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  1. Petr Joseph Liberec was born in the port town of Berezino in the country of Chernarus. From the moment Petr Joseph was born he was told that the origins of his mother’s family lay in the old city of Athens. A wealthy merchant’s family that fled to Italy after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Legend has it that that a member of his family travelled from Italy to Moscow with Saint Maximus the Greek. From Moscow his family eventually ended up in the area of Cherna-Rus. Saint Maximus the Greek was therefore the most important saint in the young life of Petr Joseph. The stories of the
  2. I really loved @MoreNerd’s RP today! Was fun beign at the camp and having a little expedition today! Hope more of these kind of sessions follow. Roland is a really cool and relaxed character, really nice to be around. Very much enjoyed the music aswell!
  3. Born and raised in Zelenogorsk, Anna grew up in a poor family. Because of this she never followed a proper educational program. She dropped out early and had to work from a young age. Her father was quite abusive so she left her parental home as soon as possible. She travelled around the country for a bit with friends in a van, playing music and singing around campfires. When the outbreak happened she tried to return to Zelenogorsk to look for her mother and siblings. She never managed to find any of them, only an empty appartment. Now she fled to Namalsk to try and survive the upcomming winte
  4. Was nice meeting (Layton) @LewisUK_ and (Josh) @Jicster98 today at Berezino. Was fun to have a little hunt for booze and drinks today. And thanx to the short ID’checking session by the Russian Army. Was great an immersive. Been coming back to DayZRP since a long while. Was good to have some quality RP today.
  5. Good idea, go for it! Reminds me of this...
  6. IGN: Depends on group. Country: Netherlands English skills: Very high DayZ Mod Experience: 200+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 1350 Hours Roleplaying Experience: A lot What kind of In Game role best describes you: Really depends of the group. I'll mostly be that hangaround guy, but can play pretty loud characters aswell. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes been in a whole lot of groups a few years ago, but not in any recent times. Additional notes: Honestly, I'm looking to get back into DayZRP and I'm looking for a nice group to have some
  7. Honestly, Make it harder. Kinda cringey and stupid, but when my whitelist app got accepted a few years ago I felt kinda proud of myself and was soooo fucking excited to be able to play within this community. We need that back, people need to put effort in their application. Oh and please bring back the limited amount of try´s. 3 should be okay, with in some cases the ability to appeal for a 4th chance.
  8. This. Honestly. I re-watched it about a year ago, blew my fucking mind again. All of the seasons are pure art pieces, it's better then most series I watch today.
  9. This my dudes, this is the shit.
  10. Wow! Nice screenshots Nils! Nasinec honestly was one of the best experience I had in DayZRP, I had so much fun in that group. Keep it up! Excited to see more
  11. Slash

    Hello again

    The most relevant member of the wolves.
  12. Been awhile. I started to miss this place lately. So here I am.
  13. holy shit hey

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      Yep, I´m still alive.

      How´s life?


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