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  2. When Anya was born, no body wanted her. Her mother hated her at first as she was hit with a massive cast of postpartum depression. For the first couple of months, Anya was taken care of by her grandmothers as her actual mother didn't even want to look at her, let alone feed her. Anya was born out of wed lock, which is no uncommon now a days but her grandparents were traditional. Her father, about two months after knocking up her mother, had moved away to the states to live with some of his family that were located there. Once her mother didn't seem like she was going to be getting any better and actually attempted to kill Anya when she was just a few months old, her father was called and he came to collect her. Anya was just a year old when she was separated from her mother but her grandparents did what they thought was best. Anya grew up in a comfortable home. Her father worked a lot so once she was old enough to take care of herself she was normally left home alone on a daily bases. This was where she learned to fend for herself. She knew how to cook, clean and do pretty much everything by the time she was ten years old. She never had a close relationship with her father. Most of the time he considered her a burden and shipped her off to the neighbors whenever he didn't want anything to do with her. They were lucky that the elderly couple next door took such a liking to her and did alot in the sense of raising her as a baby. One thing her father did like to do was hunt, and that was one thing they shared in common with one another. Every year, at hunting season, they would pack up before the sun came up and go out in the cold weather to spend what little quality time they had together. The was the only time her father would actually open up to her, out there in the woods, sitting around in the cold. So it was at an early age that Anya became very well acquainted with weapons, not that she knew she'd need that knowledge for the future that was coming. When she was twelve, her father got into a major car accident and unfortunately died from the injuries later. Having no one, she was placed in the care of the elderly couple of a few years before they were unable to look after themselves, let alone a young girl. With no other option but her mother...she had to go home. Getting used to life back in Berezino took some time but things seemed to look up. She had a decent relationship with her mother and the two seemed to bond over the years she was back home. The man her mother was now married to was nice enough at first, it wasn't until a few months after they have moved into him that he showed his true colors. He didn't do much in the sense of work as it seemed her mother was the only one working. It was only when Anya was alone with the man that the abused took place. It started with just a smack here and there when he thought she was acting up. A year or so later Anya lost her mother, leaving her alone with the man...for the next two years she was beaten, starved and abused to no end. The man had taken everything from her and the abuse just got worse and worse as time went on. It went from just physical abuse to sexual abuse until he was able to beat Anya down to nothing. She felt worthless, useless and that if this was the life she was suppose to be living she didn't want to live anymore. The scars on her body visible to this day. The day the outbreak happened was a blessing to Anya, a way for her to escape the hell she had been enduring the last two years. Once the infection started to spread was when things looked up. It's funny how the world had to go to shit in order for this young girl to actually be able to live. The two survived on their own for the first few months and the beatings stopped for the most part, he was too focused on staying alive. The day her step-father got infected was the day she gained her freedom. The pair of them were out looking for supplies when he got bitten. At first they didn't think much of it but as the hours ticked by he started to get worse and worse. Anya picked up on this and knew it was her opportunity to get away, to be free and to take out all the angry she had for him. Without hesitation the young girl took a baseball bat but he was strong enough to fight back. The two struggled for control over the weapon. As he grabbed her she used all her strength to swing her arm back and knock him in the stomach, enough to make him stagger as he was already getting more ill by the minute. When he lunged at her she moved to avoid it and yanked the bat from his hands. From then she took it to the mans head and didn't stop hitting him until there was nothing left. She didn't waste time afterwords, gathering what she could and getting as far away from the city as she could. Independent ♥ Adaptable ♥ Deceptive ♥ Impassive Anya is very skittish when it comes to meeting new people. She was never one to be very outspoken and keeps to herself for the most part but she was a cheerful child for the most part, quiet but observant. After years of abuse she's put up a huge wall. She doesn't trust easily which is what has helped her survive for as long as she has. She's traveled with a few groups of people, helped out people but just as easily she'd toss them aside to save herself. It takes her a lot to fully trust someone and in the way the world is right now she doesn't find the need to let anyone too close. The wall she has up are thick. She doesn't go sharing her past, it's no one business and she'll gladly tell the person that if they were to ask. Anya hates being touched, the physical and sexual abuse she endured a the hands of her step-father has made her dislike any kind of contact. She'll flinch, jolt or push someone away if they try to touch her in any way. Due to these walls she can be known to lack emotions as she shows very little. Music Teddy Bears Meat Singing Hunting Guns ✘ Being Touched ✘ Crowds ✘ Vegetables ✘ The Dark ✘ Running for too long ✘ Hot Temperatures X X X X
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    Call to Anya

