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  1. Anouk Schilder

  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Yeah... @Razareth
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    Can I have your jeans?

  3. [Game] GIF Response

  4. Jeremy Keizer

    I was born in the most beautiful city of the world, Amsterdam. I was raised by my mother and step dad, which at the time I thought was my real dad. His real father died at a car accident before the birth of Jeremy. The only thing Jeremy now has of his father is an old diary, which his father kept to give to his son when he would grow older. Jeremy really hated his step dad and used to get into alot of fights and discussions with him, this eventually led up to his step-father attacking Jeremy. In the fight Jeremy grabbed a knife a defended himself which led up to the death of his step-dad. When I was 17 years old I joined the Vak410 Ultras Amsterdam. Together with them I went to the most crazy matches and had the most crazy times. He fled from the Netherlands and went to eastern-europe, where he had a few friends located.
  5. Gagging restrained players

    "Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow. For example, hurting them in a way that would prevent that person from using the character in the future." <--- Quoted from the rules. 10.1 You are not allowed to use powergaming against other players, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. <--- Quoted from the rules. It is Powergaming. Tying someone up against a tree without permission is powergaming to officially, as you are forcing an action on a player that goes beyond the game mechanics. Now, I wouldn't mind any of these minor things to be done without permission, but bare in mind that according to the rules I just quoted it very much is against it. -------------------------------------------------------- Now this: This is incorrect. As tying someone up is an option within the game, therefore it isn't powergaming. Because as I quoted earlier: "Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow."
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      underage is underage is underage, who cares  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      Thanking you!

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    almost 18 kiddo

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      Thanks gap!

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    Happy Birthday Slash! :D 

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      Thank you my dude!

  8. Start listening to proper dutch music dude.


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  9. do you reconise my (Dutch) profile song or were you still in diapers when it was popular? 

    congrats with last nights victory by the way :D 

  10. DayZ Beta confirmed - Opinions?

    All I want is a fucking release date. Then I'll start getting excited.
  11. Was great meeting @Jamie, @Terra, @Conor & @Ron. Was fun meeting your characters on a more pieceful way again, even though there still was a bit of tension. +1 guy's! @Oisín @Blackfyre @Babyface @derNils Solid first few day's guys! I'm excited for the future.