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  1. Keep in mind that there are hardly any zombies around anymore, and those that are a barely a threat. I haven't had to bandage from a zombie attack in months! Also, gear is extremely easy to come by now, and sickness is easy to avoid. Because of this, most people in large groups decide to make their own challenge by declaring war on another group. ^^ Exactly this.
  2. Oh, thank you so much man. I have to give it to Amelia Mercer and Roger for giving me the inspiration to write this. Roger's wise words and Amy's IG analogy. This piece revolves around Amy's analogy about what she said in Dolina. Expression of what she thought when asked a random question. Very beautiful word choice by her and wonderful answers to clarify what she meant.
  3. Beautiful RPer right here. I've been waiting to meet you IG; I might just be sucking up...Good RP nonetheless. I loved your responses to my answers to your questions. Haha. I also would like to mention the RP with Rene Lacroix and his curiosity towards my Master. Thank you to Marty Shelby and Jeves Graceland for making their short appearances but interesting inputs on the situation. And Marty for trying and following us but had to shut him down.
  4. Welcome to the community man! We always need more friendly people. Good to have you.
  5. Beautiful introduction friend. A small bit of entertainment from a newcomer is always revitalizing...
  6. Give it another shot man. PM several community helpers and ask them what they think of your application and see if they have any advice; They are there for you. Trust me, this is worth it.
  7. http://www.wsllpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/beautiful-landscape-of-green-hills-hd-desktop-wallpaper.jpg[/img] Leeway Mercer kept some of his thoughts secret in fear of criticism. He was afraid of being wrong and realizing that he has impacted something that he can't fix. He wanted advice but only to further better the cause he has seen. An open mind and ears are kept but the manner will still be present. This problem only affects him now but may have influenced other's decisions. He sits on his bench at the top of a hill near Msta and listens to the wind brush against the branches. The valley extends for awhile. Leeway is a writer and philosopher by heart and believes in ignorance only to keep himself stable. He closes his eyes and falls asleep for a few minutes thinking about what his sister, Amy, said back in Dolina; Influencing her own. She is so wise and kind. He only wished for her to follow in his footsteps. His eyes move back and forth while shut and arms tighten onto the bench. The wind has gone silent and his body relaxes. A glimpse upon fallen worlds. A curlicue of starlight spirals down passing the amalgamation of dead brilliance. A walk into the darkened night. Pure solacement in the presence of an interstellar vista. I open my eyes; I peer into a room and see beige mist surrounding the sun’s rays - I feel freedom. Freedom within every part of my body. I feel weightlessness. Flowers and foliage walk with some close and holding each other while others are solitary and thoughtful. They might be afraid to come forward; Waiting for the perfect time. I see myself in a room studying the patterns they choose to follow. Wishing I could be out there but I’m stuck. Locked inside this room with a barred door. Small amounts of light leak underneath in front of me. It’s temptation that drags the essence of my well-being. I want to go out there but what are the consequences? Would it be a wiser to stay inside where I know it’s safe? I don’t experience the immunity I’m looking for. Maybe I’m looking for something else. The room whispers and tells me it’s not safe out there. The magnificence of not knowing what will happen is the origin of temptation. The flowers move subtlety like they are saying hello. Their friends encourage freedom with them all in complete unison. I’ve decided it’s enough. I make my own choices and am not held by the innards of something’s own ideals. I start to stand and walk towards the window. The leaves start to dissipate and hide. The stems collapse and turn grey; The sky turns dark and dull. Everything seems to be filled with regret. I will not synchronize my feelings to bring myself down. I walk out the door and see that it was just an illusion. The room’s last chance at keeping me in. I see the hidden beauty of everything. The analogy of each choice and the opposite will keep me moving. The tranquility I was looking for was just on the other side of the door where it’s amplified beyond imagination. I listen and hear bells singing in harmony making Christmas feel hurried. The room now gone and the house along with it. I only felt the room leave and nothing else. Beauty is the substitute repleted with serenity. An oasis settles itself in the absence of what was. The sand is soft and fluid. The water, so clear and bright. I gaze into the depth seeing shells all different. They start to crack and then shatter. The floor now covered with fragments, forgotten in the past. The sand sweeps over and falls on top. Beams of light stem from underneath creating a message amidst the water. I squint my eyes and see the fusion. “Forgiveness is the final form of love.” I take a deep breath and glide. I try and catch the branches that pass by me but they turn away. They want me to understand. Dependence is a virtue only to be used cautiously. Do not let the meaning be in vain. I pull my arms in and let myself go. I look up into what is now darkness aroused by lights. They coincide with each other for safety. If one goes, the other is lost not knowing what to do. Do you believe in me? Come and listen to yourself. Express your thoughts and breath with me. Close your eyes and feel my heart. Night falls and I lie down to rest, waiting for my dreams to take me somewhere anew. http://www.wallpaperhd.pk/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/desert-oasis-beautiful-night-wallpaper.jpg[/img]
  8. Leeway3787