    Traveling back down from the North road she heard her radio going off as she slowed her pace. Waving for Eli to wait up she took the radio out of the side pocket of her bag to listen to the rest of the message. She stared at the radio for a moment before finally pressing the PTT. "Uh..yes I remember you. I...sure, I'll try to come by and visit sometime. I don't know when I'll be able to make the trip down but it should be soon."
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    It's a glitch.
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    I need to stay away from photoshop XD Whenever Para and I get new characters I get to editing them lol


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    Worked on Anya a little bit graphic wise as I didn't really have much else to do today. Server is too dead to get in 😞

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      Fae is on a mission to adopt all the children. 
      She will be a mini Fae ❤️

  8. Melody had a somewhat normal upbringing, her parents were nothing special. Her mother worked as a waitress as a local diner and her father ran his own mechanic shop so money was always pretty tight but not enough to be very worried about it. The only issue they really had was her father liked to drink, alot. So much that it would cause fights between him and her mother but it never really effected her until she started getting old. Other then that she had no troubles growing up, she enjoyed school, made plenty of friends and had what most would consider a very typical childhood. It wasn't until she started getting into her teenage years that she started having some behavioral problems as well as hearing voices that other people didn't seem to hear. She started to notice that she was having issues with her friendships as she would snap, get angry and pretty much started pushing people out of her life. She started losing friends, her grades started to drop and everything just started to slip into a downhill spiral. Her parents did what they thought was best and took her to a shrink, where she was forced to talk about problems that she really didn't feel she had. It took a few sessions for her to finally open up to the doctor and talk about her feelings. Alot of it seemed to stem from the abuse her father had with alcohol and watching her parents fight. After a few sessions it was finally made aware and she was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder, this involved periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression, and Schizophrenia, which is where the hearing of voices were coming from along with the paranoia. She was placed on medication and forced to come back month after month to deal with the quack doctor. At first Mel was fine with taking the medication. After a few months it seemed to help but she started hating how it made her feel. The medication made her seem happy, made her look happy but it didn't make her feel happy and it was starting to make her sick as the doctor kept raising the dosage each time she went to her monthly visit. Her parents were stern however and wanted her to keep on it, telling her it'll get better and for a while things did. Her friendships healed, her grades went up, she was smiling again but she only felt like she was happy on the outside. Finally fed up she refused to take her medication and everything started to slip again. She started going back to her old ways. One night while her father came home drunk after work they got into an argument. He'd 'had enough' of her bullshit and made sure to tell her just how worthless she really was. The argument went on for hours as he continued to belittle her into thinking she was a waste of space, that she was a mistake and should have never been born. Told her how she'd done nothing but cause problems between him and her mother and how she was just so fucked up she didn't need to stay there anymore since she didn't want to try and get better. Depressed and at an all time low, Mel decided to put an end to it. If her father wanted her to take her medication she would and she did...she took all of it. The thing about trying to kill yourself, it doesn't go over very well with people. Melody died, for a few minutes her heart stopped and she was brought back. What she came back to was far worse then what she'd tried to get away from. Her parents were done, she wasn't taking her medication, she was unstable and she'd tried to take her own life. Now of course no one would believe her if she said her father drove her to do it so she just kept her mouth shut and took what was coming to her. Once she recovered in the hospital she was sent to the Psych Ward for 'observation' and what that really means is we are going to say you're only here for a little while but find any reason to keep you. By the time she'd been done seeing all the doctors she'd had what was called 'Rapid-cycling' Bipolar. Which they weren't wrong. Now to fill those in that have no idea what that is, here's a little bit of information. Basically it means moods go from high and low, for a number of days, more often then most with the illness. So while Melody could be sweet and happy one moment, she could instantly snap and switch to a far worse mood just from the smallest of triggers. For months she was