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  1. ZeroRP

    Serious Discussion on Requirements

    My solution would be to remove ALL craftable storage that allows you to store anything. One example that would be excluded would be wood log storage as it stores logs. After removing all craftable storage increase the spawns of oil barrels, tents, and the modded storage items such as the lockers. For part 2 of your discussion I totally agree and actually made a post recently about it. It received overall negative feedback. Personally I feel like people just want everything handed to them, they don’t want to have to search for an ultra rare tool to be able to break into a base. They just want to be able to break it down in five minutes with a simple hand tool and be done with it.
  2. ZeroRP


    Can we just replace chernarus with Livonia and give copies away of the map? Chernarus is dog shit. Let’s force our will onto the community. 

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  3. ZeroRP

    Thoughts on banditry?

    The bandits are the gear hoarders? Come on, that’s kind of laughable. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot wrong with hostile RP. But at least don’t blame them for something they hardly ever do. In my experience the campfire rpers that just sit in their bases are the hoarders. Stacking up thousands upon thousands of rounds of 5.56 and filling their tents full of rifles. The bandits just usually carry what they need on them and then rob if they don’t have what they need.
  4. ZeroRP

    The Time.

    Congratulations FalkOG, glad to see your group was approved. Perhaps I will be able to play with you soon.
  5. ZeroRP

    It's that time of year again

    @Combine I agree with your solution. I would go on to say that any government group should be a lore group. They should have special kits that are activated in the item store that spawns in an outfit + weapon for them. It could be activated once a day perhaps. Only allow people that are trustworthy and vetted community members in those groups. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason for said groups to exist. @StagsviewRB yeah you have tools. But you came back rather recently did you not? For a long time it was just Major and he had to jump through hoops and beg just to be approved for a global message for a server event THEN he had to find a GM that was active or online, most of the time they were too busy to be bothered with that sort of “minor” thing. You were also an admin for quite a long time which gives reason as to why you would be granted tools. I believe you are trustworthy and deserve your tools, but I also believe other LMs fall under the same category. Major did a lot in terms of lore stuff, and he just wanted to write lore and do fun events but half of that he wasn’t allowed to do or there was so much bureaucratic bull crap it wasn’t worth it. In the end it all boils down to trust. If you can’t trust them with admin tools why trust them with a staff position? I understand wanting to limit abuse and corruption. Choose members you can trust and put them in the position. If they abuse their tools punish them based on the severity. If they’re spawning in gear for their friends removal of their staff rank and possibly from the community and leave it at that.
  6. ZeroRP

    It's that time of year again

    Something pointed out by another LM however still holds a good point. No one cares unless they physically see change. You can write all you want but unless people start seeing overgrown areas, abandoned infrastructure, and military presence no one cares. For example. The lore says the CDF has the power to bomb whoever the fuck they want and the resources to assassinate prominent group leaders but no one cares because they don’t see helicopters or tanks. Just like drugs, for the most part no one cares unless they see a physical item in game to represent it. No one appreciates the lore except the hardcore people who, lets be honest, are a minority.
  7. ZeroRP

    It's that time of year again

    I think she just is saying that people should stop re-opening groups that have been brought back 6 times. The typical cycle use to be open a unique group, the life cycle use to last 6-8 months, it would close and a new one would open up with a completely different theme. That’s exactly why I didn’t play it when I had a computer. I can’t be bothered to play a completely different map on a sep hive if there is no difference between it and chernarus. Sure the map layout is different but because of this being an RP server it serves no point in playing it if I’m just going to run into the same Nationalists slavs.
  8. ZeroRP

    It's that time of year again

    This is why I said make deer isle the actual way the author meant it as and not some territory of CommieFuckistan. If it was actually set in the US we could have had way different groups, instead we got the same recycled stuff
  9. ZeroRP

    It's that time of year again

    If we are going to do a time jump I hope we are considering doing some heavy changes to the map itself, overgrown areas, abandoned bases, etc Stags has a cool idea with the whole 50 year thing. That would be fun to see. Livonia is the best option for this as everything on that map is already overgrown and abandoned looking.
  10. ZeroRP

    Turn down night time duration

    I wasn’t really targeting anyone or any group in particular just making a statement. I personally don’t even know anyone in that group and had no idea the people in the thread were in said group until you brought it up. The thread was posted so the community could give their opinion, as a member of the community I gave mine. I could have perhaps used better language such as “adapt to your situation”. I see some in the thread are saying to keep your opinion to yourself, if that’s the case what is the purpose in the thread? Even with that being said do we want opinions or not? Bottom line is don’t take everything so personally, it’s a community centered around an online video game.
  11. ZeroRP

    Turn down night time duration

    No one is mad here, I was just making a point. Idk why everything has to be rustled jimmies these days. I was one of the people who wanted more night time as it’s more immersive having a working day night cycle, lots of people wanted it.
  12. ZeroRP

    Turn down night time duration

    How about no. It’s a survival game. Night time is suppose to give people some time to RP the more survival things that aren’t screaming and shooting. Learn to not just initiate or firefight for one hour or so and have some relaxation around a fire I find combining both play styles is the most fun tbh. Just get a flashlight or night vision if you feel like you have to travel at night. I get that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but as a community we should try to have a little bit of everything for everyone. Not just having a majority of one thing. Diversify.
  13. ZeroRP

    Petya Build mod

    Looks nice. Would be cool to have more building options.
  14. ZeroRP

    Is it possible?

    Eh. Probably. We did this years ago but i think it had to be done manually. Once S1 filled Roland would open S2. Not sure if it’s possible to script or something. I don’t know how all that works. The problem with that is people still continue to spam S1 but use S2 to loot while others are queuing S1.
  15. ZeroRP

    Reduction and removal of craftable storage

    I was thinking about this last time Roland did a stream on server performance. It would be better to just remove craftable storage and then increase all of the different storage items like lockers, tents, and barrels.
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