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  1. Can you please provide your full and detailed POV of the whole situation as to better understand what happened from your own perspective. And if you do have any video evidence, please provide it.
  2. Woodzie


    Glad to see this group coming back and with a roster of OGs who have plenty of experience and provide awesome interactions, I know you'll bring Chernarus back to its glory ! Good luck out there comrades !
  3. Totally yes for this ! This item pack adds so many new toys for the people, and it also gives another set of customization to everyone who wants to keep a unique look or show off with other items
  4. Why yes. Looking at the video, it looks like it works fine, even on full servers as the video says. I did not some parts don't have a hitbox, therefore it makes it a bit easier to fly around and land it (instead of getting your rotors stuck on some wires nearby and having the whole thing explode). We could at least have 1 or 2 per server, but maybe have their fuel consumption changed so it's faster to consume the fuel, thus possibly granting people the opportunity to get on even grounds with the owners
  5. Hit Logs: Death Logs: Connection Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @Snorf - Kia Blackwood - OP @Kyro Zen - Kyro Zen - POSTED @Iris - Iris Gloss - POSTED @YAKMOUTH - Hector Enrique Del Toro - POSTED @wastingdoor - Deacon Johnson
  6. Welcome back! It will be an honour to be met with your loud initiations once more!
  7. Please present a trimmed version (preferably 10 minutes) of @ChrisW's video to showcase better the whole situation.
  8. We had it on the server, but it caused bad server performance as it had to track every blood splatter and also the trails. Plus it bugs out when you shoot a zombie near thin objects as the splatter is a static design.
  9. Only these 2 masks should sound unmuffled since these are part from mods: As for the other masks, blame Bohemia as they added this new feature.
  10. I suggest you take a read through these 2 threads as to see how the community perceives Livonia (both positive and negative). And as to answer your question, it's worth. The map is different and totally changes the way you move around (compared to Chernarus). It also poses some challenges like wolves and bears down south, or the heavy rains (which have started to become rarer but still present a threat to the unprepared survivor). It's easy to learn around and it's nice to explore. I would suggest you buy it and try it out for yourself
  11. Punch a bear Challenge Let's see how natural selection does here.
  12. When I first read the title, I totally missinterpreted it as this : But on a serious note, glad to see some OGs back and ready to go and help the people of Livonia. Good luck !
  13. I would love to see more diversity for glass and plastic bottles, but otherwise I don't see this mod beneficial for the server, for the sole fact the guy is using famous brands and keep in mind our server is a monetized one, so it brings more complications. Perhaps if we ask our lovely devs to bring some more diversity for what you are proposing, maybe they will do something nice ?
  14. Wood storage is 10 nails and 2 planks. As for the craftable tents, they were removed alongside the possibility to craft lockers since people would create so many which ultimately would impact on the server performance due to too many items being persistent.
  15. Woodzie


    Greetings! Welcome back
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