subjected to doctor after doctor and put on so many medications that she just seemed to lose who she was. She lost track of time...she stopped caring. Her parents eventually stopped visiting as she would simply sit there with a blank stare and say nothing to them. Finally her medications were balanced. She was no longer taking more then needed and she was coming around to being somewhat normal again. She started to react better to her doctors appointments, would talk about what was bothering her and her episodes became less and less to where she could go months without one. She spent a year and a half in that Psych Ward and at the time it looked like she was coming out a changed woman, but she had no life to come back to. There was nothing for her here anymore. During the last few months of her time there she got news of the death of her parents. Her father, having come home drunk again, beat her mother to death and turned a gun on himself. Everything was left to her and she had no idea what to do with it. Once she returned to an empty home that is what she felt, empty. Her parents were gone, she was left the house and all this money but no one to care for. Melody had gotten so used to being taken care of that she'd forgotten how to take care of herself. The loss of her parents caused her to slip up on her medication long enough to get into a very manic mood and sell everything. She sold the house, the car, anything she could make money on it was gone and she booked herself a flight to Italy. She needed to get away, from all the bad memories and all the past that she needed to let go. The manic mood lasted a few weeks as she went on a spending spree in Italy. While on her long vacation she came to meet a man named Jasper at a local bar. She was just enjoying the quiet night to herself when he approached her. The two seemed to hit it off, conversation wise and he decided to stick around and buy her a drink. A few drinks later turned into a one night fling that she could barely remember. All she knew was she woke up with a massive headache, and the naked body of Jasper beside her. In a panic she picked up her things, got dressed and left the hotel before he even woke up. Nursing the hangover she spent the rest of that day held up in her own hotel, laying in bed with a garbage can beside her. Melody spent the next few days doing her own thing. She slipped into a low mood for most of it so she mainly kept to herself in bed. It took some time for her to pick back up and when she did she decided to head back to that same bar. Taking a seat on the same stool it was as if the past repeated itself and she ran into Jasper again. He didn't seem to remember her as well she she did him but the two got to talking again which ended up with the pair of them back in her hotel room this time. Although on her end, this time there was very little alcohol involved. The two of them spent the next couple of week spending time together. Hanging out at the pool, going to parties and most of the time ending up in one or the others hotel room. Melodys manic mood continued for the most part and she was able to keep up with him when it came to going out and partying. She was hyper, excited and overly active in this mood which he seemed to enjoy. The next few days after that she started to come down from her manic mood. All the excitement seemed to fade and her mind started to wrap around the situation when it came to Jasper. He did things for the thrill of it and one night things went a little too far, which scared her and this caused her to distance herself from him. It didn't take him long to realize she wasn't coming around as often and that sparked a rather large argument between the two of them. They were going to call it quits and just go their separate ways until the world started turning to shit. Melody is a very complicated woman. She has Bipolar I disorder and her moods are very unpredictable. She can go from being happy to sad to pissed off in a very short amount of time. Some of these moods can last hours, days or even weeks depending on if she can get herself out of them. The real Melody, the one behind the illness is a very outgoing young woman with a huge love for life, that love for life left a long time ago after having been emotional abused by her father and spending over a year in a ward. The Mel now is very quiet and naive, almost child like in nature. She is weary around people she has yet to know and is quick to run whenever she feels something is off, or in any type of danger. Flowers Books Rain | Thunderstorms Quiet Medications | Drugs Loud sudden noises People telling her what to do Losing control
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    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    *eye twitches at the white inside the wolfs eye.* XD Looks good Gallo! Good luck with this and can't wait to run into you guys IG.
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    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Roman if you don't have anything nice to say why post in the thread at all. I personally didn't listen to the mans music but I know a few friends that did and I know the feeling of losing an artist you've connected with musically who's helped you through some shit. RIP to the man.
