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Alan Woods


"Keep calm and you might live."

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  1. Alan Woods

    Squad weapons.

    Don't think the game engine even supports such a thing. Unless they port the system from ARMA, but still, what are you going to do with a mortar?
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      Alan Woods

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  3. Alan Woods

    Alan Woods


  4. Alan Woods

    S1 Invalid Kill, NO shared rights

    Server and location: S1 Chernarus Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17/11 18:56 Your in game name: Mihai Nedelcu Names of allies involved: The Mob Name of suspect/s: The Time, @BandsRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will be uploaded soon. Detailed description of the events: I was with the guys chilling at the Inn when some dude Zac with Anarchy Armband came up and started talking with us. Later he leaves, 2 individuals initiate and the firefight ensues. After exchanging some kills, we decide to take stuff from the remaining bodies and leave the area when later on we get ambushed and some of us die. The problem is that The Time were not an approved group, because at the time of the initiation, their Group CP was still set to private. After talking to @Rolandand asking him on the issue he explained that a group CP that is set on private means they are not officialy an approved group therefore rendering all kills in that firefight from the Time invalid. ^This screenshot was taken after the fight, which still shows that their Group CP was still set to private.
  5. Alan Woods

    New to the community

    Welcome to the community !
  6. Alan Woods

    I come in peace!

    Welcome ! As long as you are peaceful , no blood shall be shed !
  7. Alan Woods

    S2 Chernarus

    S2 was removed today because it was not used by anyone last night when it was launched, most likely becasue it was on a different hive, therefore not sharing the same character gear. You can't be on S2, maybe you are mistaken?
  8. Alan Woods


    Welcome and I'm sure you will enjoy your time here I would suggest while waiting, read up on the lore, get yourself familiar with it and also the rules so you know what to do and what not to do.
  9. Alan Woods

    discord problems ;-;

    You need to leave the discord server, sign out of your discord account and log with the other one, go to your account and remove the discord you previously used and then you should be able to log in with the discord account you want to use.
  10. Alan Woods

    discord problems ;-;

    Hey, you need to go to your account settings and go to the Discord tab, hit configure and in that page you have a sign out button which will help you dissassociate your account with the discord account you associated by mistake.
  11. Suggestion 1: This requires @Rolandto have permissions to monetize those items, as these are the property of the mod owner (maybe he will be okay with it?). The other 2 suggestions? Well both are good and actually makes sense for fishing items to spawn in fishing areas and that little shovel could also be a good addition.
  • Alan Woods

    Staff Feedback : Alan Woods

    Thank you @Queerios for being the first to pop the cherry of this thread ! Now, I appreciate your dedication and giving out some of your time to come here and post this long and thorough feedback. I appreciate it alot, as it is negative and it's the one I mostly need, to fix my problems and improve. I was guided by my emotions and took the bait and showed the worst of me, which is not what I wanted to do. With that report ( which is the first one I make as an accuser in 6 years since I joined this community ) I wanted to make a statement, which in retrospect is more like a prohibition from how I wrote it. I will still continue helping new and even older members, and make sure they have all the tools and knowledge to pull of their RP and give out the best experiences. Either way, I learned that I need to tone down my aggressiveness, get a clear mind and not write under heavy emotions. Thank you again for coming here and thank you for pointing out this problem ! I will make sure next time ( hopefully there will not be a next time ) to not follow through like I did now !
  • Alan Woods

    Long time no see

    The Russian man himself is back ? Nice to have you coming back, I must say your guides helped me alot !
  • Alan Woods

    Back From my Short Break

    Welcome back ! I am curious to see what you all are up to
  • Alan Woods

    Turn down night time duration

    Honestly, 1 hour is the best choice. No need to cut it down even more. Night time is most of the times great, as people always gather up to stay together and pass the night in peace and company Also, flashlights are great and trust me, playing during night time with a flash light, looting places is very scary !
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