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  1. Totally agree, almost every server, if not all, have everytime a "persistance broken area", loot explosions only in a certain place, which also implies low FPS because of the amount of loot, maybe crashes (client and server) + a lot of players only in that area, so.. Also, I think admins should reconsider this only from 0.54...
  2. Silo brought me here. Thank you man (If you are reading this)!
  3. b0byx

    Additonal Links for the Welcome PM.

    As a newcomer, I can say that that message was really helpful for me, but still, Samaritan's post on my introduction thread added to that, so, it's a good idea to add a couple more links
  4. I can assure you that this is false! I've played like every Wednesday last weeks without any problems, so.. Still, they might push 0.53 to stable, i'm not sure about that :-?
  5. Definitely WoW! (Of course, besides of DayZ ) It has a lot of possible RP Stories + huge Maps, which increase those possibilities also.
  6. The signature is very nice man, it looks awesome! Good job! And about setting it as signature, i'm not 100% sure, since i'm new here, but I think it's a feature only some ranks have, so you must be in certain groups HERE to be able to set it. I hope this helped you EDIT: Wow! I thought I was the first one Anyway, now you found out, 100 posts on the forum and you will have the option
  7. Hello, and now I can say that I WILL (not LOOK FORWARD TO) play with you I've been accepted guys! Thank you very much, all of you for all your help and support! And from now on, we will see each other on forum, but also in-game! THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!!
  8. Thank you very much! I hope i will have a lot and get accepted
  9. b0byx

    The Last Cause

    Nice story! Keep up the good work!
  10. Thank you! Looking forward to that too and be sure that we will meet!
  11. Thank you my love <3 Hope I will get accepted too! Just be patient :* We will play together soon! <3 I can't wait for it! <3 Thank you Masulii! Sure I will, thank you very much for your help so far, I appreciate it!
  12. Thank you my love <3 Hope I will get accepted too!
  13. Thank you very much! Sure we will, thank you for the links. Thank you metal, looking forward to play with all of you guys!
  14. Hi, my name is Bogdan and i just submited an application. I hope to join you guys in these servers soon! I'm very excited about this!
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