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    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    MEDIA THREAD NO RADIO THREAD (Find us to get a private frequency. Then use our Comms on TS) The Moretti Famiglia is an organization based off of the old world Mafia principals. However, with these new times come new ways and methods to ensure the survival and safety of The Famiglia. It all started in August 2017 with but a few members and quickly grew as Tony had a nack to gain followers. The group never declared themselves a mafia until roughly December of 2017 when the idea came to Tony as he looked at his massive following. At this point, they had gained a lot of associates and allies but also started to gain enemies. After a break and recruitment up north to accommodate Tony's bigger plans, the Famiglia had returned and tried to settle as a business in Sinistok and called it Sin City. Many deals had been completed and the Famiglia gained trust within many allies. The Famiglia tried to form a Vegas type town but never had the time to complete that goal. In early 2018, they were forced to lay low due to a massive betrayal that left them wondering who they could trust. It was thought to be the fall of The Moretti Famiglia. In May 2018, almost 4 months later, Tony reappeared out of nowhere and alone. Thankfully, he was quickly found by some original members and they helped him remember his past as Tony suffered from Amnesia. Once his memory returned, they decided to go at it for the 3rd time and this time would achieve their goal of running a Vegas-like organization along with their usual underground work. They don’t go out of their way to tax other people or groups but rather tend to their own business with allies, associates and civilians. They are what many would consider a neutral group simply trying to operate in this new world. The Famiglia is known to run a town filled with activities such as Gambling, Fight Nights and Entertainment. But they can also be known by close associates to deal drugs and weapons as well as being hired to perform captures, interrogations, hits/killings and much more. Although they act respectful towards most if not all people, they will quickly turn on those who lack the respect in return. The last thing anyone wants is to receive a fish from The Moretti Famiglia. This symbolizes one’s end. Do a favor or show good faith to them, and they will always be on your side. Tony giving a speech to his Soldatos and Capos (From Left to Right: Kyle Williams, Iosif Sokolov, Jango Bale, Tony Moretti, Jimmy Fixer, Soal Gordan) CHAPTER 1 - ROOTS CHAPTER 2 - A NEW WORLD, A NEW FAMIGLIA CHAPTER 3 - THE RETURN CHAPTER 4 - LOST & FOUND Tony Moretti settling into his office in New Sin City. BOSS/DON: Jimmy Fixer - @Dank Mems UNDERBOSS: Calvin Horne - @Para CONSIGLIERE: Caterina De Luca - @Clumsy The Captains (They lead and order Soldatos) CAPOREGIME: Kyle Williams - @SlimmDusty CAPOREGIME: Brandon Terrano - @Gallo CAPOREGIME: Jango Bale - @jangoskull CAPOREGIME: Sal Scarpaci - @Dakotaen A very close and personal friend of the Don - To be extra protected and respected UNTOUCHABLE: Soal Gordan - @SoalXtractor The Soldiers of The Famiglia SOLDATO: Kenneth Richards - @trent_rouls SOLDATO: Alphonse Carson - @arron88823 SOLDATO: Eddie Sorella - @Eddie SOLDATO: Owen Marilyn (alias Monroe) - @TheThrawn SOLDATO: Arastides Mendez - @barto300 SOLDATO: Reuben Neves - @Borat SOLDATO: Antonio De Luca - @SgtSmithy SOLDATO: Richard Black - @Jono the giant SOLDATO: Louis Scarpaci - @Sam Fields SOLDATO: Kyle Nelson - @bloodcrusader SOLDATO: Nino Kobiashvili - @Empress Julia SOLDATO: Eden Ripley (Medic) - @Anouk SOLDATO: Lucius Mcbride (Chemist) - @Kibbens SOLDATO: Nikolai Petresk - @Retro Recruits get promoted after 1 or 2 weeks - Depending on IC performance RECRUIT: Vitto Falconi - @Jakescar RECRUIT: Ivan Blanch - @Liberty Berntson RECRUIT: Dan Yates - @Dirty Dan RECRUIT: Cosmo Arnett - @Romenthegreat RECRUIT: Aidan Gary - @AidanHs Registered Civilians in Sin City (They pull their weight around town) CIVILIAN: Ian Cobb (Medic) - @SpaceCowboy THE MISSING or FALLEN DON (BOSS): Tony Moretti (Presumed Dead) CAPOREGIME: Iosif Sokolov (Dead) SOLDATO: Seth Black (Dead) SOLDATO: Frank Carson (Dead) CIVILIAN: Wyatt Walters (Dead) CAPOREGIME: Michael Marcano (Dead) SOLDATO: Hide Ito (Dead) SOLDATO: Romen Ivanov (Nipplehat) (Dead) SOLDATO: Ben Khron (Dead) SOLDATO: Chris Saou (Dead) SOLDATO: Alex Sommers (Left) CIVILIAN: Ian Keith (Left) CIVILIAN: Everest Casimir (Left) RECRUIT: James Curran (Left) SOLDATO: Luke Bond (Left) RECRUIT: Wayne Ryder (Removed) RECRUIT: John Barlow (Removed) SOLDATO: Moxxi Devlin (MIA) CAPOREGIME: Joshua Robinson (MIA) CIVILIAN: William Ashby (MIA) CIVILIAN: Roy Baker (MIA) CIVILIAN: Will Holdsworth (MIA) SOLDATO: Harry Weber (MIA) SOLDATO: Jeremy Ryan (MIA) SOLDATO: Bryson Cogburn (MIA) SOLDATO: Calvin Hill (MIA) SOLDATO: Damon Fenix (MIA) SOLDATO: Julia Haas (MIA) CIVILIAN: Iva Klein (MIA) SOLDATO: Laurence Evans (MIA) SOLDATO: Ezra Mitchell (MIA) RECRUIT: Alfred Josia (MIA) RECRUIT: Max Smith (MIA) RECRUIT: Jack Braddock (MIA) SOLDATO: Taryn Allegheny (MIA) SOLDATO: Bobby Moretti (MIA) SOLDATO: Logan Moyer (MIA) SOLDATO: Thomas Mehtzer (MIA) 1. Find a town to call our new home (Achieved) 2. Prepare the town for civilians/guests/clients (Achieved) 3. Establish the town as an Entertainment venue (Achieved) 4. Connect with outside groups in order to continuously provide us business (Ongoing) 5. Recruit more Soldatos to grow The Famiglia to its former state (Ongoing) 6. Gather any and all major information that could advantage us (Ongoing) 7. Find a chemist to create a new addicting drug (Achieved) 8. Always continue to search for our old Famiglia members (dead or alive) (Ongoing) 9. Get power up and running throughout our town and event center (ETA: Day 350) 10. Establish a consistent source of clean running tap water for the town. (ETA: Day 360) 11. Create a stable economy and currency for Chernarus using PISTOL BULLETS for money. (Ongoing) 1. Provide realistic and immersive Mafia type Roleplay with new world tweaks. 