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  1. Actually, the rain is pretty good, sometimes it rains for like 5 seconds then it stops, other times it goes on for a couple of minutes, nothing too gamebreaking for any roleplayer. So yeah, no need to modify something that's working good.
  2. For a moment I thought CLF Phase 3 was starting now, but I have been bamboozled. I guess good luck with what you're doing.
  3. Don't know if there's a way to add mp3 audio to a post, I could see it work in the groups here. Either way, I, not biased at all voted yes because why not
  4. Slava to the one and only Liberation Front !
  5. Cool, can't wait to see who's gonna be the first suc... I mean wealthy individual to buy it and have his own ERP villa
  6. This account is now 8 years old.


  7. We can stay here and argue all day to lower spawns and such, but if there's no full on wipe on all parts (player and storage) then it's useless. The other day finding a stash with 7 SCARs is crazy. I don't want the guns removed out completely, but their spawns should be regulated and limited to how many are also stored, this way hoarding them would not be an issue.
  8. From my experience it's only the BMWs, and sometimes the other cars(but I believe in some cases it's not setting, rather the server not registering what's going on and just letting it go). But since it's become a thing, then perhaps this setting can also be extended to the other vehicles. It would make driving safer for people who have issues but will still keep it fair-play as if you wanna shoot at the car, it can still get damaged. Just deal with it I guess
  9. @Roland I am once again asking for you to consider this mod.
  10. o7 I had a lot of fun in this group, just like the OG version. Sad to see it end, even sadder I couldn't participate in the final moments of this last stand. Thanks @Hofer and @Bryanfor letting me in and the rest for all the roleplay and fun Slava Chernarus! Slava CLF!
  11. If it's gonna be like last time the toxic zone was added, the NBC from the item shop spawns with zero protection for the toxic cloud. If not, I'd rather see this than just the removal of it.
  12. A surprising update but a welcomed one nonetheless. Roleplay can only improve from this point forward !
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