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  1. Bohumir Vjezek was born in the city of Miroslavl. Bohumir originally was a truck driver. He drove through Chernarus delivering all sorts of goods, most of all imports from the ports. When the outbreak started, bohumir who was a fanatic right wing supporter teamed up with local right wing militia and CDF forces in Miroslavl. He headed north with them to fight both the infected and the BPR and form a Northern Front. When he heard the news that the Severní Fronta was sending an expeditionary force towards South-Zagoria, he immediately volunteered to go with them as he realized that they could probably use his knowledge of the area as he used to deliver a lot of goods in that area. ~will be expanded as his story continues~
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    thought about you today:


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      haha just imagine the age being 21 and youll be alright.

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    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    Geen probleem bro.
  4. Slash

    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    No because you started to drink something. Next time re-log immediately when it happens. It's one of the risks of double carrying.
  5. Slash

    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    It's a known bug, re-log next time it happens.
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    Well RIP DayZRP...



    Nah, Good luck.


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      shit's on fire yo


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    WOBO / Aggathor leaving Youtube due to family crisis.

    Huge respect for this decision Rolle, thank you for supporting him. WOBO has always been my main information source when it came to DAYZ. I´m to lazy to read the devblogs and I always used his summary video´s to find out what the future of DAYZ looks like. I´ll definetly try to attend to the stream tomorrow and try and support him and his mom.
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    Obnova [Recruitment Open]

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    Taking my leave

    o7 Dude... Thanx for the fun moments.
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    I liked your profile more when it was LOTR or Slash themed, @athanhunter 

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  12. Joseph Kadlec was born in Miroslavl. He grew up there in a poor family. He went to school there aswell. Kids didn't really like him on school. He didn't like school either. One day police came and killed one of his friends. Therefore he hates the police now. He also supports an football club from miroslalvl' during that he always fought with police. During the civil war he helped his dad repair military vehicles. After the war he continued to work at his dad's place. With the apocalypse he is now walking around shouting at people. [To be expanded]
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    A nice lil' meme of our discussion last night

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      Fixed it for ye

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    "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists"

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    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Yeah... @Razareth