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  1. Boss38

    Video Game Nostalgia Thread

    Sonic Adventure First Sonic game to play and I still consider it the best, also because of the feels for this fella...
  2. Alan grew up in an orphanage...
  3. Boss38

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    dayzRuP is ded. Time to move on to new horizons
  4. Boss38

    Ban Amnesty

    I am okay with perma banned people to return to RP. There are lots who despite being toxic and did lots of shit, they were good people and also good roleplayers. Having them return would not only make the numbers grow but also help the overall quality of RP grow and bring a certain balance between bandits and heroes and those nasty campfire RPers (no hate, it's just that after a while it becomes boring as fuck).
  5. Boss38

    Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    Why don't you just buy the game for him and have him on an RP session on the server. Videos and such are good, but ultimately playing the game is the best way to understand if you like it or not. Or just have him at your house and let him play on your account and witness the RP for himself.
  6. Boss38

    Why does everybody RP Master Chief?

    I personally prefer military gear for functionality, such as more space for more loot, or the camouflage to hide easily. But still, people RPing as super soldiers has always been something discussed in the community... So just give time to people to get along and they will eventually develop different more deep characters. Plus, it's much easier to RP as a soldier since technically you can do lots of things, rather than a civilian with weaknesses...
  7. Boss38

    Just dropping by to see what's going on

    How does the loot system work? Like I could barely find anything on the coast and ran into problems like starvation or dehydratation... Is all the good loot up in the north?
  8. Boss38

    Just dropping by to see what's going on

    Yep. So I see the community and the game have changed quite alot. Could someone give me a quick brief as to what's going on?
  9. Boss38

    Whatcha get?

    Overwatch Legacy Edition Windows 10 Home Edition Metro 2033 and Last Light Redux Avengers Cover for my Iphone
  10. Boss38

    Will We Bounce Back?

    Old members go and new members come... This is gonna be fine.
  11. Boss38

    League of Legends - Season 7 - Official Thread

    Region: EUW Summoner name: Fl00der Role(s): ADC or Top Rank: Silver 4 S5, Bronze 2 S6, Bronze 4 atm S7 Extra info: carry me to gold senpai ?
  12. Boss38

    How can i sound more confident ig?

    Voice changer m8
  13. Boss38

    Should anybody that dies be forced to permadeath their character!?

    Should it be enforce? No. Should people use it more often? Yes.
  14. Boss38

    DayzRP's future mods

    More clothes, guns and more POIs like in the mod
  15. Boss38


    Gotta go farm some rep to raise my epeen