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  1. Dig the new name a lot

  2. Who Are You Reaction GIF by moodman

    1. Woodzie


      New phone who dis?

    2. FaeRP


      You can run but you cant hide, Anal Woods

    3. Woodzie


      Dad gave me a new name! 

      Happy Jonah Hill GIF

  3. bob the builder GIF

    1. Duke


      Bernie Sanders Finger GIF by moodman

  4. When you will get ingame from now on the will show your last character played. The system was updated so now all characters are active.
  5. It will show your last character played, when you'll join the game it will update accordingly.
  6. Now that I have done the apocalypse groceries time to chill and ...

    shaun of the dead GIF

    shaun of the dead zombies GIF

    shaun of the dead GIF

  7. Yes. It's a small map, developed by our lovely developer @Kerkkoh and it does provide a different experience and I think our lovely Loremaster will get something up. What I would like, as it's gonna be small, loot respawn a tad bit faster, so everyone has the chance to loot their stuff( clothes, tools and whatever else), but food and drinks be rarer, as to emphasize on hunting , growing crops and fishing and promote some sort of cooperation, be it friendly or hostile.
  8. When the corona virus emergency arrives nearby your town and the government force closes everything. 

    weird 30 rock GIF


    1. Malthis


      People were freaking out when they said there was someone infected at ASU here in Arizona, I watched maybe a grand total of 5 people wearing face masks, and then nothing else became of it.

    2. Woodzie


      Here in Italy 2 regions are in lock down for 7 days and pretty much every place is closing down. 

    3. Highlander_V


      God damn it, stay safe dude.

  9. /Thread is closed because this is not the first discussion to this problem and because of OPs attitude.
  10. You can come to the Help Desk and a GM will help you out by finding your location where you spawned so you avoid getting anywhere near your body.
  11. Pistols take 2 headshots to kill a zombie, anything else is pretty much a secured headshot. A firefighter axe will help get you 3 or 2 hits to kill a zombie. Smaller melee weapons take a bit more.
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