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  1. Sofie

    Be a Member Berry

    Member when there was a reason to stay
  2. Sofie

    • Sofie
    • Ellie

    The women are left to fight.


    1. Ellie


      Lmfao. Is it worth it tho? 

    2. Ellie


       What does that mean then 9_9

  3. Sofie

    • Sofie
    • APositiveJade

    Nobody can compete with you Jade. <3

    1. APositiveJade


      Please don't do anything crazy Sofie ;-;

  4. Sofie


  5. Sofie


    Were they gone?
  6. Sofie

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    I have informed the rest of the mentors of your application @Saunders.
  7. Sofie

    I'm so upset...

    This makes me happy. Always nice when people talk it out over TS.
  8. Sofie

    Jailhouse Rockers

  9. Sofie

    • Sofie
    • Pinky

    Kinda cute tbh

    1. Pinky


      Hope your talking about me ;D!

  10. Sofie


    Welcome to the community Markos! Hope you like it here.
  11. Sofie

    Dr West [Private Frequency]

    Having stared at her radio for a while, building up the motivation to make contact with West, Jenny finally transmits her voice over the radio. Attempting to twist his words. West. You must have had so much to do and I do not blame you for not setting off time to help a stranger. I hope on the other hand you can set off time to meet me to um... discuss your research? Any day this upcoming week would be good. She ends the transmission abruptly.
  12. Sofie

    Anyone know a good doctor?

    Jenny sounds quite uninterested as she responds to the desperate call for help. I don't care nor would I like to get involved with the situation that led to your injury. What is the payment and how bad is it? She ends the transmission.
  13. Sofie

    • Sofie
    • GUARDtheHAM

    Stop having a life.

  14. Sofie

    Finally! I made it!

    Welcome! If you want, check out the mentor programme.
  15. Sofie

    How do I leave a group?

    I would contact the leader trough a PM or talk to him/her on TS to clear up why you want to leave. Find an IC reason for you to leave the group. If you mean on the forum. There should be a button on the group page that you can click to leave.
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