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  1. We had a good run, but I'm going to close down the group here. Time and real-life related things among members and some other server related things has been reasons unfortunately. It was fun to check back on the community, even tough much have changed. @JimRP @Zanaan @DrMax @Roland
  2. Looking good! I like the cockiness attitude of the story, best of luck !
  3. We have some exciting news coming up soon, and we would also like to welcome our newest recruits: Rob Black - @John Wahlberg Jere Alander - @Itsmez Cato Zarkay - @TwinbornPlanet0
  4. Yes, trying to bring RSM into Standalone. Good to see some old friendly faces around too!
  5. This should have been done during the great zombie hype 10 years ago, but the trailer looks good none the less.
  6. Roster updated @DrMax . @The Traveler can only play during specific times, like he wrote. @DERK has been banned for some time. Welcome to our new contracters! Alesky Bara | @Inferno453 Jason Hall | @JaMiiE024 Alpha Price | @nikotroche1 Mark Rogers | @Rabbit_Raider Marcus Silva | @MGGenao For the Corporation!
  7. Congrats! Hope to see you guys around soon
  8. For whomever drove past me, your things are safe, I know the crash of the server fucked you up a bit, send me a message whomever you are

  9. Dedication, but not sure how fun that is tough, unless there is some awesome exchange of role play
  10. Wait, you sat and waited 3 hours at a siege ?
  11. Starve em' out, infiltrate them, or find a better opportunity.
  12. Looks really nice, I like the style of this! Gl guys!
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