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  1. Slash

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Honestly, Make it harder. Kinda cringey and stupid, but when my whitelist app got accepted a few years ago I felt kinda proud of myself and was soooo fucking excited to be able to play within this community. We need that back, people need to put effort in their application. Oh and please bring back the limited amount of try´s. 3 should be okay, with in some cases the ability to appeal for a 4th chance.
  2. Slash

    Favourite TV Show Growing Up

    This. Honestly. I re-watched it about a year ago, blew my fucking mind again. All of the seasons are pure art pieces, it's better then most series I watch today.
  3. Slash

    How do you make your tea?

    This my dudes, this is the shit.
  4. Slash

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    Wow! Nice screenshots Nils! Nasinec honestly was one of the best experience I had in DayZRP, I had so much fun in that group. Keep it up! Excited to see more
  5. Slash

    Hello again

    The most relevant member of the wolves.
  6. Slash

    Hello again

    Been awhile. I started to miss this place lately. So here I am.
  7. Phoenix

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    holy shit hey

    1. Slash


      Yep, I´m still alive.

      How´s life?


  8. Alen Kovac, Born and raised in Miroslavl'. He was raised in a good family, a wealthy family. He had everything a person could want. A car, the newest phones and beautiful watches. He only never got the one thing he truly wanted... ...his father's respect and love. His older brother on the other hand got all the respect from his father, his father even gave him the honor of inheriting the company if his father came to pass. No, Alen never got any of that respect, his father blamed him for being a "mothers boy" and not being strong enough to ever take care of a family for his own. Alen feared the disapproval of his father, he was scared that he would fail his father and his family. His mother always believed in him, but Alen had a hard time believing in himself. He did "okay" on private-school, he "sucked" at his favorite sport. Alen felt like a total failure. During the civil war of 2009 Alen was sent to the Netherlands by his parents to live with his mother´s side of the family. He stayed by his uncle and aunt. He enjoyed his time in the Netherlands so much that he decided to stay to finish his school there with the permission of his parents. His uncle was a history teacher and Alen became heavily inspired by his knowledge and wisdom. Especially the greek mythology and history of the ancient greek states heavily inspired him. He knew that Democracy had to be preserved for ever, as to him it was the purest politics had to offer. When Alen turned 18 and finished his Higher General Secondary Education he went back to Chernarus. Having lived in the Netherlands for such a while changed Alens view on Chernarus and it´s people. He wasn´t sure if it was in a bad or a good way, the one thing he knew was that Chernarus needed help to become a better and stronger nation. He decided to work as a support for teenagers that had derailed from society... He knew that this country had so much more to offer then people think, he has faith in this country.
  9. Bohumir Vjezek was born in the city of Miroslavl. Bohumir originally was a truck driver. He drove through Chernarus delivering all sorts of goods, most of all imports from the ports. When the outbreak started, bohumir who was a fanatic right wing supporter teamed up with local right wing militia and CDF forces in Miroslavl. He headed north with them to fight both the infected and the BPR and form a Northern Front. When he heard the news that the Severní Fronta was sending an expeditionary force towards South-Zagoria, he immediately volunteered to go with them as he realized that they could probably use his knowledge of the area as he used to deliver a lot of goods in that area. ~will be expanded as his story continues~
  10. Ron

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    thought about you today:


    1. SweetJoe


      haha just imagine the age being 21 and youll be alright.

    2. Slash




  11. Slash

    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    Geen probleem bro.
  12. Slash

    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    No because you started to drink something. Next time re-log immediately when it happens. It's one of the risks of double carrying.
  13. Slash

    Is this the weirdest thing or what? (Disappearing M4)

    It's a known bug, re-log next time it happens.
  14. Slash

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    • Spartan

    Well RIP DayZRP...



    Nah, Good luck.


    1. Spartan


      shit's on fire yo


    2. Aisling



  15. Slash

    WOBO / Aggathor leaving Youtube due to family crisis.

    Huge respect for this decision Rolle, thank you for supporting him. WOBO has always been my main information source when it came to DAYZ. I´m to lazy to read the devblogs and I always used his summary video´s to find out what the future of DAYZ looks like. I´ll definetly try to attend to the stream tomorrow and try and support him and his mom.
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