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  1. So yeah, since people are so excited for the lorewipe, here is a sneak peak from behind the scenes of how the lore wipe came to fruition :

    Hofer planning to convince Rolle to greenlight the lorewipe

    ezgif.com-add-text (10).gif


    Staggs starting to write the basis

    ezgif.com-add-text (11).gif


    Franny and Brayces doing their part 

    ezgif.com-add-text (12).gif



    In the meanwhile the developer team gets to work 

    ezgif.com-add-text (20).gif


    Watchman becomes the official architect of Chernaurs +++



    Plans come along until



    But Staggs doesn't back down

    ezgif.com-add-text (4).gif


    Final result on 1st June where Staggs leads the siege with the new lore



    While Brayces and Franny do another job

    ezgif.com-add-text (8).gif


    And when the deed is finally done


    ezgif.com-add-text (17).gif


    The celebrations come

    ezgif.com-add-text (14).gif


    Support the Loremasters and the Developers and stay hyped until June 1st !



  2. Those mods were already suggested here : As for the mods per se, the ideas are great, but on a server performance level, I see this as bringing it down. So I'm still gonna say no like before.
  3. While I do want the mod, there is this to take in consideration : This needs to be clarified ^
  4. Apart from this part where it almost turned into a bloodbath https://clips.twitch.tv/ConsiderateShySlothOMGScoots But yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed the event !
  5. Voted no. The decayed zombies and the infected wolves are the only mods that are actually made properly, but I don't think any of these 2 would fit with the new lore and how the infection might work in the new lore. As for the other mod, it's just a low effort port of various models, not really something I would take seriously. Now the crafting thing, is an interesting mechanic, but I don't think many people would even bother to use it. People want leather crafting from animals, and not from zombies more.
  6. Connection Logs Hit Logs Kill Logs Calling in the following people to post their POVs and any unedited video evidence they might have : @IntenseGeek - Adriko Vlenovid - OP @canadian_boi - Milos Vanyek - POSTED @Aldebaran - Vojtech Kovac - POSTED @burRP - Kenny Kowalski - POSTED @Jackfish - William Goldings - POSTED @Challenger - Khristorozhdestvensky Shmopov - POSTED
  7. Seeing as @ShockedShotsis ingame but has yet to post his POV, he will be temporarily banned from the server.
  8. Good job on the trailer, but more good job on changing Chernarus and giving it a fresh look ! I am surely hyped on how this map is gonna look with the new lore
  9. Grettings @IsaiahCortez, A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and have decided to accept it. Always keep in our community rules, which also apply to the DayZRP Discord when having discussions with other community members. If you happen to notice people displaying bad behaviour, it is always best to inform the staff team as to swiftly take care of it. With that said, Appeal accepted - Discord Ban removed Signed by, @Woodzie, @Eddie and @Inferno
  10. Here is my input : Apart from what Doovoo proposed, here is what I suggest: -Modify the map in offline editor to create your track (adding checkpoints and other stuff so people know to follow those), maybe some pit stops for repairs and what you think this track should have; -Give everyone the same car, the BMW comes in mind as it's the most stable car and it's very unlikely to bug out; -Reduce numbers from 20 to like 12 cars or so, since if you cram 20 cars in the same spot, you're gonna have one intersting lag fest and desync.
  11. Basically my suggestion is simple : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981360980&searchtext= We all know how you cars are wonky and if you dare stand on a car or truck that is turned on, it damages you, in other cases locks you there until you die. This mod is simple, it removes that problem, thus if you roll up in a truck and your driver forgets to turn off the engine, you won't suffer any damage, and if your driver comes around to pick you up, he doesn't need to turn off the engine so you can get in. Simple mod for a shitty mechanic that doesn't make sense.
  12. I'm for the MSFC belts because they look better, fit better with clothing and don't really bring any disadvantages compared to the Battle Belt, which unless Mass decides to fix and make it fit properly, it's good for staying out for now. The only thing that we'll be losing with the Battle Belts is that Plate Carrier pouches will essentially only be usable on Plate Carriers, Juggernaut Arrmor and the MSFC Armor.
  13. Well, that and maybe leave you out like this :
  14. Can't go and say that Livonia was a bad map, it had that sense of unknown in the start and it did provide a fresh experience, but after playing it for a while, you get to understand it's only a big field with some forests and villages scattered around. Deer Island on the other hand was for me a pleasant experience, although I never managed to fully explore it, but seeing the progress the owner is doing on it, I gotta say this map is much better for S2 as : 1. It's smaller therefore much easier for people to bump into each other. Also being an Island makes it so hiding near debug is useless. 2. It's closer to Chernarus. The travel between Chernarus and Livonia, between helicopters and teleporters was just crazy. Honestly, look at Deer Island and it's first lore itteration, it's basically Utes, which makes it withing swimming (although using a boat would be preferable) distance, so this kinda voids the whole choosing your location and limiting it for 3 months, when it could be changed to 12/24 hour cooldown. 3. It has personality. Livonia had some interesting places. That's it. But everything else was just copy paste. Deer Island has much more stuff and places to offer and all with some custom assets to make it feel different. 4. Lore wipe and other stuff. With the lore wipe, instead of seeing efforts divided between 2 regions that are far from each other, I'd rather see it being more perfected on Chernarus with Deer Isle being a secondary place to go. Then ofcourse, no one is forbidding to use Livonia as an event map or something short term. For me, Deer Isle is much better overall (it ain't finished) but it's more finished what Livonia is. Remember, that POIs can be added, so if needed, certain places can be customized via the Offline Mode Editor to enhance the experience.
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