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"A candle to the lads of March 1st."

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  1. Melvin

    • Melvin
    • Aiko

    shes gone forever

  2. Melvin

    • Melvin
    • Terra


    1. Terra


      Who are you?




    2. Melvin


      @Terra ok the cat is out of the bag i always thought lyca was a cooler german yea thats rite what u gonna do now ??????????????????????? 

    3. Terra


      ...nothing... because I really do not care 


      Lyca is cool, i give you that.

    4. Melvin


      im sorry u are still my favourite i love u

    5. Terra


      Go now.

      Be free!

    6. Ender


      I agree. @Lycais the best.

  3. Melvin

    DayZRP Best of 2018

    @Blitzcame back and that's another fifth of the exodia formed and soon we will form the ultimate robbery-only bandit group zero rp
  4. Melvin

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    wow cipher u r so cool
  5. Melvin

    The Brokerage

    actually was thinking of an idea like this, i have been npcing an organisation like this for the longest time and this is great. excellent idea, rope in some boys and this can go somewhere plus one plus one.
  6. Melvin

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    dont worry about it, when you run into one of us in game, we will blow your fucking mind
  7. Melvin

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    sigh edit : i hate bigdicking around but you seem like a pretty cool guy but you joined last month, but you missed out on a pretty good era of hostile rp before chickens came into play about two years ago and we lost a lot of lads but generalising isnt cool, but we still have a lot of great characters around. just wait around a little bit, you will get your golden moment amidst a pool of shit.
  8. Melvin

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    no they arent but the few discussions i was part of was like trying to break a brick wall with a dead fish, there is no conclusion, everyone just gets a more negative opinion of each other and there's no use. your opinions are very subjective to a few bad apples that do not define the lot of us but as far as i know, the "old guard", the hostile roleplayers that have been here long enough, do not do it for gear. you might have heard it as a meme or a joke but rarely do i ever see someone like blitz or undead call to gang up on a dude just because he is geared. more often then not, we just dont like your ic attitude.
  9. Melvin



  10. Melvin


    @JoffreyRP  this is my kneejerk response before you reply to my steam message but 

    in case you never come back, just want to o7 for the good times we shared co-founding the Kingdom and all the dynamics we had before that and i wished we could roleplay one last time beforehand but it was a great pleasure and in my many years of roleplaying both irl and IC, you were up there.  love you ryan

    1. Melvin


      to the lands of valhalla you shall stay with johnny and carlos

    2. A Reformed BorisRP

      A Reformed BorisRP

      Hes at a better place now

  11. Melvin

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    dawwwwwww u are too kind but answering the topic, hostile role-playing without any direction becomes very repetitive unless it is done by great roleplayers in the right conditions we aren't going to give you the time of your life when we know you relayed your position and ours to six of your buddies a town away but we will do it if we deduce you are alone in some forest because then we don't have to keep our radios up so our overwatch can prevent us from getting smoked by your boys and even when we are giving you the dank roleplay you so desire, it boils down to the creativity of every hostage-taker and some of them just aren't very good and you just got to roll with the punches because from the robberies I participated in, the best ones always came with a preordained storyline like if you are robbing the guy on behalf of your group or mates, it forwards the storyline and allow the robbed to walk away from it with something to do (ie tell his group that the kingdom just jacked his shit) but the salt begins when he loses all of the shit he took an hour to farm and walk away with it with nothing IC, just some dudes asking him to fuck himself hostile roleplay has some of the most spontaneous dudes with some great ideas but in the past, it has been hampered by general community opinions and stuff so we will just wait around for the next big "Family/Kingdom" hostile idea that will make everyone happy for a few weeks.
  12. Melvin

    favorite initiation lines?

    still the best rp i have ever been part of, 30 guys surrounding a town and we get the lad @JoffreyRP to initiate on a group of lads before we blow the town up edit : initiation at 1:10, watch how everyone starts running away, this was some classic HOSTILE RP edit 2 : it was also my first ever time landing a shot on someone
  13. Melvin

    My Current Character is KOSable

    i hope people dont see this and just kos the guy on sight lol i am hoping that something unique comes out of this, such as the lack of an initiation so if you roleplay a kosable character, you got to be very careful with how you talk to everyone around you since they all can just shoot you if they dont like you OOC or IC.
  14. Melvin

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    meme or not im keeping this on record to present to the future clowns
  15. Melvin

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    i am asian so my accent makes everything funny like a clown boss clown!