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  1. A young Russian survivor of the initial infection, Alexei actually willingly came to Chernarus to single-handedly wipe out the plague. Everybody is a threat. Only family can be trusted. All infected must die. These are the rules that Alexei lives by. Anybody who wrongs him or his family is an enemy for life, no matter what. Only spilled blood can get you back on neutral terms, but you will never be his friend. He travels with Mysha & Colt Zoldyck from town to town, cleaning out the plagues of infected. If he sees another survivor, he will attempt to stalk them, sometimes going so far as becoming a sort of guardian angel. It reminds him of his old job, he does it as a sort of game. How long can he stay unnoticed? How well can he do his job?
  2. A Russian-American photojournalist that was captured by arms dealers after ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of being executed, he was forced into servitude which lasted almost an entire year. During this time, by means of both torture, grueling living conditions & harsh work requirements, his body is covered with scars. After escaping his captors, he lives in complete isolation for many weeks, which in turn, leads to catastrophic results to his mental state. As of now, he is a deeply disturbed & skittish individual, rarely staying in one place for more than a day. Few will ever meet him and even fewer will be able to share an experience with this man.
  3. Xaeleth

    Found a base

    You find me in game and I just might
  4. Xaeleth

    Found a base

    Found a base earlier today. Won't say where or what server. Had only a 30rnd magazine, a camping tent and some beans when I found it. I decided to drop off extra gear. You have been visited by Leorio Zoldyck- Hunter, Navigator, Survivalist.
  5. So I have not played any DayZ[RP] for quite a few months now, mostly busy with finishing high school and starting college. I just loaded up once today to give it a go and it kicked me, telling me I "wasn't whitelisted". I'm curious if this means I have to reapply, the server changed rules, what-not. Please fill me in! I'd love to get a little DayZRP in once in a while.
  6. Personally, I've played less because, not only do I have tons of real life stuff going on, I just really don't like the current stable patch. Perhaps others agree....
  7. Not sure if it works all the same with the latest patch, but I'm glad it helped you. I might develop a newer version for best places instead of specific items in specific buildings. That should be helpedful.
  8. I think everybody has been in that situation where they're stuck in a tower, building or shed with zombies on the outside. Low blood, no ammo, little food. Pretty good chance that the next hits could knock you out and kill you, so you just have to wait and hope the zombies un-aggro.
  9. Can't wait for barricading and base building to be added.
  10. He tried to rob me, so I shot him in the dick and he died. My character was so disappointed because it was the same mamn he gave his weapons and supplies to in an attempt to help him. Anyway, my name was later pulled up in a report almost a month later. It was kind of awkward...
  11. I'd ditch an AKM for an M4. Currently, I'm running with a decked out 101, which is almost a combination of the two x). I just love customizing my weapons.
  12. Here we go with creeps and loonies stalking people in the fog trying to freak people out.
  13. Xaeleth

    Who has Significantly changed your RP experience

    Meeting and founding Western Watch with Dave, Ian, Rel & Lucas.
  14. Probably the Repeater, classic western lever action .357 long rifle.
  15. Nah, it will only do a full conceal on smaller backpacks and vibrant colors will still shine through a bit. Don't worry about it, I highly doubt this will ever be officially implemented by the DayZ Dev Team and will likely only be seen when the game opens to modding.
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