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  2. Gwen had a somewhat normal upbringing, her parents were nothing special. Her mother worked as a waitress at a local diner and her father ran his own mechanic shop so money was always pretty tight but not enough to be worried about. The only issue they really had was her father liked to drink, a lot. So much that it would cause fights between him and her mother but it never really effected her until she started getting old. Other then that she had no troubles growing up, she enjoyed school, made plenty of friends and had what most would consider a very typical childhood. It wasn't until she started getting into her teenage years that she started having some behavioral problems as well as hearing voices that other people didn't seem to hear. She started to notice that she was having issues with her friendships as she would snap, get angry and pretty much started pushing people out of her life. She started losing friends, her grades started to drop and everything just started to slip into a downhill spiral. Her parents did what they thought was best and took her to a shrink, where she was forced to talk about problems that she really didn't feel she had. It took a few sessions for her to finally open up to the doctor and talk about her feelings. A lot of it seemed to stem from the abuse her father had with alcohol and watching her parents fight. It was finally made aware and she was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder, this involved periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression, and Schizophrenia, which is where the hearing of voices were coming from along with the paranoia. She was placed on medication and forced to come back month after month to deal with the quack doctor. At first Gwen was fine with taking the medication and it seemed to help but she started hating how it made her feel. The medication made her seem happy, made her look happy but it didn't make her feel happy and it was starting to make her sick as the doctor kept raising the dosage each time she went to her monthly visit. Her parents were stern however and wanted her to keep on it, telling her it'll get better and for a while things did. Her friendships healed, her grades went up, she was smiling again but she only felt like she was happy on the outside. Finally fed up she refused to take her medication and everything started to slip again. She started going back to her old ways. One night while her father came home drunk after work they got into an argument. He'd 'had enough' of her bullshit and made sure to tell her just how worthless she really was. The argument went on for hours as he continued to belittle her into thinking she was a waste of space, that she was a mistake and should have never been born. Told her how she'd done nothing but cause problems between him and her mother and how she was just so fucked up she didn't need to stay there anymore since she didn't want to try and get better. Depressed and at an all time low, Gwen decided to put an end to it. If her father wanted her to take her medication she would and she did...she took all of it. The thing about trying to kill yourself, it doesn't go over very well with people. Gwen died, for a few minutes her heart stopped and she was brought back. What she came back to was far worse then what she'd tried to get away from. Her parents were done, she wasn't taking her medication, she was unstable and she'd tried to take her own life. Now of course no one would believe her if she said her father drove her to do it so she just kept her mouth shut and took what was coming to her. Once she recovered in the hospital she was sent to the Psych Ward for 'observation' and what that really means is we are going to say you're only here for a little while but find any reason to keep you. By the time she'd been done seeing all the doctors she'd had what was called 'Rapid-cycling' Bipolar. Which they weren't wrong. Now to fill those in that have no idea what that is, here's a little bit of information. Basically it means moods go from high and low, for a number of days, more often then most with the illness. So while Gwen could be sweet and happy one moment, she could instantly snap and switch to a far worse mood just from the smallest of triggers. For months she was subjected to doctor after doctor and put on so many medications that she just seemed to lose who she was. She lost track of time...she stopped caring. Her parents eventually stopped visiting as she would simply sit there with a blank stare and say nothing to them. Finally her medications were balanced. She was no longer taking more then needed and she was coming around to being somewhat normal again. She started to react better to her doctors appointments, would talk about what was bothering her and her episodes became less and less to where she could go months without one. She spent a year and a half in that Psych Ward and at the time it looked like she was coming out a changed woman, but she had no life to come back to. There was no way she was going to go home and live that life of hell again. Once she returned to home to collect her things she said little to nothing to her parents. She collected what money she could from other relatives and took the first bus out of there to travel across the country, LA was her heading and she had a plan. The first few months there were hard, Gwen had gotten so used to being taken care of that she'd forgotten how to take care of herself. She met a few people, found a place and eventually worked into become a Nurse. She took the classes, put in the time and eventually started working for one of the many hospitals in LA. Life was starting to look up. She was doing what she wanted to do, help others and she was keeping up on her medication which meant that Gwen was her old self again. After a few years in her new life she got word from home...the loss of her parents caused her to slip up on her medication long enough to get into a very depressed mood. This interfered with her work and her friends. She hit an all time low and eventually lost her job because of it. Not being able to get out of bed to physically go to work will do that. Gwen had used up all her vacation time and paid leave but it wasn't enough. The bad thing about reaching an all time low is that eventually you come up and she did. Going into a manic mood she went on a selling spree. As soon as the will for her mother went through and was granted a rather large sum of money, so to add to that she told her car, most of her furniture and saved what she would of had to spend on rent and took off on the first flight out of LA. Given how simple her mother and father lived she was unaware that her mother had so much money stashed away, and only later found out it was from the death of one of her grandparents she'd never actually met. Her first stop was Barcelona, then Rome, Milan, Paris...she traveled to all the most beautiful places and had more than enough money to do so. It wasn't until some strange things started to happen that reality settled back in...and she was alone. Gwen is a very complicated woman. She has Bipolar I disorder and her moods are very unpredictable. She can go from being happy to sad to pissed off in a very short amount of time. Some of these moods can last hours, days or even weeks depending on if she can get herself out of them. Her medication is what kept her moods in check but she's obviously ran out of that. Gwen, the one behind the illness is a very outgoing young woman with a huge love for life. She loves to help people and is the first person to jump in the line of danger to make sure everyone else is alright. She is weary around people she has yet to know but she would never turn someone away who needed help or injured. Over a year without medication has taken a lot out of Gwen. Her moods bounce from one to the other most of the time. It's like spinning a wheel when she wakes up in the morning is what determines which Gwen you get. There are little triggers that will cause her to snap or shift moods and then there are days where it seems like nothing is wrong with her. Through the outbreak she's become more guarded, while she won't turn someone away who needs help she won't exactly let them close on a personal level. Flowers Books Rain | Thunderstorms Quiet Helping People Medications | Drugs Loud sudden noises People telling her what to do Losing control
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    And with that, I'm out

