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  1. Good idea, go for it! Reminds me of this...
  2. Goedemiddag, my name is Kees de Lange. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I worked at my parents restaurant in the centre of the city where I did some table serving aswell as passing some backdoor things. Yes, correct! The restaurant was a decoy for my father's family bussiness. I was supposed to take over his stick if he would come to pass. But I ended up in this horrible plae called Livonia. In the Netherlands live a lot of polish people my father trades with. With the whole hell going down here in this shithole there was supposedly some bussiness to be made in the mess. So who does pappy send for that? Yes correct! His beloved son ofcourse. So now with the whole dead roaming the streets thingy I'm stuck...
  3. IGN: Depends on group. Country: Netherlands English skills: Very high DayZ Mod Experience: 200+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 1350 Hours Roleplaying Experience: A lot What kind of In Game role best describes you: Really depends of the group. I'll mostly be that hangaround guy, but can play pretty loud characters aswell. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes been in a whole lot of groups a few years ago, but not in any recent times. Additional notes: Honestly, I'm looking to get back into DayZRP and I'm looking for a nice group to have some quality roleplay with! Best way to contact you: PM me.
  4. Honestly, Make it harder. Kinda cringey and stupid, but when my whitelist app got accepted a few years ago I felt kinda proud of myself and was soooo fucking excited to be able to play within this community. We need that back, people need to put effort in their application. Oh and please bring back the limited amount of try´s. 3 should be okay, with in some cases the ability to appeal for a 4th chance.
  5. This. Honestly. I re-watched it about a year ago, blew my fucking mind again. All of the seasons are pure art pieces, it's better then most series I watch today.
  6. This my dudes, this is the shit.
  7. Wow! Nice screenshots Nils! Nasinec honestly was one of the best experience I had in DayZRP, I had so much fun in that group. Keep it up! Excited to see more
  8. Slash

    Hello again

    The most relevant member of the wolves.
  9. Slash

    Hello again

    Been awhile. I started to miss this place lately. So here I am.
  10. holy shit hey

    1. Slash


      Yep, I´m still alive.

      How´s life?


  11. thought about you today:


    1. SweetJoe


      haha just imagine the age being 21 and youll be alright.

    2. Slash




  12. No because you started to drink something. Next time re-log immediately when it happens. It's one of the risks of double carrying.
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