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  1. Same here, although I've started a test playthrough to see if it was enjoyable. I don't recommend doing Groundhog Day
  2. I thought I'd make a thread for those of you that have made play through challenges for Fallout 4. As stated above, please refrain from spoiling the game for others, thank ya kindly. Mad Max Mode I thought up this little challenge while watching Road Warrior recently (And while coming off my Fallout 4 high, please send addictol/fixer) Goal Guzzolene!: Gather 250 cans of Gasoline, keep them at a home of your choice. RULES 1) Play on Survival Mode 2) You are only allowed to use a sawed-off shotgun and any melee weapons of your choice. 3) You have to wear a set of road leathers. If you can layer armor over that, then it's fine to wear. 4) No Power Armor 5) You may only have your dog as a companion. Quest companions (Characters following you for the duration of a quest) are an exception. 6) Unless it's Gasoline, you can't store it. 7) Modding your weapons and armor is allowed. 8 ) You cannot build settlements, although you are allowed to scrap things in settlements. OPTIONAL Groundhog Day: When you die, you must revert to the last time you slept (The game autosaves upon sleeping, just look for the save with the bed in your view)
  3. THE BANG BANG BANG HAS RETURNED. BeanZ to you, good sir.
  4. On the radio you hear someone humming. Not necessarily directly into the radio, more so that they'd put the radio down and moved away from it. Along with with the humming there's the sound of plastic hitting plastic. "Ah! Here we go," The person on the other end says. Shortly after, a song begins playing. [video=youtube] Around midway through the song, the person begins humming along. It's very faint, but it's there. "I'm not sure who's alive and who ain't anymore," He pauses, "This song's a favorite of mine. I hope you like it". The transmission stops... Shortly after, the transmission starts again. "Oh, and Reiner. You're an asshole" The transmission stops... Again...
  5. Aehab

    [GAME ]You hear static... Break your radio in the most powerfull way!

    Louie, after several months, finds enough radios to juggle. On his very first attempt he smashes all of them on the ground but one. "...Motherfu-," is all he can get out before the remaining radio explodes, sending shards of plastic into his face. And thats how Louie perma-died
  6. "Hi Papa," He says, "I'm working on it". He releases the button, before pressing it down again, "Veera, you really need to stop thinking like that. It can't be healthy"
  7. "I'm already worried," He says, "I'll be home soon". He releases the button.
  8. "Mister Farenheit!," Louie says, taking the familiar black cowboy hat from atop his head and brushing his fingers through his long brown hair, "Its nice to hear from you again, my good man." "What do you need help with? Is everything alright?"
  9. "I see," A door can be heard opening in the background. "You ready to go yet?," A male voice says. Louie mumbles something to him that can't quite be made out over the radio. "Right. I'll be in the car," The voice says, seeming to respond to Louie's comment. This is followed by a door closing. "You have a pub now? Thats nice," Louie says.
  10. Louie presses the button on the transceiver, "I'm in southern Russia. I'm coming back down soon, don't worry. I lost my radio a while ago. How is everyone? How's Veera?"
  11. Louie entered the small work shed he'd gradually turned into a small one-room home, excitedly placing a newly found radio on his workbench. He put the transceiver up to his face, pressing down the button on the side and speaking into it. "This is Louie Walker," He begins, suddenly realizing he hadn't thought of what to say the entire way from the seemingly empty home of a survivor to here, "I repeat, this is Louie Walker. Mike, Veera, anyone, I hope you hear this. I hope the message gets through. Please, talk to me. I'll be on this frequency for the next few days, I'm gonna try to get in contact twice an hour."
  12. Aehab

    Prepare for battle - Agario

    You only won because SW:TOR *Cries*
  13. Aehab

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  14. Aehab

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    Happy boithday.
  15. Petra looking uncharacteristically like a badass. NOTE TO SELF: If you don't want a character to look like they're too cool for school, don't wear aviators.