    Been a fun three years but with recent events and the only thing really keeping me here leaving means I will be stepping out as well. Not going to tag anyone, those that are close to me know how to keep in touch. Take care.
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    Abyss Corporation

    Good luck guys! This group looks awesome and has a nice roster to go with it
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Welcome back guys!
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    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    The appeal will be handled when the staff team can get to it. Please refrain from bumping your appeal.
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    Oooh, look who's back!

    I know! I feel like I need to bring Maddie back
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    Oooh, look who's back!

    Oh no...they didn't >> Welcome back!!
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    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Was that it? Just jokes about ERP? There was nothing said that was spoken to her directly other than about some ERP?
  10. Clumsy

    ZachDobbins TeamSpeak Appeal

    Just a quick question here and going to remind you that honesty is key. You say you were joking around and didn't mean any harm, what were some of the things that were being said? What kind of jokes were being tossed around?
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    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    Please update your title for the report as stated here Report titles! When creating a Report thread, as a Subject line (title), state the server name, type of the report, location and date and server time of the incident. For example, "S1: KoS in Cherno - 02/01/2016 15:38"
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    Make status updates editable?

    Not gonna happen until we are able to see edit history.
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    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Rolle himself has stated, all bans and unban are in the end staff/admin decisions, whether we choose to do a wider pre-Standalone amnesty or unban folks with collateral. And I don't believe that is going to change. The way you have this set up for a suggestion to me would just come down to a popularity contest and not about the reason they were banned because a lot of people are not aware what someone has done to be removed in the first place.
  14. Clumsy

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    If I remember correctly there was a time when Rolle did let perma banned players back into the community. They had to send him an email that I think consisted of an appeal and he decided if they were let back in. There were a number of perma-banned players that were let back into the community during this time and ended up leaving the same way they had before. People like to think Rolle is unreasonable and doesn't want to give them a 'chance' but he has in the past, multiple chances. There was even a time in the community where you could be put on multiple finals, behave for a few months, get off that final and get put on another one, that only recently changed. There are a number of people who I call friends that were banned that I'd love to see be able to come back but the fact still remains, these people did what they did to get themselves removed, most on purpose.
  15. Clumsy

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    No ones ever got perm banned for doing +1. They most likely were either on final or had collected enough points and the unnecessary post put them over the 30 mark.