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  1. Eeeeew whhhhy! See I was gonna come back but now with this news I just don't think I want to
  2. Clumsy


    Been MIA I know, bed rest! 35 weeks along now and doctor visits are closer together so been busy getting everything in order. I miss everyone!!!! Few more weeks and the little mini me will be here! 

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    2. Phoenix


      Awwww yay! Got a name yet?

    3. Autumn


      George Foreman. Cuz. Grill.

      No Clumsy, legit, I'm so happy for you and I hope everything goes well and in order!

    4. Clumsy


      Allison Rose is her name first and middle name. 

    • Para
    • Clumsy

    Happy birthday clutz :D Been a long time since we last spoke, hope you're doing alright and have a good day!

    • Ark
    • Clumsy

    Happy Birthday scrub <3

    1. Autumn



    • Randle
    • Clumsy

    Happy Birthday.

    • Jamie
    • Clumsy

    Happy Birthday, Clumsy. 

  3. Clumsy

    Week 30.....When I can't sit up long enough to play anything but The Sims. 


    1. Keira


      I miss the little kicks and stuff :(

    2. Clumsy


      She is so active, little kicks have turned into her own rendition of River Dance.  

  4. As a person who believes that all group recruitment should be done in game and in character this is seems like a bad idea to me. It's promotes too much OOC in a game that is all about IC by 'paying to advertise?" If I'm looking for a group and I'll go to the group page and look through them myself. If they are recruiting I'm almost certain I'll see that somewhere in their (hopefully) fully detailed description of what their group is about. I come around the site maybe once or twice a day and seeing that up there today made me "WTF" for a moment. It looked completely out of place, and as a graphic designer, poorly made.
  5. Don't really see this as a discussion. It looks to me like another thread about something that upset someone and they find the need to write it all up and rant about it as if something is going to change. There is nothing to discuss, as there is no solution to the problem. Rolle runs the community how he wants and it's his right to do so. We can disagree with the things he does or does not do but at the end of the day he is the boss.
  6. hi

    Oh Nooooooo he's baaaack!
  7. Welcome to the other siiiiiiiiiide. You were a blast to work with in Staff when we had the #Dreamteam, even though you blackmailed me into joining..... You did a lot, put up with a lot and even with your potato internet you stuck with it. Now jog on and get some points!
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  8. Just going to add my two cents into it. You always want to prioritize roleplay over killing. Even if you have kill rights sometimes it's best to comply and see what comes out of it storywise. Reading the rules and using them in game can be difficult as you don't know what types of situations you are going to be getting into. As mentioned above I would highly recommend using the Mentor Programme as well and find someone in game who has a clear understanding of the rules to play/roleplay with until you feel comfortable enough on your own. Also with you being this unclear on kill rights please refrain from playing a bandit. I know you didn't mention anything about this in particular but it is a tread for newer members.
  9. Clumsy

    Bringing back the old Allie. Slowly starting to get motivated to get in game. 



    • Clumsy
    • Ark

    Take your pick :P



    1. SpaceCowboy


      Would have gone for the second one @Ark