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  1. This is a total copyright infringement. Please remove this or face legal action.
  2. OMG! The shame! That is so embarrassing... I know, it really is.
  3. I agree Jerry was a great leader and it cannot be brought back by anybody except me since I am the only co-founder left which would be impossible to even attempt for obvious reasons.... and the fact that Jerry being leader wouldn't allow me to bring it back lol -snip- Permanently banned players are removed for a reason. As such, we do not need you to pass along their opinions. Please refrain from doing so in the future.
  4. Exactly, we don't need anymore public hate wars. Wait? Am I missing something? Where's the hate? It's bound to break into hate. It's SKA and SVR, when has it not turned to hate
  5. Like us? Explain. In PM please. Exactly, we don't need anymore public hate wars.
  6. Well said Daniel. We all need to just calm down and see how it all plays out.
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