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    DayZ RP Streamers

    Official DayZRP Twitch Channel The stories that unfold in DayZRP are as interesting as they can be dramatic. From sitting beside the campfire to torturing a victim the fun never ends. With roleplay comes those selective few in the community that like to showcase their stories for others to watch and take part in the events. The streamers listed below are all actively streaming their adventures on DayZRP. Streamers who are live with DayZRP at least once a week. To get your channel listed on the main page please copy and paste the form below. You may post it in the forum or PM @Clumsy Twitch Channel: (URL to your page) Timezone: What type of roleplay do you focus on?: (Ex: Hostile, Hero, Survival, All) How often do you stream: Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner: ⬤ DayZRP Twitch will host the streamers on this list randomly. We will try to give everyone a fair amount of host time. ⬤ Please be actively streaming if you're on this list. Activity will be monitored to keep the list up to date. ⬤ Show support to other streamers on this list! If you are offline, toss them a host. Also be sure to follow each other! ⬤ Watching streams are for entertainment purposes only! Any information gained from streams are considered OOC and can not be used ICly. Using information ICly that are obtained through watching streams will be considered Metagaming and is against the rules of the server. ⬤ Stream snipping falls under the same category, Metagaming. Please do not use other peoples streams as a means to find them in game. ⬤ Below is a custom banner made for our streamers! Feel free to use the banner on your twitch panels to show support for the community.
  2. Clumsy

    And with that, I'm out

    Been a fun three years but with recent events and the only thing really keeping me here leaving means I will be stepping out as well. Not going to tag anyone, those that are close to me know how to keep in touch. Take care.
  3. Clumsy

    Abyss Corporation

    Good luck guys! This group looks awesome and has a nice roster to go with it
  4. Clumsy

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Welcome back guys!
  5. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    The appeal will be handled when the staff team can get to it. Please refrain from bumping your appeal.
  6. Clumsy

    S1 - RDM - 22:00 Server Time - Kab Hill

    Let's stop the back and forth. Only post if you have any more evidence to bring to the report or you are called in for a POV.
  7. Clumsy

    Oooh, look who's back!

    I know! I feel like I need to bring Maddie back
  8. Clumsy

    Oooh, look who's back!

    Oh no...they didn't >> Welcome back!!
  9. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Was that it? Just jokes about ERP? There was nothing said that was spoken to her directly other than about some ERP?
  10. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Just a quick question here and going to remind you that honesty is key. You say you were joking around and didn't mean any harm, what were some of the things that were being said? What kind of jokes were being tossed around?
  11. Clumsy

    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    Please update your title for the report as stated here Report titles! When creating a Report thread, as a Subject line (title), state the server name, type of the report, location and date and server time of the incident. For example, "S1: KoS in Cherno - 02/01/2016 15:38"
  12. Clumsy

    Make status updates editable?

    Not gonna happen until we are able to see edit history.
  13. Clumsy

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Rolle himself has stated, all bans and unban are in the end staff/admin decisions, whether we choose to do a wider pre-Standalone amnesty or unban folks with collateral. And I don't believe that is going to change. The way you have this set up for a suggestion to me would just come down to a popularity contest and not about the reason they were banned because a lot of people are not aware what someone has done to be removed in the first place.
  14. Clumsy

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    If I remember correctly there was a time when Rolle did let perma banned players back into the community. They had to send him an email that I think consisted of an appeal and he decided if they were let back in. There were a number of perma-banned players that were let back into the community during this time and ended up leaving the same way they had before. People like to think Rolle is unreasonable and doesn't want to give them a 'chance' but he has in the past, multiple chances. There was even a time in the community where you could be put on multiple finals, behave for a few months, get off that final and get put on another one, that only recently changed. There are a number of people who I call friends that were banned that I'd love to see be able to come back but the fact still remains, these people did what they did to get themselves removed, most on purpose.
  15. Clumsy

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    No ones ever got perm banned for doing +1. They most likely were either on final or had collected enough points and the unnecessary post put them over the 30 mark.
  16. Clumsy

    Unable to talk in game

    That was the problem we were having, the microphone indicator wasn't popping up. We both closed down and restarted the game and the indicator started working as well as our voip.
  17. Clumsy

    Unable to talk in game

    /SOLVED It was just a bug...like always
  18. Clumsy

    Revert Rules = Full Servers

    Seeing as the rules have already been reworked and changed we don't need a back and forth. If you want to keep talking about why people aren't getting in game you can continue it here.
  19. Clumsy

    Revert Rules = Full Servers

    Allow me to direct your attention to these nice little threads here.
  20. Clumsy

    Persistence wipe today

    There is no real set time. Each wipe has happened in the morning for me, EST time, but the times have been different every month.
  21. Clumsy

    Character won't activate

    You're welcome
  22. Clumsy

    Character won't activate

    See at the far right where it says "Actions" You need to click the little red flag to set the character as active.
  23. Clumsy

    Interview with a Community Member: Para

    Woooow just because you already spend so much time with me I guess it's okay to be in a cell with me. Rude @Para
  24. Clumsy

    Official SCUM Thread

    But But...who are you guys going to force marry without girls around? Gotta keep the options open!
  25. Clumsy

    Official SCUM Thread

    Hoping they release female models soon...