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  1. Zero


    Since the NRA is supposedly a terrorist organization does that mean I can’t have an avatar of NRA figures? 🤔 

    1. Watchman


      who cares tbh, i dont

    2. Phoenix


      This never ends, does it?

    3. Otto


      This man asking the real questions right here.


  2. Zero

    Is theft big on the server?

    bro it's a game.
  3. Zero

    Remove NBC Clothing from Item Shop

    Remove them and give a refund of shop credit. Maybe throw in a free credit or two for their troubles.
  4. Zero



  5. Zero

    Is theft big on the server?

    It's part of the game. This server isn't for people that just want no kos or for them to horde loot, it's for RP. Robbing people is a part of that. The real question is why are you hording 700 rounds of 5.56? lol
  6. Zero

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    I don’t think it should be a safe zone btw just a trader HQ that belongs to a lore faction and when the lore faction isn’t present a clothing NPC operates there. I was just thinking the modded items as we can’t monetize them as far as I am aware. I’m not sure how many clothing items were added in the mod but I was under the impression it was like 50-75 items. Things like guns, ammo, medicine, armor, etc shouldn’t be sold through an NPC. The suggestion is just to add a cosmetic NPC for the mass’smanyitem mod guys, no offense to others but I don’t want to have to haggle with a real person only for them to take a week to find the scarf I want then die in a firefight and lose it.
  7. Zero

    Toxic Zone Update

    I just thought that the mod couldn’t be claimed as your own content, I don’t see how editing something inside the mod to adjust the gameplay is not allowed. Kind of lame
  8. Zero

    Toxic Zone Update

    I think if we are going to argue realism then we need to be the same across the board. Not cherry picking when it's convenient.
  9. Zero

    Doc Holliday’s Wonder Emporium of Services

    *Doc would come to the radio.* "What chu want ese?" *He releases the PTT.*
  10. Zero

    Toxic Zone Update

    The better question is do the suits even deteriorate? I was always under the impression they were reusable so long as they went through a decon shower. This is the case for the ones issued to the military as far as I am aware, the only ones that are one time use are civilian and low grade. In fact the Soviet suits, similar to the ones in the game were actually more protective and durable then the ones utilized by Western nations, the downside was they were pretty uncomfortable. TLDR: Remove toxic zone deterioration. EDIT: Research says they last for several days but that's when you are forced to stay in a contaminated environment, so I was kind of right.
  11. Zero

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Apparently you don't get the post. Did you even read it? The post states a trader that only sells clothing items, nothing else. You're not even allowed to strip someone of their pants and for the most part other clothing as it's considered bad-rp which is a rule break. The idea behind the item shop was to allow players the ability to have something similar to ARMA 2 skins, we can't monetize content that isn't ours the idea is for the trader shop to stand in for that so people can get the mod items for in game currency. It has it's flaws but so does everything else.
  12. Zero

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    yeah that's kind of why I suggested having the area a lore faction H.Q.
  13. Zero

    Will we be expecting Winter Chernarus 2019?

    I wouldn't mind bringing it back but like Voodoo said, it will have to be overcast 24/7. The sun reflecting off the white actually gave me headaches at times.
  14. Zero

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Yeah so since we added some new mods that include sweet clothing, I thought since we can't add them to the item shop (can't monetize another person's mod) then we could just add sort of trader zone that only sells clothing (no armor or anything like that). This trader could be located in a centralized area that doesn't have high foot traffic. This would give incentive to travel to lesser known areas of the map. I know some people might not like it because they think trading should be done through RP, which is correct. That could still take place as not everyone will want to travel all the way to the middle of no where just for some clothes. If we added a trader it could also be considered a faction trade zone and perhaps once a month that faction can visit the trade area and people could trade with them. They would have stuff like M249s and other very rare weapons. If we added the trader in we could also actually have a use for the currency that was being handed out months ago when we did trade events.
  15. Zero

    Bring back increased stamina?

    I've been told that modded vehicles for some reason are a lot more stable then the base game ones. Perhaps just adding modded vehicles to the server and removing the originals would work. Who knows.
  16. Zero

    Bring back increased stamina?

    No. muh immersion.
  17. Zero

    Deer Isle is dope

    This. I might play if we run the new map coming out. I would definitely play if we ran a map set somewhere in America. If they just could edit the new map to have English road signs and say “hey this is a region in the US somewhere” then I would be happy with that. But I doubt we will ever get it.
  18. Zero

    Deer Isle is dope

    Ah, I didn't even know we were getting a new map. Neat. Poland is still Slavic. I want a map in the United States damn it.
  19. Zero

    Deer Isle is dope

    ??? Deer Isle is based on Deer Isle, Maine (United States). Chernarus is based on Czechia.
  20. Zero

    Deer Isle is dope

    Map is cool. Smaller maps are always better imo because they can be a lot more unique. Chernarus is so bad because there are probably four or five unique locations, the rest are just copy pasted towns. It’s a shame it was decided to deer isle in Chernaus Commie Land and not set in the United States of Freedom. Getting tired of maps I can not relate to. If it was set in Western Europe then that would be better. Eastern Europe is just so different in terms of culture and history. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but a map set in the U.S. would be amazing.
  21. Zero

    DayZ announcement

    Kind of disappointed in this post, I thought it was Roland making an announcement. I would be more excited if this server had mods. Hopefully they are finally releasing Namalsk?
  22. Zero

    Nerf Dex

    Kind of lame how now everyone is a pill popper and epi junkie just because it gives you bonuses. Sure meds are valuable now but not in the way I wish they were. I say nerf it..
  23. Zero

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Waiting on the mod test server..
  24. Zero


    Dear diary: we really need mods on DayZRP. I hope Rolando adds dayz expansion when it releases in October or November. I want to sail away with a boat. I also want Rolando to do a lore wipe or time jump. Maybe then I will be excited for RP again. 

  25. Zero


    You  PvPers will never get my M4. 

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