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  1. Welcome to Franklin Walton | @N-ToxRP And Peter Matthews | @BanksRP Best of fortune to you!
  2. I would guess it is because of the typefont. Maybe a diffrent color="" is set on that particular typefont
  3. Thank you! Hey man, long time, how you doing? Edit: Maybe I mistook you from an old member named scott with the same avatar
  4. Thanks for the info everyone! Please let me know if you are interested. I hope perhaps we can get some help from the admins on the test server to set this up in an easier way.
  5. Man, I just noticed something in your picture. It is a bit off-topic. But there is a man standing in the actual smoke about the light in front of you? Can you see it?
  6. I like both the mist and the darkness, but it might be a bit to dark or misty at some times. Would be nice to have a moonlit night and a slight fog. It adds great atmosphere and also provides some tactical challenge to the game
  7. Hey there folks. I'm looking for a male and female characters with decent microphone, to make a OOC music/video around 1 minute to 1:30 minutes maximum. The music video itself will be a short story of a couple traveling Chernarus. Not much is said in the video except from a little dialog in the start and the end. This will not have any connection to any of the existing groups or characters out there (Unless you wish so). This will just be a contribution to the community in general and a way for me to keep improving on my video editing. A list of what I need for the short-film. Male and female character with decent microphones (recordings will be made of discord and then finalized in editing software) Marijuana item from in game(Heard there was either an item or an animation, if not I have another way of solving this) Kitted with civilian/hiking clothing. A fireaxe or regular woodcutters axe, baseball bat. I will keep adding information as we keep going. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. Nice one @Shanoby I hope they expand this system even further in the future
  9. Nice meeting you guys today. Unfortunately some unknown people had a bit of a strange conversation as we arrived, but the meeting eventually turned out better ?
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