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  1. Here we go

    I actually spent a lot of time thinking on doing this and finally came to the conclusion that it is what would be best for me. I have been here since 2015. I have made some friends and I've lost some. This was my first real attempt at voice RP so when I first joined everything was new to me but as all other new people you adapt. I have been a staff member, twice. I have done countless graphics over the years for friends and members and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. My reasons for leaving are simple. I hate to go with the whole 'RP is stale' line but as of right now, but it really seems that way. The main reason is I need time to fix myself. Over the last five years I have battled with anxiety along with depression. For those that know me, have spoken to me in TS or even conversed through messages I am normally a pretty happy person, at least I try to be. Almost four months ago I had my little girl. Who, before I go any further, I wouldn't trade for the world. With her came postpartum depression added on top of my already known problems and it's a giant mess. The last four months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions and I would use DayZRP to distract myself from those emotions which made me think nothing of them. Until recently when some events have occurred in my real life that has pushed my parents to get me help, as I like to pretend nothing is wrong. That is where I am right now and after some things that have happened in DayZRP I no longer find being here good for my health in it's current state. So! I am going to focus on me, my daughter, my husband and my health. I need to limit the negative in my life and focus on getting better not just for me but for Allison, I want to be the mother she deserves. This won't be a forever gone kind of thing. I do at some point intend to come back I just don't know when. @Ark - You were the first friend I made in DayZRP and for the last two years you've put up with a lot of my crap. You are a very understanding person and way too much fun to banter with. I will continue to bug you through steam so no worries there. @Para - We didn't become friends right away. It wasn't until recently that we even started talking on a daily bases but you're Mr. University guy who's too busy to talk to people now Still going to bug you on steam, wreck you at Smite and hopefully continue to textrp. @Darion - Awesome guy both IC and OOC. I figured if I didn't mention you then you would never let me live it down @Aiko - Keep Ark in check! Keep the weeb power strong. @Oliv - You've kind of already knew what I'm going through and I want to thank you for checking up on me. You've been a lot of fun to play PUBG with and I hope that continues @Jamie - Being in staff together we, as you stated, bumped heads. But as I told you in your leaving staff thread you were always very easy to talk to and fun to work with. @Helix - You will always be my Richard. Dropping me love notes and tying me up. @Hassan - I don't hate you. I've never hated you. You used to be one of my closest friends and I truly wish you the best. @Rory - We bumped head a few times while in staff together and we didn't really do a lot of hanging out in TS but you were always fun to hang out with IG. Just to toss in some other mentions @Lucky1911 @Shanoby I know there are so many more that I am missing, mainly cause they keep changing their names! And a lot of the people I call friends are no longer here in the community. So with that I'll end this post that wasn't suppose to be this long in the first place and see everyone in the future. Hopefully beta......
  2. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ HIATUS ]

    That was one of my old avatars about two Halloweens ago when I was in staff. It's free to use if you like
  3. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ HIATUS ]

    It's getting close to that time of year again! Offering Halloween themes for profiles for the month of October
  4. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Got a solid roster full of people I know can put out some amazing roleplay. Good luck with this guys!
  5. Clumsy

    Alittle early but Halloween is my favorite holiday. xD Profile revamp!

  6. Clumsy

    Trying to come up with a profile theme for @Majoo. Work mind! Work!

  7. Vympel (Graphics coming soon!)

    Just putting this here. You must not be currently in another group. If previously in another group, must have left that group at minimum 7 days prior to creating a group yourself.
  8. Clumsy

    Feel like I need a partner in crime for Rose xD


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    • Ark

    The legendary battle cry of Ark when he unloads a magazine on a bush. :P


    1. Ark


      There was no battle cry......

    2. Clumsy


      Lies! There is always a battle cry! You lose your mind being over watch and having nothing but trees to talk to :P

    3. Ark


      Sometimes the trees talk back.

    4. Clumsy



    5. Ark
  9. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ HIATUS ]

    Send me some pictures of your character, what titles you would like done and if there is a specific color you'd like used
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    1. Rezaak



  10. Clumsy

    Might get some time on my other character today. 


  11. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ HIATUS ]

    https://imgur.com/a/9cV8b Didn't know if you want them individual to set them as links or all together in one picture. Just let me know
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    1. Rezaak


      Hey I remember this video! :D

    2. Clumsy


      Whaat it sums up our relationship perfectly <3

      I could of gone all sappy with this xD


    3. Rezaak


      Jerk X)

  12. Joining Groups

    Meet people in game. The best way to get into groups is to actually roleplay with the members and be accepted through IC interactions. This will show them how you roleplay and give them an idea if you are right for their group or not.