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  1. Clumsy



    When all you wanted to do was to act out a scene, record the footage of a wedding in order to edit it and make a nice video. I should of just went into my character CP and changed my status to Married and been done with it had I know it would of been this big of a deal.  

    1. -Chow-


      The CPs are now officially not canon. So if you didn't get married in game, you're still single af 

  2. Clumsy

    • Clumsy
    • Aiko


    1. Aiko



  3. Clumsy

    Avoidance of RP

    To start this off, we were NEVER on DayZRP server at all today. You can check logs to find out that Caterina De Luca and Calvin Horne were not in DayZRP at all today as I haven't even switched my character to Caterina. The entire week we've been planning a little RP event between us on a public server. Just something for us to do with out characters. We invited a selective few to go over to a server and spent the last few days getting stuff together. We find out that some people didn't like the idea and or were upset that they couldn't be involved, and a group of people jumped on the server we selected. That's the list of people who joined the first server we had selected for out little event. Once they all joined we decided to move it and try somewhere else. About half an hour into the other server around 12 people logged in with random names (we were trying to figure out who it was so thank you for letting us know all those involved) I don't see how planning something on a public server is avoiding RP. We were doing something ourselves and you guys took it upon yourselves to come and ruin it for what? This event was never suppose to be on the DayZRP server as we've been planning it for two weeks now.
  4. Clumsy

    Step 1 Verification

    The Passphrase is a password that will be in the rules section. It is random and regenerates each time you refresh the rules page. If you read the rules outloud you will find it.
  5. Clumsy

    Password doesn't work

    The password doesn't get messaged to you. You can get the password once you've successfully completely the whitelist application Here. If your application gets accepted it will be in a bright green box at the top and it will give you the password to enter the server.
  6. Clumsy

    Change on Hostility Colors

    You can look Here. It tells you everyone that is online and their color. I, and this is my own personal opinion and not the opinion of staff, don't like that you have the option to check the server status to see who is orange and who is green. I find it metagaming as it can be used to determine how you interact with someone. Not saying that everyone does it but it can be used in that manner.
  7. Clumsy

    Change on Hostility Colors

    You are allowed to check the server status to see who is green and who is orange.
  8. Clumsy

    Clumsys Art Workshop. [ OPEN ]

    I can redo the titles for you if that's what you want Just toss me a PM if you want anything extra and what color/font type you'd like the titles.
  9. Clumsy

    Glitched after getting out of a car

    This is why I've been avoiding getting into cars. It's happened twice to me recently. I think it's just another one of those things where "It's just DayZ being DayZ"
  10. Clumsy


    My daughter has now started to get sassy with me lol and I'm sure all my other DayZRP moms can agree. 


    1. GenjiRP


      I relate to this so much my kid is too much like me and its scary

  11. Clumsy

    Change on Hostility Colors

    As Jadeboat has said, if the person initiates hostilities with you that would give you a reason to go after them but I do see where you are coming from. Some people could, and have, easily picked Green for the sake of not having any hostilities pushed onto them for no reason but be able to go around and do whatever they want with people who have selected Orange.
  12. Clumsy



    at the RP today.....

    1. bloodcrusader


      agreed 100% whole entire thing was just a bit cluster with us having to keep on asking with us also getting no response

    2. Svenne


      Something wrong? 

    3. Clumsy


      Just had a bit of an annoying situation that could of been handled better. 

    4. Para


      @Svenne ye there is, check your group page ❤️ 

    5. BorisRP



  13. Clumsy

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    If we were able to get the use of Modding I'd be alright with a time skip of maybe 10 years. A lot can happen in that amount of time and it would give people a new experience when it comes to the way the world would change.
  14. Clumsy

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    As I said after that quote, that part would be hard to prove, so it would make no sense to set that limitation. When it comes to traveling around with people it's so awkward getting into a hostile situation and having that person be initiated on and or shot and you not able to do anything but either stand there and watch or raise your gun to re initiation which would basically mean you'd most likely be dead before you get the initiation out. As for the baiting, I've had groups of people who weren't in group ideas try to bait, I've had people who have been group ideas try to bait, and I've had official groups bait with the new rules. The removal of dynamics has caused more confusion lately and I've seen more events of RDM and invalid Kills than I've ever seen of Baiting. (Also sorry if this sound a bit jumbled, running on 3 hours of sleep due to my 1 year old lol)
  15. Clumsy

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    From my time and experience in DayZRP I've never seen Dynamics abused to the extent that it became a problem and I honestly think they need to be brought back. I also don't believe running into someone and wandering around for one day together should count as being a Dynamic group, but that would be a bit hard to prove when it comes to reports. If anything defense rights should be in place for Dynamics as it was seen in the most recent report how much of a mess and confusion it can get when your friends (group) is getting shot at.