    Hello DayZRP.

    Welcome man!
  9. This is amazing Anne. Can't wait to see what adventures you'll have when scouting!
  10. Leeway3787

    Making IG Reactions part of the lore.

    This would be amazing +1
  11. You're a sick man Phil Grimes but fantastic story nonetheless. I'd be scared to meet you I think.
  12. Thank you to Darion, Mickey, Khadijah, Amy, Thomas, The CIA, Alek, Slade, and the other people that were involved with the Dolina robbery. One of the greatest RP moments ever witnessed. Everything that happened went on to be the most unfortunate series of events for me but was very entertaining. Slade and Alek, sleep well after the hostilities. Darion for giving me a death and a new life. I respect your decisions and understood what the consequences would be. Wise words did not preserve me as much as I tried to persuade you. I thank you for the death though. Well deserved and what a lucky situation that was handed to you haha (Only if I would have taken a kill and ran instead of waiting for a perfect moment before you got there). Thank you Mickey for some of the best hostage RP I've ever seen. I didn't know your character well but definitely acquired a lifetime of hate in such a short amount of time. I wish you luck in the pursuit of Thomas and Amy without me as an obstacle. Thank you to Amy for being my long lasted sister. May our memories be cherished by you and everyone that knew us. We had our moments of disagreement but hopefully they will turn out for the better. We had several more joyous times, though, which will be the ones that define what our relationship meant. Keep Thomas close but make sure your decisions are carefully chosen. Spread the word Amy and forever keep me with you. <3 Thank you Thomas for at least trying to appease Darion. I'll miss you man even though I wanted to kill you for taking my sister away constantly. I thank Khadijah and every other hostage that was involved. Great RP from everyone; Even for the guy that decided to try and rescue all of us with a pistol. Didn't work out too well but thanks for trying.
  13. Had one of the most fantastic times RP'ing with Anne, Rebeka, Darion, the rest of his group, and the rest of mine. Had a 1 1/2 hour conversation with Anne which made me so awkward IC and OOC with certain subjects...lol. Got into some topics that made me cringe but it was an amazing conversation. Had some slip ups on my part where I'm worried on how she will proceed with them in the future. I want to find out what your character thinks of Leeway but I don't want to spoil it. I need more... Rebeka, A+ RP on the amazing sociopathic RP. Had me scared OOC and shut me down on wordplay. The way you portray your character is fantastic and an inspiration for RP'ers alike. Witnessing what I have; opened up so many more doors to RP and will change the future indefinitely. I thank you for this. I hope we soon meet in-game again but I fear the worst of actions will come. Darion. A good friend of mine, turned enemy but not yet known. I'm sad it has to turn out this way and you know why it has too. I'm surprised on how it turned out with the meeting in Dolina. I'm nervous on how future RP will settle but excited. I wish you the best of luck and preparation for what comes.
  14. Leeway3787

    The Trust (IC recruitment)[Open]

    Seems like people are finding out where we tend to reside. Good to be there and have RP starting there again. Thank you to the men from container 21 for making an appearance; even though it became extremely hostile, it was fun. Thank you to Darion and Anne also showing up and giving amazing RP as always. Can't wait to have more people come and say hello.
  15. Leeway3787

    The last CO of the 41st aid comapny

    Good job Lt.! These tapes are awesome. Keep em' coming man; can't wait for the next one and make sure you keep those kids in check!