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  1. I didn't see anyone. Where is your proof? Your go-to reaction is to shoot? -User was warned for this part of their post-
  2. Server and location: S1 Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/19/2018 Your in game name: Zain Tahir Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was running around Zelenogorsk looking for some equipment when I was shot from an unknown party and unknown direction. I do not know who killed me nor did I see them. I am filing a report for invalid kill.
  3. Is discord considered META gaming? I didn't see anyone using a radio
  4. @Flartius and I were running around Tisy Military Base when a stranger approached us. He thought Corey was his partner. We attempted to keep the stranger there with us for questioning but the stranger had a friend who shot and killed Corey. I ran around the building and saw the stranger who killed Corey and I killed him. I ran to find the other man that we initially tried to question. He had run behind a conex container and raised his rifle at me while peeking so I shot and killed him as well. I left the area.
  5. https://www.80percentarms.com/collections/laser-engraving/products/custom-serialized-80-lower-ca-compliant
  6. Yeah I built it a couple of months ago
  7. Waiting on my p226 Extreme. 10 Day waits FML
  8. I do not have video evidence of the incident. Immediately prior to her death, Iva was no longer standing with her hands up but was now crouched down over her gear with her hands down, not in compliance, and appeared to be going for a weapon. Additionally, she was a threat to me because I did not have a chance to restrain neither Iva nor Damon for my safety. Damon and Iva claimed to be in an intimate relationship multiple times through multiple sessions of RP taking course over many IRL days. Since Damon attempted to kill me, it was not unreasonable to assume that his partner, Iva, would also attempt to kill me at her earliest convenience. Iva could have, at any time, attempted to kill me with a concealed weapon or stalled until her friends arrived which is reasonable to assume since, prior to me dropping the initiation, Damon was on the radio calling out to them “C’mon guys! It’s feeding time!” It was clear to me that Iva was part of Damon’s group due to her collaborative efforts and tone with Damon; it is reasonable to assume that she would have tried her best to get Roki and I captured or killed. Attempting to secure Iva, who appeared to be reaching for her weapon after Damon died, was not reasonable since without her hands up, she was no longer in compliance and was now crouching over her gear reaching for a weapon intending to return fire. This clearly shows a hostile hostage in non-compliance attempting to obtain a weapon. Even if I had successfully secured Iva without incident, I would have been at a further disadvantage since she would ultimately rejoin her friends to find me. Finally, it is not tactically sound for me to spare someone who is committed to hunting me down so they could join a larger party with the same goal.
  9. I met Damon and Iva a few days ago at Zelenogorsk. We quickly became friends. Today I met the couple at Pavlovo and we began walking to Zelenogorsk during which time we were having friendly conversations including one about needing new clothes where they mentioned getting a new piece of clothing made of human flesh. I thought they were just being funny and joking around. The couple and I arrived at the Zelenogorsk military base. We were just standing around talking when an old friend, whom I hadn't seen for a month, Roki, showed up. As Roki ran around the base to loot, the couple, Damon and Iva, began talking about fresh meat and asked if I was hungry so I inquired about their cannibalistic habits. They answered very vaguely and said "Maybe we ate some fingers yesterday". I layed down to rest and the couple proceeded to take our their axes and laugh and joke. This roused my suspicion but I gave them the benefit of the doubt AGAIN. A few moments later, Damon began laughing while saying "I love how he is just looking around and waiting". Damon called out on his radio "Ok guys it's feeding time". This led me to believe that they were waiting for friends to arrive so they could eat Roki and I. I took action by holding them up and escorting them into the utility shed where I ordered them to drop all their gear for the sake of Roki's and my safety. Iva was taking her sweet time with putting the rifle on her back onto the ground and so I continued to demand she do so. Damon raised his rifle and pointed it at my chest as if he was going to shoot so I shot Damon and Iva. Roki and I ran away to avoid contact with Damon and Iva's potential friends. As we ran out of the base and into the field, we began hearing gunfire and we believed it was coming close to Roki and I.
  10. Dr. James Webber was born in Boulder, Colorado to Amelia and George Webber. James was extremely bright and curious from a very young age. He grew up in a stable household all through his education. Rather than play sports, James excelled at Science projects and academic competitions. He ultimately earned his Ph.D. in Geology from the Colorado School of Mines and continued his research. In 2013, Dr. Webber was able to secure funding from various international organizations to conduct geologic research in the country of Chernarus. His goal was to determine whether glaciation had taken place in the country during the last ice age approximately 15,000 years ago. Half-way through the project, Dr. Webber and his team of scientists were eagerly making progress with their reports so they could report back to their employers. Unfortunately, a strange disease began killing off members of the team and turning them into horrific zombies. Dr. Webber soon found himself alone in a foreign country with no friends, colleagues, or means of communication. He began venturing outside of his research area to seek help...
  11. Skeetsi brings up a good point about the RP and changing landscape. How should we go about this? Also, I'm really excited for the new sound system to be implemented. It'll really make the game.
  12. I would love to walk down a street and seeing a few houses lit by lanterns and giving out apples or soda cans during halloween. That would be cool!!!
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