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  1. The name is Philip Morris. A good ole country boy from the states that spent most his free time with my kid and hunting/fishing. My wife passed when our son was about 5 years old. Was hard on both of us. I got into construction out of high school and have been doing that for a good while. My boss approached me about a special detail that would pay good but it was out of the country and was going to be a 3 month job. I decided to do the job cause the money I was going to earn from it would mean I could take half the year off and relax. I arrived at Ft Jackson to meet with the guy who was in charge. We had tons of meetings about being in a foreign country. The do's and don'ts while representing the Military and US. They informed us we was headed to an area called Chernarus and was going to be attached to a Military detail as a contracter. We was going to help the government in Chernarus upgrade some of their infrastructure. Never heard about the place before but it was a new adventure so who cared. We was all excited about the mission. I mean who wouldn't want a free trip that you are payed good for. Sadly it wasn't going to be that easy. We loaded up on a C-130 at the base and took off. We touched down at the Krasnostav airstrip during the night. Of course now I know it was 2 days prior to the outbreak. Unfortunately then none of us knew. Lost count of how long the flight took due to falling asleep. We was greeted by a shady looking gentleman named Adrian who was supposed to be our translator. He informed us we had a half a days drive ahead before reaching our destination in Berezino. When we finally arrived we noticed an old crane that had already been setup. Adrian informed us that we could not operate the crane that they had their own operator. That night we stayed in a run down hotel that could of definitely used an upgrade itself. The food was good at least. When we woke up and arrived at the site we realized the military guys had already set up a little base area. We started unloading supplies and tools at the site. That eve after a long day of work the military guys came running and told us we needed to get back to the hotel and lock our doors. Something had happened and they didn't know the extent of it. While at the hotel I decided to just call it an early night. When I was woke up by someone beating on my door. There was car alarms going off and people screaming. I thought I was still dreaming from the sounds I was hearing. When I opened the door it was one of the military guys and he was extremely anxious. He informed me we needed to leave the town now and get back to the airfield to leave asap. I hurried and got my stuff together and met the group outside. Adrian was nowhere in site but we decided to take the bus he brought us in on. A few miles outside of town there was a military checkpoint. As we approached they stopped us and started questioning us. None of us could understand what they was saying due to no translator. Finally after yelling at us for a few mins the signal us on. Thing was I don't think it was the right way. We make it to a small town that read roPKA on the sign I later learned its called Gorka. We got ambushed by these things. The military guys started firing on what looked like civs that just wanted to eat us. I felt like I was in a horror movie. We made it outside of the small town finally. Only about 8 of us made it though. We started with 20 if that tells you anything. The unit decided it would be a good idea to split up outside of Gorka. Myself and 3 others decided to head south to see if we could find any survivors. We made it to a small town called Dolina. We thought we was safe at first cause it seemed empty. One of the guys in my group decided to go get some apples off a tree he seen on the hillside. Was not a good choice. These zombies or whatever you call them spotted him and next thing you know we was being chased. I ducked away in a garage I found and hid. The zombies ended up getting to the guys I was traveling with. When I left at night I stumbled upon one of their bodies on my way out of town. I decided I better head north to try and meet up with the others. I made it to Krasnostav's town. I figured the others probably tried to make it to the airport. I snuck around town trying to get some food and not be chased. I ran into some from the unit I was attached to that unfortunately they did not make it during my route to the airfield. At this point I have lost hope. I make it to the airfield and the realization set in that I was stuck. Chenarus was my new home and dealing with these zombies was my new job. I am hopeful that I will find some that are just trying to survive like myself. After being in this place for awhile you start to harden up and do what you have to do. I have killed people that I once called friends because they was trying to eat my face. I have seen bandits do things I would of never imagined seeing. I have helped people that needed it. I pray for the day they find a cure so I can return to my kid in the states.
  2. Had fun running with B-17 last night. Hope to do it again sometime
  3. Cant wait to have a eve off so i can run with you again
  4. Im a friendly survivor. When im exploring a town and i see someone i always tell them hello (while remaining hidden from them. Can be nice and safe ya know). In the TP i tend to be quiet. There is enough people talking there lol. I can be a "badass" when need be i just dont prefer it
  5. Sadly you died at the end. Wished you could of made it to TP with us. Be sure and get ahold of us if we are on
  6. Cant wait to play on that map.
  7. Hello hello. Cant wait to start running around Chernarus killing zeds with some of you guys.
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