2. Provide events meant to distract from the outbreak. 3. Provide excellent hostile, friendly but mostly neutral Roleplay. 4. Socialise with as many other groups and people as possible in order to further RP. 5. Become the go-to place for Vegas type entertainment (Gambling, Fight Nights, Entertainment). 6. Become the leading traders of a new drug and/or cocaine/morphine. 7. Provide veterans/newcomers a large group to RP with (yes, newcomers are welcome). 1. Keep the Don (Tony), safe at all cost. 2. Remain respectful. Especially with our guests. 3. Always look for new recruits. 4. Don’t disgrace the Moretti Famiglia name. You represent us now! 5. Never retaliate right away, remain respectful. Consult high ranks to prepare a plan. 6. We do NOT rob people! We are businessmen (and women). 7. Keep supplies filled (Weps, Drugs, Ammo, Food ect). 8. Always be truthful to the Moretti Famiglia. Especially to Tony. 9. NEVER SNITCH! Rats get exterminated. 10. Don’t be a Chooch! 1. Breaking the OOC or IC rules may/can result in your removal from the group. 2. No OOC drama/salt whatsoever. It’s a game so keep it in game. 3. You must be active at least 2 days a week with the group. 4. Roleplay is priority. You must do your best at providing realistic RP. 5. You must RP your injuries accordingly (we are not super soldiers). 6. Respect the DayZRP rules and guidelines. 7. Remain in character at all times in the IC TS channels. 8. You’ll have to agree on our discord, to Perma-Kill you if you betray us and we find out (We strive for realistic Mafia RP). FIND US. WORK YOUR WAY IN, IN CHARACTER. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPON ARRIVING IN NEW SIN CITY (LOPATINO), YOU WOULD NOTICE POSTERS EVERYWHERE* LISTEN TO RADIO LOOP HERE
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    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Um, I'm sorry? What happened to "Why is there a woman in that position" bullshit? Hm? HMMMM? Do I need to take the blue hat away already Sal?
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    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    *Cough cough* I do everything anyway
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    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    For almost a week now actually.
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    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Congrats to Sal for his promotion! OP Updated CAPOREGIME: Sal Scarpaci - @Dakotaen
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    The Game

    This is two days now Terra! Whhhhhhy! xD
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    Added a spoiler section to my CP with my thoughts and views on a few people. I have some more to add to my friends list so if you aren't there don't freak out. I haven't had time to do graphics and stuff yet. Gonna do a little bit of updating here and there on Caterina as well as start a journal thread for more of her thoughts. 

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    So today is my daughters 1st birthday...why and how did the year go by so fast...

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      It's MAGIC I SWEAR.

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      Genji! How do you do it! T.T I've been crying on and off all day. But yes she's doing good. 🙂

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      Mines four this year and im not ready for it.

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    E3 Lets watch together !!!

    You can get "For Honor, Layers of Fear and Quake" for free this week. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3281451/e3/quake-champions-for-honor-layers-of-fear-free-pc-games.html
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    Been stalking the Stories and Journals page but I can't decide if I wanna post some stuff about Caterina. I never really thought it would be all that interesting to people to read about my old characters but this one is the first that has been so active and involved with people and their lives. Might consider it 🙂

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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Good luck guys!
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    When Para keeps getting different color ranks and you have redo the avatar over...and over....


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    The Scarpaci Famiglia - Episode 1

    Awww you think I'm innocent That's adorable XD