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  1. You are such a sweetheart ! But yeah, price lower because come on, some bases you gotta go through hoops to actually get inside.
  2. Yes, those would be nice. It would be cool aswell to see the community present various ideas of events that can be made to our lore team so they can work something out.
  3. Jessie was born in the Wisconsin. Since he was young, he was taught by his father the art of baseball. He used to play catch and then joined the local junior team. Jessie progressed and showed he had the talent, but a hand injury set him back. While focusing on school, he had the bright idea to join the army. There he continued playing baseball represting his platoon. When he finished his service, he found himself without a purpose, so he went to Nyheim to recollect himself. He found a gig as a baseball coach for a junior team and he showed to be a great teacher. When the infection hit, he grabbed his bat and hid in his home. When he got out, he ran towards the city and met up with the Stray Dogs. He asked if they were hiring and he showed them his great bat skills. They were impressed, and now Jesse works for the Stray Dogs, hoping one day to return back to playing baseball.
  4. Hello @ImXanny ! A different portion of the staff team have looked over your appeal and have decided to ACCEPT it. What you did, tagging someone in the DayZRP discord, does not represent bullying or even flame, but you simply did something that you thought was a joke. We understand there was no ill intent behind your messages and thus have agreed to remove your points and ban. With that said, Appeal ACCEPTED - Discord ban lifted, points removed. Signed, @Woodzie , @Bryan & @Cal
  5. If damage to walls/gates can be enabled specifically for the suggested items, I am all for it. Some balance needs to be brought, plus explosions are very nice.
  6. Yeah, I don't see any problems with it. It's not overpowered, and if people are doing it just for the sake to steal from people with no RP, they'll get banned for BadRP
  7. Greetings @Mason! A separate portion of the staff team have looked over your appeal and have come to the decision to ACCEPT it. We agree with you, your message had no ill intent behind it and that giving someone a "+1" to agree with a statement that is done in a respectful manner doesn't warrant a ban or points. With that said, Appeal ACCEPTED - Discord ban lifted, points removed. Signed, @Woodzie&@Duplessis
  8. With how Bohemia has been tackling updates on DayZ lately and what they are adding, I got my doubts DayZ will benefit from this game engine anytime soon. If they ever decide to go full Enfusion, it's gonna need lots of time and more than likely the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game might not even make the cut (because the hardware is not up to par as the current gen consoles). I hope they improve the animations, add physics, improve the lighting, actually add proper helicopters and also make modding a much easier process and more streamlined, so people don't have to go over hoops to learn to mod. And also make it so everything in the game can be modded as to give developers the proper liberty they need. As for those saying that it's gonna be harder to run on older hardware, tbf it can be optimized fairly good if they put the effort in it. I am not afraid of the game becoming more power hungry, as long as it runs properly and doesn't have any major bugs.
  9. I would love to see flagpoles, but just for the aesthetic values. As for the whole refresh thing, given how wild some bases are, I guess it's good enough for people to maintain it the way they are doing now and not give them an easy option.
  10. First. When you make a suggestion, it would be easier to find a mod that would better fit your suggestion and present that and then also add a poll with a simple yes and no options. As for the suggestions itself, honestly infected are good for now, but I am open to something different if it's a good mod that works perfect.
  11. I, Woodzie hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 6 in its current form.
  12. Hello ! A different part of the staff team have looked over your appeal and decided to DENY it. Our reasoning is that your post did not add anything at all to the group thread. There are no such things as necessary uncessary posts. Group threads are held to a high standard as they do represent the group and apart frrom the ocasional congratulations and group related posts, everything else must be on topic. As stated in rule 1.5 here : As you can see in the highlighted part, your post is a text book unnecessary post and as such it was given warned in the correct manner. With that said, Appeal Denied - Warning and Points stay Signed, @Woodzie, @Duplessis & @Gaylaxy
  13. 🏃‍♂️

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      enjoy your afternoon jog @Woodzie

      stay hydrated!

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      Exactly !

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