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  1. Moskis

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    Oh god. I literally tried everything and saw this thread just now. If anyone finds a solution before Battleye answer the mail, please let me know! EDIT: Fixed it by re-installing DayZ! ?
  2. Moskis

    Can't join server.

    It looks like the game updated but the server has not.
  3. If you are reading this, please find me and help me. Born in the US to Swedish parents, I was abandoned at the age of three. Until the age of 15, I jumped foster families every year. I was never really liked by anybody and I had no real friends. It never bothered me, though; I enjoyed being on my own. I enrolled in the military when I was 20 and was deployed to keep the peace in the middle east. I was there for many years before I came home to the US. At home, I started working for a private military contractor as an office clerk. This was not really my thing and I kept thinking about active military duty again. I started talking to my old officers and agreed to go abroad again. I was called in for a meeting with multiple military officials and other important-looking people dressed in suits. I was asked if I wanted to conduct a covert operation in eastern Europe and I agreed. The first few years all I did was basic spying for the US government in the Baltic countries. One day, when I was collecting my weekly dead drop I was told about the virus outbreak in Chernarus so I was sent there to investigate. When I got here I realized that it was too late to take any action and that the virus had already spread. I succeeded to find shelter in an abandoned bunker and waited out the month-long bad weather. I survived thanks to the canned food and bottled water that was left behind in this bunker. It wasn't a lot but I made it work. Today, I am leaving this bunker to try to find other people. If you find this note, I left this bunker and headed north-west.
  4. Fisrt i was casualy speaking with him, when he did not answer me but gave me grunting noises i told him to put his gun away, two or three times, cant remember exactly. All i heard was grunting, and not because of static, deliverate grunting noises, at this time i took out my gun and asked one more time or actions will be taken, (cant remember exactly how i put it) and when i saw his friend approaching with his weapon out, i acted out on my own words, i shot the grunting man and took off being under fire from his friend, then i ran away bandaging myself and went to a scouting position looking at his friend looting his buddy, i shot once, was aiming at his leg, not sure if i hit or not, but to make sure he knew i was still around. That's absolutely not true. I was not even close when this happened and I didn't know you were even there until the shot was fired. I understand this is word against word, but that kind of RP is not fair at all. Everyone runs with their guns out and I meet people everywhere where everyone has their guns out. I've never asked a person to lower their gun UNLESS I was planning on some hostile action. You just made it clear you weren't. After you killed him I ran there, missing almost all my shots because of my aim not being steady (I ran quite a while to get there ASAP).
  5. Hm? I never met you. I heard someone was nearby so I was looking for my friend who I first found dead after you shot him? You could have impossibly seen me as I was inside a building outside the camp lol Edit: When I saw you, you were looting my friend. If you knew there was someone else near with a gun drawn, why would you stop to loot someone in the open? That's when I shot you and you ran away.
  6. By that logic, the guy you sniped. You saw like 1/10 of him when you pulled the trigger, that could have just been some random guy lurking around?
  7. The guy that killed you? Yes, didn't you kill his friend? Or did you completely miss that part of the rules too?
  8. First off, that was not gun point. He just told you to run away because there were shots. He had no idea you were together with the other guy. What if you walked in his shoes? You're looking for a killer and some random guy turns up with a weapon. What would you do? He was on the watch because someone just got shot. What you're saying is that he is free to aim at the tower while scouting for the shooter, but when he addresses you, he must put his gun on his back and THEN say "Run away from here" because apparently he had you at gun point. That makes no sense. He didn't have you at gun point. He was merely looking at the tower AND turns to you to talk to you, and he so happens to have a weapon in his hand. I am talking about what you said: "If he didn't have his gun up to me the whole time I wouldn't have shot him". How can he NOT have his gun up when someone got shot and he's looking for the killer? As Terra stated, we were a dynamic duo and you killed Yuri WHICH MEANS, Mike has KOS rights on you. You are in no position to report him. Yes. You and me are good. This report wasn't for you specifically, however. We had no idea who was who. The guy in the tower could have been your friend, who KOS'd me. If Admins want, Yuri could make his own thread. I just want to await their response. Sorry, but I can't accept the fact that your friend did what he did. He will do it again. And again. And again. About the rules, I don't agree with that he had KOS rights there, but that's up to the admins to decide. He had so many different stories when he wanted to explain the situation.
  9. I really didn't make this thread to have someone punished since his killing was justified. What I can't accept is the fact that both of them admit that his friend wasn't close, nor were they in a group before but still decided to kill both Yuri and Mike.
  10. Really? Why did it take about 30 minutes for you to get up there then? Also, here's the closest pond, 600m away: You said you were going to meet @ Green Mountain, which means you weren't together before the robbing? Also, over 500 meters away. Also, I am not saying you're lying, but I don't see why you would need 30 minutes to get up there and kill us.
  11. Actually, Yuri had nothing to do with it. We were there together, yes, but it's a bit fuzzy if that counts as if he's involved. He wasn't "close" when I (Boris) robbed you of your UMP. He also didn't know we had any plans of doing so. We assumed that you would come back so I got up to the tower to keep watch. Suddenly you come up behind me and kill me. Fine. I deserved that. What I don't get, however, is why your friend killed the others? He had no KOS rights, did he?
  12. So you admit not being anywhere near the situation, yet you think you have KOS rights on any of us? I know about the robbing and I assumed it was him who killed me. I just wanted clearance. But you clearly broke the rules, but he didn't.
  13. Server and location:S1, Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): It says 05.32x on the server. Daytime or Night-time: Right after night, in the morning Your in game name: Boris Chenn Names of allies involved: Name/Skin of suspect/s:Don't know about the name. He had a green-ish "camo" clothing, and I think Ushanka? Suspects weapon/s: Magnum Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events:Was sitting up in the tower @ GM when someone climbs up. I greet him (I had my weapon up but was not aiming) Suddenly he puts his Magnum up, and aims at me. I ask him what he's doing and then he says something I couldn't understands and shoots me.
  14. Moskis

    KOS S3

    Haha, how can you lie? :L You left me with no ammo, you took my weapon and left me just with my clothes.. I didn't follow you, I was in the Barrack and you said don't follow, I can agree with that. But you didn't see me or even knew I was following you.... You were robbing another person, I bump into you and you instantly shot without any warning or anything! You shot straight away even before the door swung fully open... I was with him all the time. I was the one robbing you at NWAF. I told you that I am leaving the ammo behind the prison just to be safe, and so I did. I also left you with one bullet in your backpack so quit denying this. We told you not to follow, you did anyway, walked in on us after we tried to hide. You kept following us whichever way we turned. He shot you, yes, but you did however not listen to our demands. Edit: We did not take your weapon either... I took your ghillie camo for the gun, but not your weapon..
  15. It was not a question to start with, but yeah you could say that. Mark as solved please!
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