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  1. Yes. after the execution, in a dazed state i walked near the gate. it was when they saw me and started coming over that I thought "oh shit" "come inside, we're having fun" is a VERY light command and seems cheap to call non-compliance on. Sounds just like a normal welcome. You hear in the video that the first guy to find me tells me to lie down in which I comply. The guy who shot me wasn't even there at that point. You can see him run up about `8 seconds later and shoot me 12 seconds later. in the video, I start running at 0:23. The group begins giving chase at around 0:32. A 9 second head start. Notice no command to stop at this point. All you can hear is hooting, holloring, and "forrest Gump". It is not until 0.47 that someone gives a command. A whole 24 seconds later. Note that these people are far from the front of the pack and are a considerable distance way from me. Its not untile 1:20 that you can actually see my character. He is damn far out. I play with gamma very to to emphasize the difficulty of navigating at night. Behind me, I can't see anything. Nor can I hear them. This is why I chose to stop. I didn't hear them and thought they stopped chasing me. I had a big purple backpack so I tried sitting in the tree to hid it. Someone found me after a while and told me to lie down. you can see I complied. No more commands were given before execution. Nope, not logging out. just doing what u told me to. In my opinion I thought that this could have been done much better than simply execution. Think about it. Guy sees execution. Burly southerns who all LOOk like the stereotypical bandits see him and one quickly runs towards him in aggressive manner. Clearly shaken up character shits himself and runs. You catch him. could interrogate him? Was he related to the previous execution? Is he spying on you? Want to blackmail him to do work for you? golden opportunity to RP? Nope just shoot em. what really burns me most is after you kill me, you are all asking each other what I did wrong and what were the grounds for shooting me. The only reply there is before. they all sort through my loot is. "Well, he was there." On google, many posts claim that the voice chat's max distance is 80 and everything below 50-60 is pretty much inaudible. In the twitch stream, at 1:20 you can see that I am roughly 70-90m out from anyone yelling at me. The only command which I could have heard was the one at 1:37 when someone said "stop or die". This came a fun 10 seconds after I had stopped under the tree.
  2. Your in game name: Peter Reilly Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Uknown Suspects weapon/s: Russian stuff? Automatics Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): All used sarcastic Southern accents Detailed description of the events:I was traveling from zelenogorsk past Green Mountain, As I pasted, I looked into the parking lot. There were about 5-10 people. I heard one man yell out "Don't move" (very clearly not directed at me I was not seen yet as I was in the woods on the far end of the road.) to a man on the inside of the compound. Within 2 seconds everyone in the compound apart from one person sitting on the far end opened fire on the man and dumped their clips into him. At this point, I thought, "oh Shit" and ran. At this point, I saw a man towards me and say "Boy, look at that boy run!" No command was given. I ran and tried to hide in the woods. They found me after like 2 minutes and told me to get on the ground. I got on the ground immediately. One man called to another "over here" and the group gathered around me. After about 15-20 after I complied. I was shot in the back of the head as I lied on the ground. R.I.P Peter Reilly
  3. is using text instead of a mic with the intent of making it so the person doesn't know where you are abuse of game mechanics?
  4. I think I met you once. My friends and I jacked your truck and we captured you. Tried to do a little good cop had cop thing while we questioned you. I gave you medical attention for your broken leg too.
  5. I've only been robbed three times. 2 drop weps, 3 secks robberies And one where a guy baited me for his crew by throwing a meat cleaver at me. (Sadly, I wasn't recording or I would have reported his hind end.)
  6. This happened to me a while ago. A allied character committed suiside and everyone nearby flocked to take his loot. I literally had to beat them off of his body so we could to a formal burial. Report them for ruleplay over role play and abusing KoS rules? They react unrealistically to firefights knowing that people aren't allowed to shoot them. They abuse this loophole to get in and get loot.
  7. instead of using TS to "whisper" I just type "*whispers to ___*" before typing a message ingame. Most people choose to ignore it and RP as if they didn't hear it.
  8. These behaviors assume that there is a surplus of food and supplies. people resort to banditry and looting out of necessity, not because they want to put themselves in danger. Human nature dictates that they will work towards their best interest. Whether that is finding food, medical supplies supported much needed allies, etc. Currently, very little RP on the servers is created out of these necessities and this creates bad RP and those situations that just seem forced.
  9. DayZ in it's current state doesn't really represent an "Apocalypse". People act friendly because there is little danger and it is easy to find needed equipment. Right now, food is plentiful. Guns are everywhere (especially with restarts every 5 hours.) Chernarus is fairly safe. (With the exception of glitches) When Persistence is fixed and supplies like food, clothing, ammo, and transportation become extremely rare, people will being fighting over said supplies.
  10. I enjoyed the roleplay of someone by the name of Hedvika today.
  11. What are your thoughts on increasing the time between server restarts to reduce server hopping/military loot/ GearRP?
  12. So, as you guys know, Persistence has been removed from the servers due to the large amount of loot cycling. Some argue that having persistence off may be just as bad as having it on because people can server hop. This may cause bad RP. What are your thoughts on the subject? Any possible solutions that you guys may have? Personally, I think it may be a good idea to increase the time between server restarts to reduce the amount of military loot/server hopping/GearRP. Currently, the servers restart every 5 hours.
  13. If I were you, I would wait until you become proficient in RP before making the appeal. I wouldn't risk making another bad report.

    One separate persistence server

    I'll have cameras ready