8(*)
  11. Im not to sure how I feel about this idea. As of right now, I am not really for it and agree with a bunch of the reasons already mentioned (camping, exploiting the rules, ruleplay, badRP). However, it could work. Honestly I feel like we, as a community, can put the fear back in the game through RP. We could have people actually ROLEPLAY that they aren't super soldiers and not afraid of anything ever all the time at all. The amount of people I walk up on with a group of 3+ and they dont bat an eye is sad. When you know that you are surrounded and one of the aggressors is being hostile. Start to shit your pants, dont act like you are super delta squad SAS navy seal sniper commander king. If people RP'd that they were afraid of other people instead of the casual "Hey! I saw you over there and wanted to say HI. Do you have any 5.56 or food?" then we wouldnt need this at all. Overall, people need to realize that zombies and animals arent the main threat in the world. Other people are the danger and we should start acting like it. Anyone who has walked up on my character when I am alone (or even with a group) will know that I do not like large groups of people. Lets all drop the macho man act and RP being a bit afraid.
  12. If people call you out like that in-game and you actually want to improve your RP, saying things like that absolutely make people reflect. I'm very new to RP'ing and I thought I had thought my character through. She is from Denmark like myself since I don't know the Chernarus map well, and I can't fake accents. I started out with a character that leans towards my own personality to ease up the RP. I made up a simple reason to come to Chernarus, that made sense to me. On my second day I went to the SZTC in Stary, and people started poking holes in my story. "Why are you here? To look for your brother? A girl travelling from Denmark to Chernarus on her own on a MOTORCYCLE? What kind of motorcycle then? What was it like in Denmark after the outbreak? How are you even sure your brother is here? Aren't you a bit naive?" It really caught me off guard and I HATED that I hadn't thought these things through, so I learnt from my mistakes. Being on TS has also helped me a lot. People can call me out instantly on things that I could do better. My biggest problem is that I mostly stand in the back now and let the experienced, good RP'ers take the lead, so I am still not improving my own RP that much. I hang out with a "huge group". I think it's also important to run around on your own sometimes, or at least just with a couple of people. Having a couple of "mentors" to run around with would probably be one of the best ways to learn, if you people really want amazing RP'ers. Maybe we could set up a mentor system or something, maybe make a TS channel where people can hop on to meet up with experienced RP'ers in-game. It might be a bit of an overkill, but some experienced RP'ers on this server really stand out and I'd personally love to learn from them. One thing that we did in the Jackals (when I was really developing my RP skills) was have A LOT of internal RP. You mentioned following around people who have more experience and letting them take the lead, this is what I did. People like Defiance and Jack Lexton (among others) really helped me develop my own style of RP. I know you're group is a decent size as I rolled with you guys the other day. Don't hesitate to take things IC instead of on TS. More often now I find myself, when in a group IC and on TS with the same people, trying to force us to go back in-character. I'll admit it is difficult for me to stay IC when people are chatting about OC things, but if you really want to practice and develop your epicRPskillz then I suggest dragging some people, even those you consider top-notchRPers, into the IC situation.
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