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    /Thread locked at the OP's request.
  2. Alan Woods

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great meeting the legendary @Sung and also @Cow! The whole Prud Lake is coming up quite nice ! Let's see what the future has prepared for it ! Also nice meeting with @Joe's A&J Company Hopefully we could sort out some business in the future ! And last but not least @Chriso0911, a very nice and quirky character ! You gave me some doubts at first, but in the end you proved yourself alright ! Keep it up and if you need help, ask around !
  3. Alan Woods

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Nice to see Prud coming back ! Curious to see what's gonna happen around it Also @Nathan the Forum Botwhat are you hiding from us ?
  4. Alan Woods


    Good luck boyos !
  5. Alan Woods

    Alan Woods


    ARA ARA ! 



  6. Alan Woods

    Free the boys

    Chan - Females (or traps) Kun - Males
  7. Alan Woods

    Where do I turn to get all I know to join the Livonia adventure?

    Hello there ! Regarding the mods, you need to use all the mods from our collection, apart from Winter Chernarus. As for guidance in the world of Livonia, these are the relevant places you need to look into : For future reference, you can use the Roleplaying Guides and DayZ Stories and Journals subforums to get all the information you need to get your RP going
  8. Alan Woods

    grand inquisitor mcdonalds GIF by Joyful Noise Recordings


  9. Alan Woods

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello there ! Welcome to the community ! I advise to prepare yourself to the harsh enviroment of Winter Chernarus or Rainy Livonia
  10. Alan Woods

    Dayz Mod Launching Error

    Hello there @Hans Landa, I see you are not whitelisted yet. I invite you to submit your application here first https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/ Afterwards, in order to play on the server, you need to update your game to the latest version, since Livonia dropped and it brought a nice update that our server currently uses.
  11. Alan Woods

    • Alan Woods
    • RiZ-kun

    code geass GIF

    1. RiZ-kun


      Please. I really didn't deserve this.

  12. Alan Woods

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Mod

    Sadly they won't share the mod with our community so it's unlikely we get a server for it.
  13. Alan Woods

    I need some serious help!

    /Moved to Questions Best thing to do is take it slowly when going around infected. Also you should be spawning with a heatpack which should give you some time to find proper clothing.
  14. Alan Woods

    Game version vs server version

    I read it the other way , server should get updated soon with the new patch.
  15. Alan Woods

    Game version vs server version

    Well you need to update to the newest patch since Livonia came out today. Try restarting steam to prompt the update.
  16. Alan Woods

    Halo on pc

    Ready to smash!
  17. Alan Woods

    Hearing people

    It's better to not use the radio, since it's buggy. Most people usually use Discord or Teamspeak as a form of "radio" to avoid these kind of problems.
  18. Alan Woods

    Hearing people

    It's a bug from the radio when you turn it on, usually relogging fixes the issue.
  19. Alan Woods

    Display Name

    You can buy a name change in the Premium shop for 5 euros or buy a donator rank (Emerald and above) and have 1 free name change a month.
  20. Alan Woods

    • Alan Woods
    • Hofer

    that reminds me of deja vu GIF by Patriot Act

    Now CLF. 

  21. Alan Woods

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    • Turk-chan

    sailor moon yes GIF

    1. Turk-chan


      Koniciwha @Alan Woods

    2. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      Dobry den! 

      What are they forcing you to watch? 

    3. Turk-chan


      Miss me with that dobre den shit, koniciwha only!


      Not watching anything, just acting like a weeb so i can get my profile back.

    4. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods


      Good luck and hopefully you will finish your sentence 

  22. Alan Woods

    Blood Trails

    That is the responsibility of the one who made the mod, unless they give permissions to our devs to meddle with the code and modify it, then there's no way.
  23. Alan Woods

    Been a while! (Raven Kiako)

    Welcome back! Always nice to see older members back!
  24. Alan Woods

    Blood Trails

    No. The problem with this mod is that it affects server performance seriously, since all blood splatters are elements tracked by the server and persist for a while. It was removed and helped greatly the performance. Also it did look ugly and a bit buggy since splatters would stand in the air...
  25. Alan Woods

    Back after hiatus.

    Welcome back to the community!
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