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  1. Omg. I have waited for this moment for a long long time.
  2. Back without telling me, eh? 

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      says you!
      where've you been, you ghost

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  3. *Ragnar picks up the radio and pushes the PTT* Hey roadkill. Nice guitar, what make is it? *Chuckles, after a while the chuckle turns in to a laughter which abruptly ends.* *You can hear that the man starts to yip, mimicking a wounded animal* *The yipping ends with the sound of a single shot* *Transmission ends*
  4. Hey there! First of all, thanks for the feedback I just want to clarify some things. The Unchained started now and any events that happened prior to this does not represent The Unchained and before this group idea was posted, We were actually just a group of randoms who occasionally grouped up in the game. The events you can read about in the lore has had an impact on our characters and that is what made them create this group and some of us who has done bad in the past have now changed their ways. I can assure you that we wont be turning in to a Bandit-group since it wouldnt agree with the base idea of the group, my character for instance would never rob someone or agree with it being done if he is present. In regards to our comms in the temporary channels we've had its the same story there. Before we were not an actual group and hence we invited randoms to play with us daily. Now we do have our own group channel in group ideas where it is different, not that I know what that has to do with the group idea in general. But I thought I'd just explain. I hope to see you ingame
  5. Grats guys! Glad to see it finally happening
  6. Ragnar Jarnstal POV : I was the one being held hostage by the guys that can be heard shouting in the video. James Simpson and I had about 2-3 minutes prior to this had a friendly discussion about scavenging and he said that he was going to the tents to look for stuff and also agreed to come back if he found any of the items I was looking for. He went on up to the tents and I went back to the fire station where I got taken hostage by a group (full POV on the hostage situation can be found in thread : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KILLING-A-COMPLYING-HOSTAGE-BADRP-fire-station-in-North-West-Air-Field ) It is my belief that James heard this and ran back to aid me and thought that Nick Nordsmen was the hostage taker since he came from the exact same area as the perps. I did not ever see Nick Nordsmen with my own eyes and it might just be that he was hit by mistake since Im quite certain the place he was standing isnt visible from where James was. (i might be wrong on this since I havent gone there to check myself) (the guys taking me hostage are at the point of the video just at the back of the fire-station and I think James was positioned by the trees just north of it.) James got shot as far as I could see and that was by one of the guys taking me hostage.
  7. Ragnar Jarnstal (the other hostage) POV (edit)I had also met James Sampson by the hangars Prior to the below and we had a quick friendly discussion about scavenging and what Ragnar was looking for specifically. He was going up to the tents on the northern part of the airfield after that so I do not really know what he has to do with this report. I was scavenging the airfield filling up an order for a customer when I saw a guy chased by zombies into the firestation he killed the zombie and the guy was friendly and asked for food. I had a can of sardines on me and thought, hey I dont need it and being the friendly guy I am I gave it to him. (this is just outside the fire station) Then boom out of nowhere we get ambushed by 2 other guys who yells hands up etc (proper initiation) and I comply, then i notice the guy that initially asked for food is part of their group and this was planned. They tell me to drop my weapons (naming them specifically.) At this point Trevor Scott comes out of the hangar closest to the firestation, reloading his weapon just as he describes. They initiate on him and he complies as quick as he can. they start asking us about friends etc and shots are fired towards them from seemingly nowhere. I see one guy running out of the foresty part just north of the fire station, one of the hostage takers shoot him down and we move in to the fire station at their command. some z's get in and they take em down while they order me to close the door. I do so. they tell the other guy to drop his weapons and I can see one of the group instantly starts smashing it on the ground. After a while I notice I still have my glock with me and loaded. I take a position behind the 3 and try to take em down. I take two down and number 3 shoots me. Up until this point Trevor Scott has done nothing but following orders from the hostage takers. And we established several times that Me and Trevor Scott were not affiliated or part of the same group.
  8. To the guys that just tried to rob Ragnar at the airfield. You guys are awesome. adrenaline rush 10/10. Too bad I didnt get out alive though.
  9. *Ragnar hears the voice and smiles.* James! Glad to hear you are still around. I have found the new camp but I am unable to disclose its location on an open frequency but I'll give you a clue. *static* If you go to the town you once took me to. The place I came to call a "home", keep on going to the bigger town near it. You will find us there. Best of luck! *Static*
  10. *Ragnars voice can be heard through the static* Apple-picking at this hour? You must have the eyesight of an eagle. I myself cant even determine which tree's are apple-trees in this darkness. I just hope they stop fighting soon *Static*
  11. *Ragnar picks up his Radio as he sits by the fire.* I am not certain yet, I do not remember these people but I believe I might have found the "new" camp. I am waiting here until I see a friendly face. Keeping to myself for the moment. They are fighting so I am hiding. Someone just threatened to burn down this "new" camp. I do not know who these people are. Thank you whomever it was who offered me help. *Breaks up into Static* *Picks up radio and talks in a low voice* They are going to behead someone it seems. I do not feel safe in this "new" camp either. *Transmission breaks up*
  12. *Sitting at the old outrun camp in Gorka Ragnar picks up his radio and begins transmission* Hey James, glad to hear theres still another friendly soul out there. I am holding fort here at the moment but please do report back how Vishnoye turns out. I still feel like there is something here I am missing. Stay safe. *Transmission ends*
  13. *Ragnar lets out a big sigh as he begins his transmission, his tone is that of a man who has lost all hope* It's Ragnar here to anyone whom it may concern. I just made it back to Gorka and everything is gone. I have lost everything once again. I will be staying here in Gorka to look for clues where everyone might have gone as I have no other place to go. To the people I have unfinished business with, do not worry I will see to it as soon as I have found a new place to set up shop and if no word from me soon, assume the worst. And to any Outrun member who hears this, I will be forever in your debt if you come for me. *transmission ends*
  14. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 25-07-2016, 16.27 Your in game name: Ragnar Jarnstal Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was scavenging at the airfield. Walked out of a building, heard a hello. Started running, heard the word "hostage" and then i got shot as I ran.
  15. *Ragnar looks confused as he replies* And you are? Since I do not know who you are I do not expect you to do anything about this. I am looking for Petrov and his men, and them only. *Transmission ends*
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