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  1. Igi


    Pretty nice stuff! I'll always be able to say I was one of the first to receive any kind of DayZRP Merch though and nobody else will ever be as OG as the mug I have...
  2. Igi

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    My ears are burning... So inactive... Not my fault you guys only do SA Just throwing my name out there... Not particularly saying I'm the best guy for the job but I'm more than happy to pick stuff up if it's legitimately happening and has real support this time. Previous attempts died miserably and that really depressed me but if Psi and other youtubers are willing to support it, that's a whole different story.
  3. Igi

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    My ears are burning...
  4. As the word 'mod' lingers on the wind that blows though the trees, a lone Igi's ears perk up as he returns to see the light of day once more. He fingers yearning to write those lines of code once more... Suddenly, flashes of memories strike him as if Zeus himself commanded it; the countless attempts of old the revive what once was. The inevitable over-hype; the reminder of servers that emptied after mere days. "Never again..." He skulks back into the shadows... gently rocking as he goes... forever repeating the words... "Never again..." "Never again..." "Never again..."
  5. I have like, 50-100 unredeemed keys sitting around too but until steam lets me bulk redeem keys, I can't be bothered with them.
  6. Igi

    DayZ vs Exile

    So far we haven't been able to change the spawn uniform in the main configuration of the exile server. Protip: Replace the player units on the map with a custom class of your choosing... Could just make them riflemen and strip their gear or something. (That's the cheap way of doing it and could cause issues with scripts that are dependent on player class... which I hope they aren't because that would be a TERRIBLE way to code.) Better way... check out the "onPlayerRespawn" event. Make a simple script that will replace the player's gear with whatever you want... Really basic stuff, just remove all and add whatever you want them to have. Easiest way to go about that if you're not 100% confident with scripting would be to make a event script: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts (It's just a file that runs automatically when a certain event is triggered). If you're a little more confident, then I'd recommend creating an event handler for that event and adding your code into a custom function.
  7. Igi

    TFR for ExileRP - yey or ney?

    Protip if you're going to use TFR. Have two teamspeak clients with separate push-to-talk keys. (You can't open TS twice so you'll need two seperate installs... It's really small so not really a problem). One of your clients has the TFR plugin enabled and will be used for ingame comms (your push-to-talk key becomes your ingame VOIP key btw) The other client doesn't have the plugin enabled and allows you to use TS like you normally would for OOC communication. TFR also changes your teamspeak name to your ingame name... So bare in mind that if you join with a second TS client, you won't be able to have the same name... Just add like "- OOC" to your non-TFR client or something. Of course, it'll be up to staff as to whether or not they want to let you on TS with two separate clients... If not, then keep in mind that using TFR means all communication you make via VOIP WILL be audible ingame, as such I doubt you'll be allowed to OOC communicate. Something to keep in mind.
  8. Nice to see this project finally coming to fruition. Should be entertaining to play on. I feel you bro. But Rolle said he wants them so...we have them. Without them, persistent vehicles isn't possible. Teaser looks great, great work Moss! Can't wait to finally play it Eh.. quite easy to place a few vehicles around the map and ensure their locations are written to the database on a regular basis. Shops are just an easier way of letting people acquire vehicles. Quite easy to disable certain features of the enhanced movement mod actually. However, the licence for that mod means you'll need permission from the mod author to do that (pretty easy, I know a couple people who got it... he's pretty chill). Another way to fix that would be to code in your own hook that just overwrites the function call from the advanced movement mod. Basically stopping it from ever running and you don't have to edit the mod at all. Anyhow, good luck guys. I'll probably hop on and see how things are when this eventually gets published.
  9. Thank you all for the kind farewells. I'll miss you all and hopefully I can return when SA hurries the fuck up with mod support <3
  10. RP on such a large scale without ruining the concept is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in an online community. Hate to sound elitist, but you can never have real RP unless you have a community of like-minded people who can be trusted with a no rules environment. On a scale like this? That's just impossible.
  11. Igi

    Community meetings.

    Definitely yes. Then I can bitch AT staff instead of FOR staff for a change (Has no idea what to bitch about... doesn't play SA...) But yeah, just stick up a massive Doodle, Rolle... Probably the easiest way to find a time.
  12. At this point, I'm just sticking around for the sake of sticking around. I don't really want to leave staff due to how awesome everyone is and how much I enjoy being around everyone. But I can't keep up with the staff stuff. I tried it, and for the first week it wasn't too much of an issue... because I ignored everything else I was doing and focused solely on DayZRP. Now that I've actually started trying to balance everything I do, DayZRP is being neglected. I don't want that to be the case but sadly other things in life have just taken more priority. You're all awesome and I'll miss the various staff/community antics. I'll try and hop on TS from time to time and say hello but this is likely going to be me finished on DayZRP... I haven't really played here since mod anyway. For the many that likely have no real idea who I am... Welp, I tried I'm always available to PM or chat... Farewell you wonderful people! (Sidenote: me and JD were the longest running continuous staff members without leaving. Keep on the legacy JD!) #BringBackDevRank
  13. Enough irrelevant posts in here please guys. Keep it civil and enough with the "Salt calling". Don't wanna' have to start laying out points.
  14. Gaise stahp... I'd take it as a compliment dude, he's a playboy millionaire. Must be doing something right