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  1. Clumsy

    • Clumsy
    • Para


    1. Brady


      Why wont para touch me like that 😞

    2. Para


      All my friends are dead

  2. Clumsy

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Pretty much everything he said up there. The roleplay and the flow of the group has been fantastic since day one and while I personally hit a few bumps in the road it was easy to work around things and really enjoy myself.
  3. Clumsy

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    @Dank Mems & @Para
  4. Clumsy

    reduce backstory minimum wordcount to like 100ish words

    I'm sorry to say but we are a roleplay community where it is required that people put some effort into their character. You don't have to give all of your story away just enough for it to fit in the lore. From what I've seen with your suggestions, as you brought up in your opening post, you just gotta stop being lazy? They aren't going to change things just because it's hard for you. The reason for the 500 words is to stop throw away (mainly trollish) character. We aren't going to make separate rules for different types of character.
  5. Clumsy

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    Considering the Moretti family make up half the server (if they are all on), Anarchy take up another large majority, The Black Roses, Riptide and Svoboda are all active and moving around the map or creating hotspots. The Moretti family have a hot spot and events planned each and every week so I'm not sure were you're coming up with 2/3 of the people on the server want to RP with themselves. There is a lot going on IG right now but it's all up north at the moment. If those groups want to hide and RP with themselves so what but they sure don't make up 2/3 of the server.
  6. Clumsy

    Extend Wipe Timer

    I had no problem switching between characters and changing clothing as I would just hold a spare set of clothing in a protector case. I've never had a stash (barrel or tent) and haven't experienced any problems when it comes to loot (though I'm one of the few ,it seems, that doesn't care about loot) I find the wipes once a month are fine. Yeah it sucks for camps and groups that seem to need 20 tents but it gets people out of towns and traveling around again looking for things they 'need' Going out and RP looting can be fun and you run into people along the way.
  7. Clumsy


    Wondering why I bought baby bowls when my daughter would just rather spill everything out and eat off the floor...After about nine attempts to put everything back in the bowl I give up asking my child...


  8. Clumsy


    I'd like just one nice day. Just one. A full 24 hours where everything doesn't go to shit. 


    1. Genji


      Image result for hug gif anime

    2. Ark


      Blow stuff up.

    3. Clumsy


      That sounds like an excellent idea 😉

    4. Ark


      You want suggestions on where to start?

  9. Clumsy

    • Clumsy
    • Lyca


  10. Clumsy


    Added a bit to Caterinas character page.

    It's so hard to get track of who've I've met so if you've met me and we've had a nice conversation/interaction let me know so I can add you to the roster 🙂

    1. Brayces


      OhGod, isn't it? It's like "Wait who did I speak to today?! I KNOW THEM OOC WHO ARE THEY IC!! AHH!" 

    2. Clumsy


      LOL Also doesn't help that some people in the group have the same first name but nicknames so I'm like..."you're who again?"

    3. Brayces


      Omg, if we didn't have pulse checking sometimes I swear I'd call people by their Forum Names. :X 

    4. Lyca


      I know the feeling.. I am so bad with names. lol. 

      Reminds me that @Taryn called me Lyca the other day. I was loosing it. :D <3

    5. Brayces


      LOL Damn, haha I've done that before IG to you too Lyca. ❤️

    6. Taryn


      Fuck me. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT AND I CORRECTED IT IMMEDIATELY. I was so embarassed. 


    7. Lyca


      I know it was. When it makes you feel better. There are several people I called by accident with their forum names. I called Honeybee Honeybee... lmao... just the other day. 

    8. Taryn


      I died a little bit OOC too. 

      Should have heard people in my Discord. 


    9. Lyca


      Lmao yeah it was good. :D I just didn't expected it.. its a while ago someone called me Lyca ingame :D 

    10. bloodcrusader


      Im not sure if our characters have interacted all that much just yet, since  he doesn't talk to to many people

  11. Clumsy


    Really starting to see no reason to get IG anymore.


    1. JimRP



  12. Clumsy


    I am able to stream again! Going to be getting some RP stream in tonight 🙂



    1. Clumsy


      Or not lmao 

  13. Clumsy

    • Clumsy
    • Para


    1. Para



    2. Mexi



  14. Clumsy


    Finally got my computer back!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Time to get graphics done for my CP

  15. Clumsy

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Yaaaaay! Time to kick this party off.