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  1. Buster

    Make Stary Sobor Great Again [OPEN FREQ]

    *Jimmy sits shivering in a generic, dank shack in the woods somewhere, the wind whistling through several holes in the cheap walls. He fumbles his matches at the sudden blare of noise from the nearby radio, startled, and tilts his head for a moment, his greasy mop of hair hanging to one side, and his pale face screwed up as he listens. With a snort, and a yellow toothed grin, he snatches up the handheld, and offers a wheezy chuckle before he speaks.* ''Pff, ahaha, you what?? nineteen and a mayor? you sound about fuckin' twelve mate. Fuckin' kids.' he cackles some more, and continues. 'Makin' a settlement is yer? tell y'what lad. I'll be sure to bury what's left of yer, when the next pack o' crazies come through an' clean yer all out, how's that?' *Sneering, Jimmy puts his radio back down, and goes back to work on his meagre fire, chuckling at his own ''wit'' all the while.
  2. Buster

    S1 BADRP/Miss-ID Firefight/RulePlay/Potential Invalid RDM Severograd 9/13/17 (Approx 1900 Server Time)

    Thank you, and sorry no, no video on my end.
  3. Buster

    S1 BADRP/Miss-ID Firefight/RulePlay/Potential Invalid RDM Severograd 9/13/17 (Approx 1900 Server Time)

    Buster again, sorry for the delay. Okay here goes. So, I was hanging around near the pub in servo, watching the various groups of people. Eventually, the argument happens, guy gets called a coon, other guy gets punched out, guy gets up, silently leaves( or I at least didn't hear him speak, lot of noise going on). Five, maybe ten minutes later, the puncher is standing in the street, and gets shot. People scatter, and I decide to help him to his feet, figuring they only wanted revenge on that one guy. Anyway, soon enough we hear more shots, so I run for cover, ending up hiding behind a tent with a small group of others, including a friend of mines. Everybody is wondering what's going on, shots are ringing out etc. I look way up the street, and see a guy on a corner aiming at us. I look through my binoculars to confirm this, and say aloud, 'that guy is aiming at us, what the fuck? all the people in this huddle are crouching, with no weapons out by the way. Sure enough, a second later, we start getting shot at, and we dive around the tent. Sivister then leans around, and possibly kills the guy. Everyone else seks shelter in the pub. After a minute, I decide to go and check the guy is indeed dead, choosing a time it seemed to have quietened down. I do stop by a corpse, to check it's pulse, and not to loot, as I already had an AK and plentiful ammo and supplies at the time.. anyway I then have to take my melee weapon out to fight a couple of zombies that were heading to the pub. I finish the last one, and turn to the doorway, yelling, 'I got 'em!' and a split second later, I'm dead. At no point did I have a gun in my hands, and it honestly felt that people were just shooting anyone that moved, hands up or not.
  4. Buster

    S1 BADRP/Miss-ID Firefight/RulePlay/Potential Invalid RDM Severograd 9/13/17 (Approx 1900 Server Time)

    Hi, Buster here, will post my POV tomorrow, off to work for now!
  5. Buster

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

    Hi, sorry for the late response, work, internet problems, etc etc. Anyway, as I dimly recall I had just logged in, ( I think, logs will show) and am meandering along the road near the pub. Two fellows approach, one of them stating he is a combat medic, and could use my help. I basically shrug, and go sure, okay, and follow along. Personally I did not know what had occurred in the city minutes before I arrived, until we came across a corpse near the school I think?) . I stated something along the lines of, 'oh shit, he dead?' or such like, when I heard the initiation from across the street. At this point I have to admit I was like 'huh, what?' and just sort of looked around, confused. A moment or two later, I take a bullet to the knee, and am dropped, where I stay screaming on the ground until I am patched up, and made to crawl to cover. A minute later I am questioned, before having the situation explained. I was then let go, and told to go on my way, which I did. No harm done really, to me at least.
  6. A lifetime of petty crime culminated in a botched robbery leaving an elderly couple dead in their own home. Looking at a life sentence, Jimmy somehow managed to flee to Europe before the authorities could catch up with him. Always on the run, he drifted from place to place, surviving the only way he knew how; Stealing, and mugging. Convinced that the law was just a step behind him at every turn, he became paranoid, and desperate, eventually making his way to the border of south Zegoria. It was soon after this that his run of 'luck' ran out. Caught in the act of snatching a woman's purse, he was beaten and handed over to the nearest police station, where he stewed for days while they tried to find out his identity. Worse was yet to come. Still trapped in his cell when the outbreak hit, he and one other man were left to die by the fleeing police. No one cared enough to go back for a pair of lowlifes after all. A week passed, then two, with no sign of escape, and only the ghastly moans of the undead heard from the small, barred window. First the two men finished what little food they had rationed, and drinking from the toilet. Then they turned to rats..then bugs. Then one night, if someone were nearby, they would have heard a brief struggle, and a sickening crack, perhaps of bone. A few days later, Jimmy was released by a trio of Americans who were searching the town. In the darkness, they did not look to closely at the partially eaten corpse, assuming it to simply be one of the infected. Jimmy, giddy with happiness and relief all but wept at his saviors feet. This did not stop him from murdering them in their sleep the very next night, and making off with most of their food and water. Now he wanders the roads, chatting amiably to anyone he meets, all the while plotting to betray them..
  7. Following the conclusion of the war, Branko returned to his family farm to work as a laborer, and general handy man. It was a peaceful, if dreary life, but he was happy to be with his kin. His people were simple folk, and paid more attention to the seasons crops, than to the looming threat that was approaching. This would all change during the outbreak. Losing his parents in the chaos, and his youngest brother, Branko currently is searching desperately for the remainder of his family. Everywhere he goes, he sees his beloved homeland overrun with foreigners, and looters, teeming over the empty houses like vultures, and rats, and his thoughts grow grimmer, and grimmer. Like most Chernarussians, he is deeply patriotic, and sees this as nothing short of an invasion. Still, he keeps his peace, and is generally civil to these outsiders, perhaps biding his time, until he can group up with fellow natives. His priorities right now are to find his loved ones, indeed much of his mental wellbeing depends upon it. Only time will tell what will become of him.
  8. Can I request this report to be closed? doesn't look like anyone is gonna come forward, thanks.
  9. Yeah, one of those white sedans'. Saw it from behind, before splat. Fairly sure the guy/guys were driving up and down that stretch of road a few times, but meh. I'll wait for the 24 hours, I can't see anything coming of this, I just felt it might be worth reporting, as a warning to others.
  10. Report #52 S1 EU - 07/15/17 19.29 - Invalid Kill Other (provide in description below) Server: S1 EU Date: 07/15/17 Time: 19.29 Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Other (provide in description below) Your in game name: Jimmy Robinson Allies: Guest Enemies: Guest Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: n/a Description: Just got done chatting to some friendly hobos in a barn, and started to make my way along the road to kabanino. Bout halfway there,( between kab and stary) I'm run over and killed. Bright daylight, and I was in plain view, so I kind of feel like I was just made roadkill for no reason. No idea who or why.
  11. so im pretyuy drink right now, but i just wannt to say mwerry christmas tyo you all! been in this community for a about 2 years now, and its awesome!! hope you all have r a good new ywear, cheers to you all! i shall riaswe a toast to you all, fine peole
  12. All give thanks to supreme leader for life Rolle.
  13. As a peasant in training, I agree with this suggestion. MOAR SLOTS PLOX.
  14. Buster

    The Pagan Revenants M.C. [Recruitment: Open / EU timezone]

    Enjoyed the savage beating today chaps, keep it up