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Community Answers

  1. I really think this is would be a neat addition to the overall immersion. Have you found the mod you were referring at?
  2. Damn. Very excited. Just as I´m picking up playing again. Would love to experience these places in-game.
  3. I know the feeling. Feel free to hit me up on steam if you ever planning on scouting out Nyheim.
  4. This group looks really good. Really like the focus on the flaw system and the addition of a PK system. Will add some proper immersion for the players. Good luck.
  5. Dude, have you looked outside of your window? The dead roam the streets, better stay inside and count your 5,56 and smell your nice robbed M4.
  6. I think this is a good idea. Hopefully the addition of this rule will give the PLIKT faction a long lifetime, which in my opinion will be crucial for the progress of the lore and feeling of Nyheim. I only hope that when needed PLIKT will still actively initiate lethal combat when situations ask for it. Instead of always going for non-lethal actions. But I have faith.
  7. Wow I didn't see this coming. I can say I'm well impressed with the work that has been done here. I especially dig the the jump in the future into a post-apocalyptic world. I'm looking forward to playing my made up grandson. Great work. I'm excited.
  8. Not sure for how many lore wipes I've been here. I think 2 or 3. Started playing in the Blackwood and Masquerade day's.
  9. XXXV

  10. I really loved @MoreNerd’s RP today! Was fun beign at the camp and having a little expedition today! Hope more of these kind of sessions follow. Roland is a really cool and relaxed character, really nice to be around. Very much enjoyed the music aswell!
  11. Was nice meeting (Layton) @LewisUK_ and (Josh) @Jicster98 today at Berezino. Was fun to have a little hunt for booze and drinks today. And thanx to the short ID’checking session by the Russian Army. Was great an immersive. Been coming back to DayZRP since a long while. Was good to have some quality RP today.
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