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  1. SpaceCowboy

    Hello Everyone

    I knew this day would come. Welcome back bud.
  2. SpaceCowboy

    Coming out of retirement?

    The myth and the legend! Hope to meet the Don soon @Roach
  3. SpaceCowboy

    Coming out of retirement?

    @Aiko - my favorite community co-owner, missed ya @JimRP
  4. SpaceCowboy

    Coming out of retirement?

    @Simon @BuddyOnly you @Malet Eeyyyy lets do it! @Ender, @Lyca, @Mademoiselle I will come for all of you and love up on you @Chief Lets do it! @Brady Glad to see you finally got on my level proud of ya even after those points I gave you. @Dan Guncle is back and you know you love it
  5. SpaceCowboy

    Coming out of retirement?

    Its me, SpaceCowboy, former GM and medical RPer extrordinaire. Anyone I knew from the olden days still about? To the rest of ya, hope to see you in game sometime
  6. In the beginning there was nothing then god said, "let there be light" but You know I think we know how that story ended so i'll tell you the story of me. I was born on a cold wet day in November in the middle of the 80's two two great parents, John and Lilly in the great state of Washington. They were great people who wanted nothing best for me. They were hard working middle class folks who worked hard to make ends meet and to make an enjoyable life for their family. As time past and I began to grow up I learned how hard the world could be. I was not the biggest kid growing up, I was scrawny and I got picked on. I would come home with bruises, a busted lip here and there, one time it was so bad I had my chin busted open when I was thrown to the ground and nearly curb stomped. I remember while the doctor was stitching me back up that my mother left the room for a moment and the doctor talked to me, telling me to stand up to these people and never let anything get in my way. He was right. He was kind to me and fixed me. After that time I can remember putting together and nursing toys and stuffed animals back together and giving them sagely advice..well as much as a young kid could give. I thought I found my calling in medicine when I grew up. Time moved on I got better, more clever on how to avoid the bullies and fight back. I grew up more, I changed but still was I was me, adding on bits and pieces of new things as we all do. I got bigger, stronger, going to the gym and learning which I enjoyed. I wouldn't say I was a straight A student but I did well enough. Like all kids ya get silly, you do stupid shit. I've done my fair share of pranks, defacing property, drinking and well some minor drug use but we wont hold that against me. I felt lost at times, you know that awkward phase in the teen years where your the ugly duckling wanting to become a swan? Yeah. That was me. With that said though I still managed to do well despite doing some stupid stuff I regret and as I graduated high school the sky was the limit for me. I could go anywhere I wanted and as much as I loved the home I needed to get out, get free, explore. I applied for college locally at first, graduated and applied for medical school at John's Hopkins, MIT and even applying over seas to Oxford and University College London. I got in to UCL and my family was nothing but excited for me but sadly alienated me and my friends as they could not go with me. I headed over and that was hard, hard being so far from home, alone. Luckily I managed to find myself there, my friends and a certain someone I had a long term attachment to. But that's not important. I graduated and I became a doctor. I trained at various hospitals in London and all over the country and enjoyed getting my hands dirty, helping people. I was in my job as a surgical resident at a local hospital in London for probably two years before I came here. It was my best friends Alina and Sam's idea as they chose it for a honeymoon/vacation get away to back pack through eastern Europe. Its laughable now..well I don't know about laughable because here I sit now. In someone's home, someone long dead with the roof coming down over me. I am running out of supplies, food, water. I need to head south. I need to find supplies and..survive. ((To be continued..))
  7. SpaceCowboy

    Interview with a Community Member: Ark!

    Long live the true king @Ark
  8. SpaceCowboy

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    A voice crackles through, very faint a moment "End-?" Crackling and and the same word repeated over and over until finally it got more clear "Ender? Ender? Fuck this god damned...Ender it's Ian. You alright?!" The voice sounded concerned but almost distant, far away.
  9. SpaceCowboy

    Safe zone discussion

    GM or bust for a safe zone! Hey nothing wrong with having a safe zone TO START. Maybe a good while into the RP then hey shit goes down, bada bing and we could destroy this safe zone, who knows. I mean open your minds guys and think of it as not hiding behind rules and what not but an opportunity for RP which we are all here to do. Lets just chill and and see where this goes.
  10. SpaceCowboy

    The good and naughty list

  11. SpaceCowboy

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Ian trudged through the wet and rainy forest. He pulls his hat down and adjusts his rain jacket. He stopped as he listened. He shifted and turned round as if to see the person who spoke on the radio or if anyone was around. He pulled up his mask some and looked down to the pocket on his vest. He took it open and brought it to his mouth, hitting the PTT: "Diane!? Diane its Ian..w-what happened!? Diane, What surgery!? What happened!?" Diane please come back!" He listened to the static and the rain hit the leaves around him. He looked around, breathing heavy, unsure of what to do.
  12. SpaceCowboy


    You rebellious...little... Hope to see you again someday nephew..
  13. SpaceCowboy


    But...but the dream! I won't let you down! I sent this to you before and this shall be me until your return....god speed my friend.
  14. SpaceCowboy

    S1: Combat Log - 2017-03-24 00:45

    Connection Logs 23:03:31 | Player "Oscar Alex" is connected (Server crash/reset) 01:02:56 | Player "Oscar Alex" is connected 01:02:59 | Player "Oscar Alex" has been disconnected 01:20:11 | Player "Oscar Alex" is connected 01:37:28 | Player "Oscar Alex" has been disconnected 23:02:55 | Player "Peter Persson" is connected 23:02:57 | Player "Peter Persson" has been disconnected (Server crash/reset) 00:22:34 | Player "Peter Persson" is connected 00:59:24 | Player "Peter Persson" has been disconnected 23:02:54 | Player "Kane Foley" is connected (Server crash/reset) 01:02:40 | Player "Kane Foley" is connected 01:36:53 | Player "Kane Foley" has been disconnected Hit Logs 23:04:42 | "Oscar Alex SHOT Kane Foley by AKM into LeftArm." 23:04:42 | "Oscar Alex SHOT Kane Foley by AKM into LeftArm." 23:04:42 | "Oscar Alex SHOT Kane Foley by AKM into LeftArm." 23:04:42 | "Oscar Alex SHOT Kane Foley by AKM into LeftArm." 23:04:55 | "Kane Foley STARTS BLEEDING." 23:05:06 | "Kane Foley STOPS BLEEDING." 23:57:49 | "Kane Foley HIT Oscar Alex by Container_Protector_Small into RightLeg." 23:58:26 | "Kane Foley HIT Oscar Alex by Container_Protector_Small into Head." 23:59:25 | "Kane Foley HIT Oscar Alex by Container_Protector_Small into head." 00:09:37 | "Kane Foley HIT Oscar Alex by fist into head." Chat Logs 00:38:12 | Chat("Oscar Alex"): *lifts the walkie from your bag* 00:40:02 | Chat("Oscar Alex"): *cuts the vest off of your chest* Calling in @Alexi (Oscar Alex) and @SideBooch (Kane Foley) to post their points of view at this time.
  15. SpaceCowboy

    S1 seems to be down

    Awesome! Enjoy the RP! /closed