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  1. I have been thinking about this before events led to my absence in the community, now that I've returned I've been thinking about it again. I understand that we have developers for content creation. The things they've given us have been great. The re textures and map changes look good from what I played with in the past. Some of these things can only take us so far though. I think that a certain percentage of the donations from the item shop and premium ranks should go towards a cash pool that can be used to buy models and pay new (as well as current) developers to create more advanced things that are unique to DayZRP. There could be a unique rank and title that can be purchased that contributes to this fund. The rank or title could be something like, oh I don't know.. Pillar of the Community. In all seriousness though, the rank could be that, or something else. I think that the community shouldn't be reliant on steam workshop mods. If the community could recreate things that other mods provide and also make it's own in-house content, it will attract more players and will set itself apart from copy cat communities. We could even have polls on what the community would like to see be added by these developers. The suggestion thread could be held on a monthly or maybe bi-monthly basis.
  2. Not sure which ones are available but why not remove some of the bags from spawns and replace them with the new ones? Maybe remove school bags and hiking backpacks, increase hunter backpack and dry bag spawns to offset the removal of those two bags, then put in the new ones.
  3. If you could actually hide things in them I would say yes. I'm not sure how this would affect server performance because it seems to just be a script. I think I'm gonna say no just because the benefits don't outweigh the potential drawbacks.
  4. Zero


    Livonia is situated somewhere near Poland. Chernarus is near Georgia and the Caucasus Mountains. By vehicle it's a 33 hour drive. Unfortunately I can't calculate the walk time from the two locations, but I remember doing a lot of research on where Chernarus would be located and it would have been a landmass relatively close to Sochi, Russia (from what I remember). Walking time for that is roughly 15 days. Including time to sleep it would probably take 3 weeks. So if you have a car, you can realistically switch almost as often as you want.
  5. The people have spoken!
  6. Yeah but part of the issue with that is in a lot of areas it's impossible to align the fences close enough to each other or other objects. If a tree is anywhere near the fence then good luck getting it down. We had numerous issues with being able to properly block off areas and make it look good at the same time.
  7. Lore wipe when?

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      When the big man decides 😞

  8. After seeing some of the examples as to why we should remove base building I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that we can't have nice things. People are abusing the system to hoard loot from what I can tell. I wouldn't remove tents and other storage items, but maybe it's time to get rid of walls and gates and replace them with more doors and window barricades.
  9. I say we remove this cheap imitation of the Freedom giving M16. Look at it, it’s been commified.
  10. I just don’t see how to get rid of base building and keep checkpoints. Watch towers to some extent are needed at a checkpoint area. Walls / gates help provide Choke points for said roadblock.
  11. No. By removing base building you will remove the ability for people to build checkpoints or road blocks or the ability to wall off a town. Some of the coolest shit I have seen has been a result of base building. Anarchy checkpoint and kab trade post were great additions to the map. The RP that results from these things is an entirely different case and most of the time it comes down to bad rp.
  12. I’ve noticed people complaining about how hard it is to take down animals or how they can tank headshots like a champ. So I was reading through reddit and saw something that was interesting. Animals in DayZ have "Kill Zones" where you have to place a bullet to bring an animal down in one shot. The head, is not one of those spots. (Wolves are the exception) There are 2 Kill Zones on most animals that you want to aim for. If you're staring at the animal head on, put your bullet center mass below the neck line. If you're staring at the animals side, place your bullet center mass center mass where the animals front hip meets its torso. See This! You're basically trying to put a bullet in the animals heart or lungs, hit one of these and you'll bring the animal down in one shot almost every time. Bears are the notable exception to this rule, if you see one coming at you, spray that mother trucker down until its not moving anymore.
  13. \Documents\DayZ -> Edit Yourname_settings file -> Search for "fov=" -> profit??? Regardless, this would be a better solution to the camera issue.
  14. Documents -> DayZ -> Your profile name_settings -> headBob=0; no excuses
  15. The only reason to vote no is because it would affect someone’s PVP skills. I’ve seen mods I. ARMA that force certain angles when 3rd person is active. It prevents peaking.
  16. If the zombies and animals are so OP that they can tank .308 rounds like others are saying that is insanely ridiculous. Instead of making them bullet sponges, make them do more damage. A bear should not be able to take 2-3 shots from a bolt action, neither should a zombie. But a bear should be able to take kill you into 2-3. swipes. Zombies also follow the same logic...
  17. Zero

