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  1. Link to the situation: This thing. Feedback: I'll start off by saying in my opinion, you were the least likely person to take on the mantle of Loremaster, and at the same time just go at full speed and create such a big and fun event. You are on the right track but there's some things you gotta fix before proposing more of these types of events: - Choose a time where both EU and US players are active, this way more people have the opportunity to join up ; - Get more staff support, especially with tools to make the preparation phase much easier to take care of and you aswell not have much pressure on yourself ; At this moment, these are the only things I think I should point out, other than that, the event was nice and fun and it was tight Suggestions for improvement: One thing you should look out is yourself. Don't burn yourself out, share the weight with your other Loremasters and the other staff members. Other than that, I am proud you have ascended and I wish you good luck with whatever you are going to throw out at DayZRP.
  2. CLF sucks.

    1. Bryan


      salt bae ban GIF

      Good luck elsewhere..

  3. Mod is actually cool and balances out robbing cars. Hopefully people will make more use of this rather than scrapping their car and then logging off.
  4. Mod looks cool and love them branded backpacks.
  5. @Roland Please add more toys for us to play with. Thank you. Mod is nice and I can finally fulfill one of my dreams
  6. Make the Lore your little bitch! 


  7. Woodzie

    Valning Map

    Valnig represents what Livonia could've been if Bohemia would've put some effort into their map. It's free, it's based in Central Europe, thus giving people the opportunity to go for NATO or whatever gets them hard. The map is splendid and it even has underground areas. The only thing that isn't specified, or at least I personally didn't notice is if the map can be used on a monetized server. If it also checks that, I can see this map replace Chernarus and people who roleplay like they be in some TV series can continue their roleplay experience in this fresh and better map. Imagine, more Dutch and Germans, less Russians. Just imagine. Oh wait...
  8. Greenhouses should last from 3-7 days. Otherwise and this is the most likely case, someone stole it from you since these can be easily dismantled with a screwdriver.
  9. I'll vote no, rather wanna see groups share their discord on their group page and people can join that and gain access to the public frequency the group has.
  10. It's for approved groups, and since the process is long, I don't see why not this suggestion should be added. Either way, after approval, the group of 5 still needs to undertake the vote of council and Admins in order to have their settlement approved so it's not a fast implementation, but rather giving the opportunity for smaller groups to have something.
  11. Cool interview with the chad! When the next ERP Story? @Aron73
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