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  1. Ok Thanks i understand that part but, Can you not retaliate because he killed your friend? What if you saw the Killing happen but were hiding behind a fence let's say to see out the situation? Oh right thanks i didn't see this post before i posted again
  2. Say you and another player you are with are searching a town, you split up to search the town quicker and another random player hold up your friend across town and you hear a gun shot which has killed your friend (for what ever reasons) You are within 500m of the inncident and you are involved in the group. You run across and tell them to freeze, drop or holster his weapons and so on but they doesnt comply. what actions should you take? (Trying understand the difference between revenge and group KoS rules) Thanks for any help
  3. I had the same problem when i was using a wireless connection, If you close the box that pops up showing you all the available connections instead of minimising, it should solve the problem and not close the game down to the desktop, that's the only advise i have on this situation hope it helps
  4. The small price isn't going be a sacrifice to the rain gods is it? Hopefully i'll be in the meeting you!
  5. Just off looking through the forums and asking question i can already see this is going be a great experience (If accepted) it's seems like such a great community and the staff seem to be doing a outstanding job
  6. I have seen Mr. Moons video, may Mav Rest in Peace but yes he did an outstanding job in RP a cannibal, i don't plan on RP as a cannibal i'll start in the shallow end first and then go on to harder to play characters in the far future is possible:D
  7. Ok thanks for all your replies, The community here is something others should be striving for, such great people
  8. First, please read up on the rules and make sure you understand exactly what is what when it comes to Cannibalism, killing anyone and situational rules for this. In short. First, you cannot kill another player just to get something to eat. Second, the illness you get from it is permanent and can never be healed. Third, the meat you get "could" be given or force fed to others, but that is a serious breaking of the rules and could end up in a ban. Do not just "try it on" for laughs. Cannibalism is extremely wrong placed here and should not even exist. However, the game core has added it so we have gotten it as well. Just don´t use it as the flavor of the month and alter other players RP with what you do. Also, Cannibals are not always seen as the kindest people around. Not all will fear you, some will hunt you as well. Make sure you are dead on in all questions you might have before you do anything. I don't plan on being a cannibal or killing anyone, i was just wondering what the effects were:) I want decent RP so i plan i being as respectful to others as possible
  9. For real? You've got be having me on? i want to find out for myself but i can't bring myself to do it I didn't click reply (Noobie)
  10. I've played alot of DayZ SA but i always play a a Hero, I'm still yet to chop up or even eat another player, does it give you any side effects? If so what are they? Thanks for your Replies
  11. My Name is SlimJim or IRL (James) Waiting see if i get accepted, I'm like number 178 or something so a little wait:P 132 Hours on DayZ so far and hope to get alot more, Play DayZ any chance i get and hope to get some good quality RolePlaying going. How's anyone new finding it so far? Thanks