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  1. Born in New Orleans Louisiana, 2045-08-30, Callahan Cook was raised in a strong-headed southern pride lifestyle. Along with his brother Christoper, his family was well regarded and liked by our fellow swamp neighbors. Callahan with his dearest brother Christopher used to fight the baby swamp gators to have some good fun. Callahan’s father, Evan used to teach him how to fight these baby gators for fun and a good lesson on life. As Callahan got older, he would practice gator fighting with Christopher and Evan to become stronger. One day, Evan brought Christoper and Callahan out to loot a local area. Without hesitation, Callahan saw a baby gator and immediately tried to wrestle it. The gator yelped and quickly, infected surrounded Evan and Christopher. Evan grabbed the baby gator and sacrificed himself to save his beloved, mush-brain sons. His mother would later die from cancer. To escape their past, they went on a road trip far away from The Great Swamps. “He don’t disrespect no man, but he respect his fellow man.” -Swamp Neighbors
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