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  1. I just travelling with "Trent" and "Viking" (Trent is the guy with the tents set up by the grocery store in Vybor), we were going from Vybor to Novy Sobor, and I got shot by a player in the southern treeline, then he came up and finished the job with a sub-machine gun on the very west edge of Novy Sobor. No interaction, just shot at a distance then came up without saying a word and killed me, not sure about the other 2 guys.
  2. I logged in on the southwest corner, close to the tents, saw someone dressed in black, moved down to do some RP, as there were only 12 people on at the time, and figured I might find someone halfway decent. "Hazm" saw me coming towards him, we waved and moved toward each other. I started to tell him my back story, where I was from, how I ended up in Chernarus, and my plans to make a library. He lacked any sort of depth, so I just wanted to take a look around to see if I could find anything useful. He kept following me from tent to tent, waiting for me to lower my guard, so I just kept moving. Hazm kept insisting I head over to a barrel on the middle west side of tents. It was obvious bait, but I went anyways to hopefully prove myself wrong. After the barrel proved to just be bait, I started making my way towards the south, got about 20 meters away towards the officer's barracks, almost within cover of the broken down camo trailers, when I was asked to drop my gun, then immediately fired upon. The first 6 or so shots from who I assume was Hazm completely missed, but by that time Farid was shooting at me. I had value for that character's life, which is why I ran for the nearest cover when someone was aiming a gun at me. This report is a waste of everyone's time.
  3. I was simply looking for quality RP, not this pathetic gear grab. I knew full well you were just trying to lead me to the barrel to hold me up, that is why I didn't put my gun away when I killed the chicken. What is the point of this report? You killed someone you initiated on, great work, are you sad you ruined my gear trying to rob me? The Russian accent doesn't fit the terrorist RP, at least get that right if that is the excuse you are using just to rob people.
  4. Sorry about not posting before the servers went down, almost made it. This incident was a tense set of circumstances. There was a server crash, and my ally Kortez Ryder (Forum: Ron Chee) was driving the truck and its contents (AK74, Gas Can, Battery, Glow Plug) in question just north of Veresnik Base at the time. It reset him to an area around Pavlovo, and I was north of Novaya Petrovka, so we began to close the gap to find the truck. I got to the area the truck was when the crash happened and the hunt began. I quickly followed the route that Kortez had taken before the crash. Vybor, Pustoska, no sign of our truck. I knew it was slim odds that it was still there, but just as we were about to meet on the road to Myshkino, Kortez heard the truck, radioed to me, and the plot thickened. Not only did we traverse half the map, but we tracked the unknowing culprits to the well in Myshkino. Kortez moved in, UMP at the ready, and I positioned myself, with M4A1 primed, in line for crowd control, unseen by the others. Kortez ordered two, possibly three of them on the ground, one by the truck, one or two towards the well. Kortez clearly stated that this was our truck and gear as he ordered everyone on the ground, and began to get into the truck, but one individual (Bas Dales) raised his black scoped SKS at my ally, so I took the shot, landing two in the head, then twelve shots for suppression. As Kortez was driving away, he attempted to drive around one of the individuals (Jachym Drahomir), but he was too close to the vehicle.
  5. I handcuffed Ace without knowing the rule, RPing the whole time and the only thing he says to me in-game is "this is getting you a ban, I'm going to talk to an Admin", so then I got in with community help to find out if my action was allowed, she said not technically, so I told Ace Sorry about the misunderstanding unhandcuffed him, and he shot me. A very childish response for a simple mistake, just because he wanted my gear.
  6. Pat James POV - Al came up on the group by the pond firing his weapon, In any post-apocalyptic situation this would be enough to get him killed, but we drew weapons on him, told him to leave the area in a hurry. I fired a warning shot at his feet and told him to run or he would be shot. He continued to walk slowly and mentioned having friends in the area, so Jimmy took the shot to eliminate the perceived threat of the person disobeying the direct order. If his friends were in fact at the pond, and also drawing weapons on him, shouldn't they have recognized his voice or clothing?
  7. ~User was warned for this post~ I wasn't with anyone up at green mountain, I was growing pumpkins for everyone up there, and I was not saying anything to anyone. That is who you intiate on? What RP reason would you possibly have for this? Seriously? If you "thought" I was apart of the group up there then you didn't intiate properly, which should constitute as Bad RP if anything.
  8. It was just a gear grab, no reason otherwise. No RP whatsoever. How do people like this get accepted?
  9. Bad RP if anything, I listened in after I was killed, he was telling everyone I shot him first, the logs will say differently.
  10. server and location: S2 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04-07-2015, 06:08 (12:07AM EST) Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Pat James Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown Suspects weapon/s: FNX45 (possibly) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was simply growing pumpkins and some guy came up behind me and shot me. They didn't initiate on me, and didn't say anything. Not sure who it was but I am listening to it go down right now from the death screen. They are robbing everyone at GM apparently.
  11. This was a fuck up on my part, my mouse has been sticking. I was trying to raise my weapon to initiate when all hell broke loose. I accept full responsibility for my faulty equipment and any backlash that comes of this. I have followed all the rules since joining DayZRP, as my history will show, and do not intentionally set out to break them. I have since gotten a new mouse so this never happens again. I apologize for any inconvenience this has brought to the parties involved.
  12. I was in the woods around the mountain, it was a very dangerous area, apparently there was a group up there "taxing" people for gear, two of my friends were killed trying to run after being asked to pay up. I'm sure you were not the only one caught in that cross fire. The gun play was going on for quite some time (20+ minutes), running towards that is not a wise decision. If you value the life of your character, I would suggest staying away from constant automatic weapon fire.
  13. I didn't know the whole story, and after watching the video, I realize Aria had no reason to do what she did. At the time, I thought she was shot by him, and had every right, so I was RP-ing along. Things goes south every day, on all servers, this was one of those times. I guess I have to choose my friends more carefully. Everything worked out for AndreyQ anyways, so I don't see how my input will change anything, if I was in the wrong, I will accept the consequences, but I feel my death was perfect karma for choosing to come out of my cozy patch of forest. This report is a waste of everyone's time.
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