    Lore Wipe

    Just to state the obvious, the fact that we are still doing Chernarus despite it being 11 years old since the release of ARMA 2 is a big part of the problem. How many times have we seen Slavic nationalists, communists, and Russian military? I don't know, because I've lost track. And it's always the same reasons behind them existing. Yes, the Russian military has decided to annex Chernarus.. Because.. why?.. There aren't really any strategic resources, it's a backwater hillbilly country, there aren't really any threats to the Russians and nationalists are just that, Cherno-Russians circle jerking to the leaders of Chernarus. Communists are fun, but they've been done a hundred times already. I'm not bashing any current groups, the only groups on Chernarus at the moment are the only ones doing anything. The other people seem to be talking about how nice the weather is in Livonia. I think part of the issue is we keep rehashing the same things over and over and we expect them to change just by wiping the lore. Nothing is going to change unless we move on from old ideas, including Chernarus. In order for a lore wipe to be viable there needs to be a new map, whether that's Livonia, Namalsk, or some map off the steam workshop. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I want to see some shadowy Namalsk faction that works behind the scenes, or some groups that would be in a United States setting like corrupt police units that force people into doing things for protection. Different groups, different settings, different virus origins. We also need unique content to the server. If we did a lore jump by 5, 10, 25 years, we need content like scrap vehicles and weapons, overgrown buildings, and more. Even if we didn't go that route we still need content that makes this server UNIQUE. But that requires $$$...
  18. I was recently made aware of some items in the base fortification mod. I was told window barriers persistence is lower then regular walls. This is an issue. I keep seeing shitty walls being placed inside of buildings and to be frank it looks like doo doo. I suggest making window barricades the same as walls so people will stop using walls to fortify an apartment.
  19. Zero

    Lore Wipe

    Lore wipe but set the lore five or ten years after the outbreak. Or maybe 25 years. That would be pretty fucking cool. But if you did that you would have to invest in some actual things like custom vehicles and guns. Scrap vehicles and homemade guns would need to be a thing.
  20. I would probably say no. Furthermore I don’t see any reason to lock groups or characters for that matter to certain maps unless for instance we had a map set in a different region of the world like Namalsk or the US. Livonia and Chernarus are relatively close and would probably only take a few days travel by car.
  21. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/8174-zero/warnings/5569/ Why the verdict is not fair: I honestly did not realize that this was considering glorifying a perma-banned player. I have seen people post these things before and never witnessed them being issued points. I was under the impression that glorifying a banned player would be stating something like "G19 did nothing wrong" or posting a meme that would promote whatever behavior that the individual was banned for. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I wasn't aware that this would be considering glorifying someone after being perma-banned. If I knew it was I wouldn't have posted it to begin with. I truly thought that the rule was put into place to prevent things like memes being posted on the discord or forums to promote bad behavior like what happened when a lot of old players decided to post memes and got themselves banned. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Explanation of how this was glorifying or even promoting the behavior that which led to his ban, either a caution issued or removal of points entirely as it was an honest mistake. I did not realize was considered a violation of the rule. What could you have done better?: Not brought up the removal of a banned player to begin with. I have been clean for a long while even despite my absence and was hoping to remain so as I am about to return to the community other then just posting in the forums and discord. I wanted to return with a clean slate and show that I have changed from some of my previous toxic behavior.
  22. I can’t think of any mod that has them but I do know that some servers have had a mossberg shockwave. I think we should pay a hundred or so dollars for some models and for a freelance modder to make some guns that can be a part of the DayZRP mod instead of relying on other mods on the workshop.
  23. I voted yes but I was thinking more along the lines of shotguns and bolt actions. Something like the this. Mossberg Nightstick and 590 Mossberg Retrograde. Then there’s the Winchester Extreme Weather, a variant of the Winchester 70 that’s already in game.
  24. Misho is a dev for some company though and I highly doubt he would want to do dev work then come home and do more for free. The other devs do retextures, map changes, and loot tables I don’t know if fully fledged weapons or vehicles is their speciality.
  25. If you go to the DayZ Modding Discord there are developers that offer their services for relatively cheap prices. And they look really good too. All you have to do is give them a game ready model. If we don’t want to spend $100 for custom assets then we don’t really deserve them lol
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