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  1. Im getting kicked off the servers because I'm not whitelisted but I was. It shows here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-non-whitelisted Did I do something wrong?
  2. When I logged on this morning, my character was dying of starvation and thirst randomly even though I know full well that I got off the game yesterday being hydrated and energized. So I just kept playing filling up my hunger and thirst and I had to get off for 15min and when I logged back in, I was dying of starvation and thirst again. That character then died. I respawn being completely normal and I get into a house and start to eat a can of tune and randomly my legs become fractured. I was then later killed by a zombie. This happened twice where I was doing something random and my legs break. Wtf. Is this a game bug because if that is, thats fucked up seeing as they could have looked over such a game breaking glitch.
  3. *flick on the radio while breathing heavy with fatigue* "So here's a little story for all of you who are listening in. My name is Phil Gonzalez and I am a lone survivor just trying to make it in this fucked up world. Yesterday I managed to take myself a truck from another two survivors to take myself to Green Mountain - which is didn't breaking down on me in the next town. I managed to walk myself to Green Mountain where I found the same two familiar faces holding me up asking for some compensation." *Holding back tears* "I tried to explained to them that it wouldn't have mattered whether or not I took it because it broke down but they wouldn't listen." *With Complete anger* "WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU RIGHT THERE AND THEN FOR THAT CAR BUT I SPARED YOU" *In a mocking tone* " 'But you robbed me first and--' BLAH BLAH BLAH. ITS THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE, GET OVER YOURSELF! SHIT HAPPENS AND YOU DEAL WITH IT! NOW BECAUSE OF YOU I'M DYING IN THIS STUPID HOUSE BECAUSE YOU HAD THE BALLS TO KICK ME OFF OF GREEN MOUNTAIN, WHERE I HAD TO FIGHT FOR MY LIFE ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS." *With complete anger and teeth clenched* "So if any of you find a man by the name of Sid... Scott, you better know that if you kill him, I'm after you because he's mine... all... mine. *Throws the radio across the room and tries to keep himself alive"
  4. So since now I haven't had to change my name in DayZ. Someone wanna help me out and tell me how to change it please.
  5. manwithglass

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    A peice of paper with doodles on it... I guess i could write the zombies an angry letter
  6. manwithglass

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    Was there a question in the first place?
  7. This kill on sight rule refrains players from killing other players without good reason. Before killing someone, you must first initiate some dialog with them, making sure that they are aware of your hostility, as well as making sure they understand your terms. If you are unable to contact the individual for any reason you are not to shoot until you receive some form of contact from the individual. If you do manage to take someone into custody, you must take care of them; this means feeding them, giving them blood, and protecting them from zombies (this allows them a chance at survival.) If your prisoner does not comply, runs away, or retaliates, you have the chance to kill. If you are taken into custody, you have 2 hours to take revenge from time you were taken into custody and/or attacked. To share KoS rights with another player, you must fall in two categories to do so. You must be within 500 meters from the hostile and as well be involved with one of the groups that are fighting. An example of this could be you and a friend run across a city and you say "Hey, check the hospital while I'll check the houses across the street." While you there, you hear shots going off in the background. You go outside and see that there are a group of hostile hunting down your friend. If you are within 500 meters, you now have the right to save your friend by attacking the hostile group. On the other side, you and your friend could find an individual and you friend could show that he is hostile. you go into a building that has an aerial view of the situation. After a while, you see that the individual does not comply and attacks your friend. You now have the right to kill, again, so long you are with 50 meters away. You must still follow other separate rules while sharing KoS such as not coming back to save your friend right after you have die (New Life Rule), only taking action for two hours since the hostile action was done, and if they didn't initiate combat, try to make some form of contact.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Denied final application due to my inability to provide sufficient information on sharing KoS rights. Why the verdict is not fair: Honestly I feel that I can't deny whether the verdict was fair or not as I am not the professional but I would still love the chance to correct my mistakes knowing the information I know now. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: For the past three days I've been waiting for that timer to go down to submit another application and in the middle of that rereading the rules and trying to fix my statement. When I submitted my second application I asked an admin to help me out and he/she said that the problem was in my wording, so I hope that you could understand that I do know how to share KoS rights and that I am willing to resubmit one last application to prove that exactly. Even after my last submission was rejected, I still tried to figure out where I might have been wrong by help from a community member and I feel as if I now have a better grasp on the concept. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All I want is one more chance submit a whitelist application. If I don't sufficiently explain what you want, then I understand that I obviously don't have what it takes to join this server. What could you have done better?: To my understanding now, I am able to ask community member to review my application quickly to be able to write the best of my ability to provide a sufficient answer for you guys. I've heard of this server from twitch and YouTube users and after seeing for myself, I would absolutely LOVE to be able to play on your server. I'm willing to do anything at this point, I'll even write an essay if it pleases you. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to be asking for this but I didn't think it'd hurt to try but if not, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. The message I got for my second and third application was; "The following KoS explanations were incorrect or not sufficiently explored: How you can share KoS rights." I asked what they meant by that and they said something about my wording made my statement about sharing KoS rights false, so I reworded it and I still got the same message.
  11. Man but I've literally been wait for every application rejection timer to be over, re-reading the rules over and over again to see what I could fix :'( omg thank you I'll try it out
  12. I just used my last application and I just wanted to know if there is ABSOLUTELY no way I could play anymore because I REALLY REALLY wanted to play on this server
  13. ok ill try to rephrase it somehow