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  2. Start listening to proper dutch music dude.


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  3. do you reconise my (Dutch) profile song or were you still in diapers when it was popular? 

    congrats with last nights victory by the way :D 

  4. Hi. Good luck to ourselves.
  5. All I want is a fucking release date. Then I'll start getting excited.
  6. Was great meeting @Jamie, @Terra, @Conor & @Ron. Was fun meeting your characters on a more pieceful way again, even though there still was a bit of tension. +1 guy's! @Oisín @Blackfyre @Babyface @derNils Solid first few day's guys! I'm excited for the future.
  7. It was a pleasure lads! Thank you for all the great RP I've had here the past few months, it was a fucking blast! Now times have changed and I'm going to follow a new path, you guys have fun out here without me!
  8. Game of Thrones - A telltale game series
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      Those aren't the right color you slob

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      I'm sorry, it will not happen again.

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      Stop cluttering my status update.

      This is your first and final warning.

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  10. My man!
  11. Ga met die banaan Slash


  12. Yes, some groups do have contact on an ooc level and arrange little events. Although, mostly these events are just for their two groups and not to aid the RP in a settlement.