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  1. MoosePunch

    Willow, and Joffreys' Wedding!

    Damn I wish I could attend but I'd be late by the time I would be on. Have a fun and safe event everyone!
  2. MoosePunch

    What would have you done?

    My character would definintly retaliate if there was a reasonable chance of survivability in doing so, his preferred solution would probably involve knocking the robber out to teach him a lesson, but under dire circumstances where the opportunity to pummel the thief with his mace were not present, he'd pull the trigger. Surprisingly I've never run into any robbers or similar people with ill intentions.
  3. I recently discovered the new added flanged mace in the remnants of an old castle. James, being the glory hound he happens to be, decided to use the mace on zombies for awhile. Let's just say that it's nowhere near as effective as his Fire axe.
  4. You'll soon notice that I can't recall names that well, so I apologize in advance. Today was an amazing journey and I met many fellow survivors. A big thanks to, Andrew, the 2 guys I met in Novy, the guy who was in a bush, Roy and the other guys I accompanied for awhile, Herviald (Hope that's how you spell it), Stone, and Notebook. Gil, I'm still looking for you, but eventually we'll find eachother.
  5. *A deep voice begins to emit through 102.5 FM, the casual occurrence of static makes itself present as the man speaks, his pronunciation sounds akin to those who were raised in Scotland.* "Gilbert, what happened? All I can remember was some sort of air field, and now I'm near the damn shore. So far i'm lucky to be alive considering all this shit I've had to deal with since I woke up here, but at the moment I can catch my breath a wee bit after finding this city. Never been here myself but there's this huge hotel that's just smashed to shit. Hopefully you're familiar with that, and if not, we'll find each other one way or another, we got luck on our side. James out." *The familiar buzzing of static maintains itself for a few moments before it's silent grace is shot down at the release of a button.*
  6. Alright thank you guys for clarifying! I have no further questions regarding this subject, and I'll stick to my current character. Oddly, when this happened to me there were around 28+ people already on the server, but I guess that was just an instance of bad luck.
  7. Would you guys say that it's acceptable to still continue on with your current character if said character got wiped?
  8. A Scottish glory hound with a fierce demeanor. His courage serves as both a strength and flaw, and after having a dream involving a sword from his homeland he now seeks a similar weapon to slay the infected, in hopes of becoming a legend among those who have survived the out-break.
  9. Well it was another amazing day role playing with Gilbert, we also met a fellow named Roy who joined us for awhile, thanks guys! Hats off to the man who took up residence in the more luxurious apartment building of Novodmitrovsk, and another man in a rush who's name I forgot. Gilbert and I were actually at North East Air Field about to talk to a large group before the server went down and I unfortunately had my character wiped.
  10. Today I had my first encounter, which lead to hours of amazing role play. Thanks Gilbert for surviving the apocalypse with me and for saving my hide when I ran out of rounds. Before the server restarted we met with a man who ran a place that he called "Jericho Farms", i'm sorry that I can't recall your name but our short encounter was wonderful. I can't wait to make even more memories.
  11. I'd love to see more immersive aspects integrated in the game, such as tooth brushes and personal hygiene, although you may be surviving the apocalypse, hygiene is still appreciated and goes a long way. More challenging zombies is an absolute must addition to the game, their line of sight and sound detection should also be more reliable. Melee combat animations should be added so we'll have more variety instead of just cleaving downwards like an oaf.
  12. Welcome to the community! I'm in the same spot as you are, waiting for my application to be read, hope to see you out there soon!
  13. This is amazing, i'm waiting for my application but I hope to see you both out in Chernarus sometime!
  14. I can completely relate to how much of a nuisance players fond of KOS can be, we've all had an unfortunate experience with this issue at least once. It's been so long since I've encountered a friendly player on non-roleplay servers who's had a more effective weapon than a fire extinguisher. After discovering DayZRP through Mr. Moon's video "Maverick", I cannot wait to be part of this community and experience the authentic role play everyone here maintains. Hope to see you all in Chernarus soon!
  15. Name: Marshal "Martian" Brown Age: 24 Height: 6'2 Weight: 195 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Light Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: Park Ranger Demeanor in Three Words: Opinionated, Courageous, Cunning