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  1. Last night was intense, creepy and heartbreaking with the choice Anna had to come to. @Rezaak Thank you for not only hurting Anna with the betrayal but severely creeping her out to the point where she's constantly looking over her shoulder to see if Dorian is there. Looking forward to seeing what he has planned for her in the future. @Para Always fun RPing with my partner Thank you for running to every single lake you knew to try and find me. @Jadeboat My Hero! jk jk Well kind of, even if you had to get stuck with me for a bit. @Elmo For coming to help and getting the word out about Dorian.
  2. Didn't have time last night to get this up but the valentines day dinner was a lot of fun, even with the arguing and a frantic Jaxon. @RogueSolace @FieJaxon @Para @Lyca @GreenySmiley @SgtSmithy and anyone else that came to hang out yesterday that I might have missed
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  4. Brianna Troyan

    Rose, who's birth name is unknown, grew up in a military family. Her father was a Staff Sergeant in the US Marines, and her mother a stay at home mother. She never saw her father much, he had to travel around a lot and didn't wish to take the family with him. He would always say it was to keep her from having to move from school to school and leave her friends each time, but Rose had the feeling he just didn't wanna carry around the extra baggage. So she stayed with her mother and helped around the house. It wasn't until she turned the tender age of thirteen that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was too far gone that treatment wouldn't help, stage four. So Rose and her father spent what little time left they had with her before her unavoidable death. It goes as no surprise for a young girl that the lose of ones mother weighs heavy. For Rose, she felt there was more that could of been done. This thinking is what sparked her interest in the medical field. Yet with her mother gone she now had no choice but to go from country to country with her father while he worked. Each base she would hang around the medical ward and learn what she could simply by watching. As the years went by she was book deep into research, and before long off to college. It wasn't until she graduated, top of her class, that her father wanted her to follow in his footsteps. Rose didn't want the military life. Having seen what it does to families. Never being home, always moving from place to place. That was not something Rose wanted for her future family. So she turned her father down. As disappointed as he was and how pushy he had been Rose finally agreed to disagree when it came to him wanting his 'little girl' safe. She met him half way, took self defense classes and allowed him to take her to the firing range when he was in town to teach her how to shoot properly. It wasn't the military but it made her dad happy and it allowed her to continue with the medical path she wanted. It didn't take long for her to get her first job at a local hospital. Being a registered Emergency Room nurse was everything she had wanted. She loved the trauma center, the fast pace life of the night shift and was just all around happy to be able to help people. To give families the second chance with their loved ones that she never had with her mother. She was also heavily involved in agencies that would go to other countries for the sake of medicine, mainly for children. When her fathers was sent to Elektrozavodsk with the rest of the unit she followed with him, losing him once everything went to hell. Rose's individualistic and rebellious tendencies cultivated into developing an extreme distaste of being manipulated and "losing control" , particularly when it revolved around her life. Rose has a tendency to be overconfident when she faces challenges, but this came from her upbringing. She is very stubborn, hard-headed and a natural leader, making her at times overly demanding and bossy. She is extremely determined and fiercely independent by nature, detesting giving up or losing battles of any kind. She is also very compassionate which is what makes her so perfect for her field. Her soft spot is children, and she will become rather motherly when around them. Once you get through the hard wall she has put up over herself she is actually the best person you can have around. She'll go out of her way to make sure others are alright at the expense of her own safety. ● Locate her father. ● Find a safe place to stay. ● Figure out how to get out of the country ● Provide Medical Help to those that are injured or in need. ● Coming Soon
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  7. To Jaxon and my Family (Open Frequency)

    Anna waited to see if anyone else was planning on replying to Ethan before she herself pressed the button on the radio. "Things have been a bit...scrambled right now Ethan. We are trying to find a new place to call home but we've run into some trouble along the way. Get a hold of Jaxon privately and he can tell you where we are currently...just be safe okay?" Releasing the button on the radio she put it back into the side pocket of her backpack.
  8. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Welcome @Para and @Oisin
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    So I did a think for Annabelle and I'm actually rather happy with it. 


