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  1. A bullrider in the early 2000's turned Doctor by 2015, Markus paid his way through school in rodeos and made quite the name for himself. he went on to study at LSU and got his doctrine in Virology. In 2019 when AVM-FLA-19 hit Markus decided it was time to cross the ocean and head to Norway to help out however he could. He left behind 2 children and a Wife for the greater good of the world. Little did he know within the next 2 years of being stationed there the unthinkable would happen. He was trapped, when the communication block happened he could no longer contact his wife or kids, he was alone in a country and knew no one. He did however make friends with his PA on site, Stefan. They became the best of friends and had eachothers backs until they had to flee their encampment in hopes of paving a way forward and getting Markus home. Stefan was shot and killed by a group of roaming bandits. From then on Markus decided he was alone. Him, his rifle and a single compass given to him by his oldest son before he left.
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