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  1. Ok, I'll come here and tell you why I don't agree with these: 1. No. This is for the fact suggestions needs to be visible and discussed. People need to know what has been suggested in the past so they either making a thread about it, or if they decide to, they could bring a new reason as to why the suggestion can be useful for the community. And it needs to be discussed, especially for mods, as sometimes mods are not up for monetized servers or have compatibility issues, which could be overlooked by the OP. 2. Off-Topic serves for people to talk about stuff that is not related to DayZ or DayZRP. No need to remove this section. Plus it also has the great Aron73 Appreciation Thread, an amazing and lovely thread about an amazing and lovely man. 3. No. Believe it or not, DayZRP is the place many people come to fix their game. Most issues are posted here, and most of the time solved. When people that are not in this community go on Google to search for fixes to their issues, DayZRP usually pops up first, or on the first page. It brings traffic to the forums and even people that are interested into the community. 4. It is, but with moderation. People need to have the freedom to discuss about whatever itches the community. If a thread about goes sideways, we will solve the issue. Otherwise I see no reason to make it even more hard to post into. The forums are going to see some changes Soon™, as to make them more streamlined and user friendly for new people who are not used to using one.
  2. Sounds nice, and I guess there would be no harm to it as it only makes changes to some sounds.
  3. Closing this thread as the general suggestion revolves more around fixing the game itself, rather than adding a mod that would improve performance. If you come up with a mod that actually does that, then you can contact someone to reopen this thread and add it up on the OP. /Thread closed
  4. The forums exist for a reason. People should search for the topic they talk about and see if it was ever brought up and if it was, what was thought about it. In this specific case we are talking about offline raiding, which tbh has always been talked through and through with no avail. No need for more topics which just repeat the same thing.
  5. Yes, that is because when people are unbanned, they are presented as new players. Not a bug, just a feature.
  6. Yes, what is the problem in this picture?
  7. /Thread closed at OPs request.
  8. I voted no, but not because it shouldn't be removed, just not now. An assesment needs to be made on what the mod actually brings to the table and how useful it is, what can be rebuilt for our own specific mod, if other stuff can be replaced with other mods(and if it's actually feasable to have more mods than a singular one) and what can be used separately, if possible (like their new trader mod which is sweet).
  9. This mod has lots of cool stuff, especially RP items that are pretty well done and could give people even more variety to play with.
  10. No need for something like that. If you are sure someone is actively avoiding roleplay with you by using another character to avoid consequences, make a report or a ticket.
  11. Enclave deserves some love!

    1. Nonplayer


      Enclave hands down the best faction you cant never join in any fallout game

  12. You need to take time and read it slow and out loud. It's there, you just need to insist. Also don't refresh the page as it changes position.
  13. No. Because the mod literally has no in-game screenshots nor any reviews and the description is very sus.
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