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  1. Clumsy

    And with that, I'm out

    Been a fun three years but with recent events and the only thing really keeping me here leaving means I will be stepping out as well. Not going to tag anyone, those that are close to me know how to keep in touch. Take care.
  2. Clumsy

    Abyss Corporation

    Good luck guys! This group looks awesome and has a nice roster to go with it
  3. Clumsy

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Welcome back guys!
  4. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    The appeal will be handled when the staff team can get to it. Please refrain from bumping your appeal.
  5. Clumsy

    S1 - RDM - 22:00 Server Time - Kab Hill

    Let's stop the back and forth. Only post if you have any more evidence to bring to the report or you are called in for a POV.
  6. Lucky1911

    • Lucky1911
    • Clumsy

    Bring back Maddie!

  7. Clumsy

    Oooh, look who's back!

    I know! I feel like I need to bring Maddie back
  8. Clumsy

    Oooh, look who's back!

    Oh no...they didn't >> Welcome back!!
  9. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Was that it? Just jokes about ERP? There was nothing said that was spoken to her directly other than about some ERP?
  10. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Just a quick question here and going to remind you that honesty is key. You say you were joking around and didn't mean any harm, what were some of the things that were being said? What kind of jokes were being tossed around?
  11. Para

    • Para
    • Clumsy

    Told you you'd get purple...

    Good choice tho

    1. Clumsy


      Not bias at all 😛

    2. Para


      No bias here

    3. Harvey


      I smell Bias....

      Good job @Clumsy, we are kinda useless rn but things are looking up!

    4. Farmer-BorisRP


      Now you need to become a gm again @Para

    5. Para


      Fingers crossed SoonTM @Farmer-BorisRP but ty ty

  12. Para

    • Para
    • Clumsy

    I approve of these pictures 😛 gotta love a bit of stitch

  13. Clumsy

    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    Please update your title for the report as stated here Report titles! When creating a Report thread, as a Subject line (title), state the server name, type of the report, location and date and server time of the incident. For example, "S1: KoS in Cherno - 02/01/2016 15:38"
  14. Clumsy

    Make status updates editable?

    Not gonna happen until we are able to see edit history.
  15. Clumsy

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Rolle himself has stated, all bans and unban are in the end staff/admin decisions, whether we choose to do a wider pre-Standalone amnesty or unban folks with collateral. And I don't believe that is going to change. The way you have this set up for a suggestion to me would just come down to a popularity contest and not about the reason they were banned because a lot of people are not aware what someone has done to be removed in the first place.