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  1. Se7en

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Fuck the huns and all that, thread looks nice. look forward to interaction when I get back in game
  2. Se7en

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    - User Was Cautioned For This Post -
  3. Se7en

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

    Can't win at football so you start this lmao back to your grave sonny
  4. Se7en

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

    Just when life seems like its going downhill, just remember it could be worse, you could support rangers
  5. Se7en

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

    the popes a decent chap
  6. Se7en

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

  7. Se7en

    Amnesty Grace

    I feel as if staff members who choose not to give points to a member based on the fact they are on final and their rulebreak was not intentional (example a mis id during a firefight) will mean that they themselves will come under flak for a lack of consistency in their verdicts, which leads to a whole other argument, and I understand this. However on the flipside, this is my second time on final (reminds me of how i’ve been banned for life from my local 4 times now) and it is real difficult out here, old tommy who wants to kos someone gets the same punishment as young stephen kosing in a mis id situation given that he lies in the report. It’s just one of those situations, I know which meat is in my sandwich and just gotta get on with it.
  8. Se7en

    Getting into the server

    really not sure on the fix for this one, but have you set your character name on the launcher to your active character name? If it isn’t that then ive no idea, just keep trying to join perhaps and hope it lets you in
  9. Se7en

    Getting into the server

    i think its because you might not be on experimental
  10. Se7en

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    Crypto miner detected
  11. Se7en

    The House

    Don't lie Cipher you paid me
  12. Se7en

    Item Shop Discussion

  13. Se7en

    Item Shop Discussion

    You’re running through a field bleeding No rags in your inventory Clothes all ruined Not gonna make it to the next town tab out spawn a tee
  14. Se7en

    Item Shop Discussion

    Anyone else think the prices are mad high lol, I get that Roland could be paying some young man to code this but I know for sure there are plenty of folks out there that aren't gonna pay for example 4 euros for a quilted jacket they can find in every house in Gorka, unless i've got the situation wrong and the items in the shop are being removed from spawns completely? Even the items that ain't spawning seem excessive folks 10 fat ones for a pair of top guns, please do discuss Also, surely there would have to be rules implemented to prevent skulduggery in relation to this shop, example 2 guys are scrapping and they both know what each other look like, one of them tabs out when out of visual and gets some items from the store then bang he's a new man, despite being in the middle of a forest, it's a bit of a far out situation but you never know. Added a poll out of curiosity, it's anonymous don't worry folks
  15. Se7en

    GP5 Masks

    The prices are mad lmao doubt many will pay 10 euro for a single cosmetic item, but hey ya never know