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  1. Hope they fix at least some of the broken stuff.
  2. DrunkSanta

    Star Wars: Episode VII New Trailer

    Oh god it looks ridiculously awesome.. Can't wait!
  3. Yeah got me confused as hell at first but hey, the server was almost always nearly empty so it makes sense.
  4. Cannonballing into the water (sprinting and vaulting just as you reach the edge of the little bridge) only for me to fall through all the water and into the ground, breaking my legs.
  5. Personally, I know Russian pretty well and I meet those 'fake' people all the time since a huge part of the community claims to be Chernorussian. However, I must disagree on that one because, it doesn't matter if you know the language behind the accent or not, as long as you roleplay your character well enough. I met some very bad Russian 'speakers', who clearly had no clue what Russian even sounds like but their RP was fine enough, and I have also met some amazing RPers who I was sure were Russian themselves but, to my surprise, they were actually not.
  6. Hmm.. I believe the current maximum amount of matches you can find in a matchbox is 90. (Since you can't combine matchboxes) The 45 number you see is just part of the model which, apparently does not reflect the real number. The '0 Remaining' is probably a bug, or maybe the devs expect you to notice that the box is empty and manually throw it away? Anyway always remember this is an early access and buggy as hell game, and will be for quite some time.
  7. When I opened fire, I was quite a way behind him. I was not point blank. Well, didn't notice you before you came real close and dealt the final blow.
  8. Being part of Andrei's group, I can only confirm that I was watching Andrei from a distance and witnessed a guy running point black and shooting Andrei in the back with nothing that seemed like an initiation of any sorts (Although I was beyond any audible distance).
  9. Yeah, some tight moments there protecting the Russian pride.
  10. I was expecting them to explode since the game came out, tried blowing them up a dozen times with no luck. Never thought to myself that trying this out again would suddenly blow me to pieces.
  11. So.. As some people who met my twisted character ingame, might know that he sometimes really likes to hit stuff with his axe, just because he enjoys the sounds different surfaces make. So today me and a friend on skype were just roaming around looking for some food and water when suddenly we see a gas station right in front of us, while the buddy gets inside the small kiosk building to pick up some supplies, I decide to take a little walk around with my axe and make some sweet lovely noises. Hitting some walls, hitting some pavement, hitting a pole, hitting the gas station's pump---- BANG.... Black Screen.... You are dead. We were laughing out loud for nearly 15 minutes. So yeah, I have tried that one before but nothing seemed to happen, but now, since the 0.54 patch the gas stations are actually explodable and make a huge explosion, killing instantly anyone nearby. Just thought like sharing this with the community, thank you for the read and sorry if I am stating something already obvious. Happy RPing.
  12. They're fixing it now. Look at the devs twitters. Ah, silly me for not discovering the twitter world just yet.. Also, just had this weird bug, after alt tabbing the game in order to search for a fix for the issue, and going back into the game, the entire world just disappeared. Just wonderful.
  13. Having the same issues here every time I enter a new town...
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