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  1. R. van Heumen

    TP is probably the most dangerous place atm..

    No fun playing like that. The only thing it encourages me to do is just shoot out every skinless guy at the TP, instead I decide to stay offline till all the, ahem excuse me, retarded m*therf*ckers are banned or decided the fun is over and leave. However, If this continues for another week, I'll be gone. No use on playing on a server, full of rules, where people are disrespecting the rules, but the victims can't have an insurrance the GM's will give them back their belongings that they lost. No harsh feelings against the GM's ofcourse.
  2. That ending: *music stops* HAHAHAHA I'M DEAD!.... he didn't get my loot though ^^
  3. Spotted yesterday: 2 Choppers at TP, both in possesion of CLF. 1 black bird 1 (i do not know the name!) Russian camo military chopper.
  4. R. van Heumen

    Legion robbery (There's a good boy) - Arma 2: DayZ Mod

    You took my stuff and because of the robbery I got down to 20% Health! The only things I would lose were my compass, map etc. etc. I just ran immediatly back to the barn and you guys were kind enough to leave my AK with GL behind, 4 clips AND my grenade Yes, this was fun, after both of you died Correction: What comes around goes around 101! Now, who's a good boy?
  5. There is no reason why bloodsuckers would live in the forests... My suggestion would be either to implant those bloodsuckers at some kind of military base in some kind of containment area. This Area (51?) would be locked down, only one exit in and one exit out. make it impossible for the bloodsuckers to leave this area, that way players are forced to actually gun down the things (or run as hell and pray your @ss will not be their dinner!) This area has to be in a large dark building, night time or daytime would not matter, you will not be able to see sh!t. In this Area with the bloodsuckers, there is an minimum level of military gear and ammo. As finishing touch, implant vehicle spawn in there and a way for people to actually drive out of the place. I have seen arma servers that had a protection area, shooting bullets at a player inside wouldn't matter (bounce off at the line of protection) That way people can't gun down the bloodsuckers without taking the risk of getting ripped to pieces. ofcourse, this is just my suggestion and I do not know how much work it would take.
  6. I like this idea, even if RL problems happen, this solution would help. I'd even say perma ban the KoS'r, the only way to redempt his acces to the server is to contact admins and proof he was innocent. (or Fresh start, everything deleted)
  7. So when will these skins be available for purchase?
  8. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:Arma2_civ_priest.jpg Rofl
  9. R. van Heumen

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a new guid. Found out one 3 had to be a 4 //Rolle: GUID reset
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