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    Get my photoshop back and the first thing I do is completely change my characters appearance and I don't think I'm done. Talk about withdraws lol


  11. They are against the rules and you report them for BadRP/GearRP.
  12. Family Radio [accidental open frequency]

    The radio came alive as Annabelle was resting in her house. She'd spent the last hour reading and just enjoying the silence for once before the sudden noise from the radio caused her to jump. She'd forgotten how loud she had set the volume but she worried very little about that when she heard what was coming from the speaker. Slowly closing her book she set it down on the bed beside her reaching for the radio. He was drunk, that much was for certain. Shaking her head she found it amusing but sad at the same time, at least some of the things he was saying when it came to his own happiness. After he had finished she waited a moment to make sure he was done before pressing down on the button. "Colt...you should put the bottle down and try to get some sleep. Please?" The last thing she wanted was for him to get himself hurt, or worse killed. Wandering around in a sober state was dangerous enough. Being intoxicated just increased the chances of something bad happening.
  13. Annabelle Kramer

    Anna and Adrian were born in Richmond, Virginia to Anya and Mark Kramer. Except Mark was no where to be found the day Anya went into labor. He had left, walking out on his family. For the next three years their mother struggled as a single parent. Their older sister Kaycee taking up the motherly role as Anya was forced to work two jobs to keep them above water. It wasn't until Anya met Dennis that things started to get better. The twins were four years old when the choice was made to move to Jacksonville Florida with Dennis. From there on they lived a normal and happy life. Their mother was a baker and their,now, step father was a local police officer. The two were always busy, but they tried to make as much time for family as they could, this lead to Anna and Adrian being raised by their sister just as they had back in Virginia. Her mother was from Chernarus, having moved to the states when she was just 18 and meeting Mark. So she had family still over in Chernarus that they would go over once every couple months to visit, now that they had the money to do so. It wasn't until their grandmother grew ill that her parents went over for a longer trip, sending for their children later. Annas grandparents lived in Novaya Petrovka, and the siblings had a couple aunts and uncles who lived in Severograd. What the siblings thought was going to be just a family visit get turned into a lot more. The siblings spent the months following the outbreak hiding in their aunts home in Severograd. When their parents didn’t return from Novaya it was Kaycee who left first to find them, then Adrian. While alone Anna would use the night to sneak out and look for supplies taking with her just a small lantern. She had no experience with guns so she choose not to use them, instead she would sneak around and found that the 'sick' were unable to find her if they couldn't hear her. So it made it easy for her to get in and out of town without much problem. It wasn't until more people starting moving into Severograd that she found it harder to get around without being seen. As the population in Severograd grew, Anna started to get worried and scared due to the amount of people. Packing up what she could find, she headed out to find somewhere that was safe...well...safer, and to find her family. Anna is a very quiet, and shy young girl. She doesn't like being around large groups of people and will run to hide whenever something startles her. She is very touchy when it comes to people who have guns, and is very sensitive to insults. Even the smallest comment can cause her to start crying. She likes to keep to herself and away from people she gets a bad vibe off of (Which is normally everyone) Once Anna gets comfortable around people she with start to show a bit more of herself. At this time people will come to see that she is stubborn and doesn't like being told what to do. However It takes a lot for her to be able to get comfortable around people. Books Rain Swimming Blue ✘ Heights ✘ Crowds ✘ Guns ✘ ✘ ✘ ● Find her family ● Keep her brother safe ● Find a group of like minded people ● Get over her fear of guns ● Learn how to shoot a gun
  14. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    I was just trying to clear any misunderstandings that might have taken place when it came to the situation. I understand completely where you are coming from when it comes to people and reporting. Thank you for bringing it up to us.
  15. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    I was there when it was all going down. The reason Alexa said Eddie was a mage was because we were having medical RP and when he moved to sit beside her on the bed his game glitched and his disappeared. From my knowledge and everyone who's spoken to Alexa she speaks English differently, I can't speak for her but from my perspective that was her way of saying he disappeared. The following OOC that followed after that I will agree that it didn't need to be brought up IG.
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    To everyone that asked me for art through teamspeak, send me a message here. I was IG all day yesterday so I couldn't get replies out.

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      FiveM is fun dependent upon which server you play. Some of the servers are filled with pre-teen mods and admins that exercise their cyber-influence by freezing you and yelling at you because you robbed someone.

      @Nihoolious @Pepe Jones @Hollows Remember the days.

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      I  kind of figured I'd run into people like that. 

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  22. @Exio was fun meeting the good doctor Hope to run into you again.
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  24. @Anoymouse @Jean and the rest of the Valentines that were around it was fun hanging out with everyone today, even though the bar was closed
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