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    Enforcement Zone teamwork 👍

  2. How I noticed loot spawns usually work : Now, my personal experience is that civilian spawn points aren't as consistent as medical/military spawns. I've noticed the latter 2 always have stuff spawn in their respective buildings and also around the nearby buildings, but civilian ones, you can find stuff in a house, but the next ones might just be empty. I also noticed some areas don't even spawn loot (like the appartments or the school). If you walk into NWAF, you are bound to find at least 1 item in every building over there. Now, there is also the fact that there are alot of items, and they succumb each other when trying to spawn (refer to above gif). It's also a matter of luck. One of the more consistent civilian spawns remain ruined cars and these bus stops(offering from dank clothes to belts, food, vests, bags and MONEYZ) : But personally, I am okay with the general position of loot in civilian areas, moreso that traders are coming and they should be able to cater and help with the demand players have. I do hope Bohemia stops dicking around and give modders/servers much more liberty with the whole loot economy and even add more spawn points so loot is much more spread out overall on the map.
  3. I was impressed by the organisation and the whole screening part you directed ! Congratulations on taking care of quite an ardous part of screening so many people but you managed to pull it off and that's great ! Curious to see what you are planning on doing next !
  4. 4g8ko7.jpg

    Still very cool to see the server full again 🙂


  5. Same with the SGRU, it was amazing to see so many Police over in Cherno, being taken towards your station for questioning only to be sent back to finish my papers(in a very bureaucratic style which I liked) and nice to also meet @Combine back at doing what he does best ! After last night, you deserve that approval asap !
  6. Congratulations to you, the local Police and the Juggernaut doctors for creating such an atmoshpere last night. I was impressed and amazed by the QZ and I enjoyed taking part in the checkup and later bureaucracy part which was great. Good job and I look forward to the future in this new enviroment ! #neom4MVP
  7. I mean, on one side, the mod is purely armor and backpacks so I guess it's more optimized and shouldn't cause any problems, but on the other side the textures are kinda Still, I voted yes since I guess this mod can be used in its entirety and and it also occupies less space. Regarding the other stuff MSFC added, like balaclavas, various drinks and food, maybe we could have those made inhouse to keep that noice variety
  8. Dope But I mean, force archival has always been a thing and it will continue to be. If the admins don't step in, then who will. Just follow the rules, balance your play styles and value RP over PVP.
  9. Woodzie


    The hell you on about ? This is a feature But seriously, fix them so they can only take in money and notes (size shouldn't be tampered with as it's good).
  10. Nope. You can attach pouches on the bottle slot and those look good, but on the back, I bet the placement will be awkward and also not really practical to use. Sheaths are around, you just gotta hit those outside toilets to find em, or when traders pop up, you'll most likely have the ability to buy them from there.
  11. Good stuff man ! May the power of memes light your path in the development scene !
  12. Tazers are basically guns. Since shooting someone with a bean bag (without an initiation) is considered to be an attempted invalid Kill, same thing goes for Tazers. So just like any other weapon, you need to initiate. No need to create a separate rule for an item that falls under the weapon category.
  13. It's like the basic that should spawn in a police station. @Whitenamemake it happen thanks
  14. Welcome back! Excited to see you make the streets of Chernarus safe again!
  15. You had to let Grandpa drive... Next time put in more vodka
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