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  1. If you want it removed (personally I do) then make a poll and let the community decide.
  2. I will add on to what I have already stated, while I feel like it can enhance the RP at times I believe we should ban it as it’s never used appropriately. The only time I have seen it used in an appropriate manner was when @StagsviewRB did his group and that required special permission and admin oversight if I am not mistaken. I would say to remove it on the servers as the majority can’t use it in a serious manner.
  3. Personally it’s fine imo if you only drop it once to emphasize your character, anything above that can be reported and most likely will result in a ban. You’re always free to report things you feel are toxic to the community.
  4. *A man would reply* Brother that sounds real familiar. Like you took it from a comic book and changed the words up a little..” *He would release the PTT*
  5. Honestly a smaller but complete map would be better. That way there can be more infected and the server would be stable. I don't think that the map such as Chernarus+ can handle 100 player cap, hordes, and cars.
  6. To clarify I was the one you encountered. The other person you were speaking with was a friendly doctor we decided to let shack up in the checkpoint to help us. I was sitting in the dark with my nods and overheard you telling him we were probably cannibals and had human corpses in the base. I took this as propaganda as we have had people using radio broadcasts for propaganda purposes. At the time we were about to move out to conduct business. I probably jumped the gun with my response and will admit it was not my best moment. The goal was to scare you since you had just said we ate people. I want to apologize if the RP seemed sub-par. To answer your other questions, we will always try to give the best RP possible and from what I have seen we don't try to execute someone unless it makes sense (like if they decided to go to war with us and we capture them or they spread propaganda and we capture them, though we always try to give people ultimatums like spy for us or something else).
  7. Zero

    I’ll just leave this here. 


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      Let it stay dead. Fuck.

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      Nice meme.


  8. Since we are talking about it, something I notice a lack of is diversity when it comes to hostile RP. I remember at one time we had sell sword mercenaries, crazy cultists, mad scientists, capitalist slavers, underground smugglers and weapons dealers, and cut throat bandits. There was at one point a niche for everyone, even if you preferred campfire RP you could find an option that would interest you and allow you to dip your toes in. Now we got.. bandits. That’s really it.. Anarchy is really the only group that can actually do anything and their checkpoint and weapons license system is interesting but at the end of the day Anarchy at its heart is just that, anarchist bandits. They fit a certain role, but where are all the other groups? When I talk to some people and suggest a unique style or bring up torture RP I am met with “Bro that’s so edgy and stupid.” Well no wonder everyone is bored, there’s no diversity anymore and anything that isn’t standard bandit RP is torn apart. I remember when Jack Fish had that cannibal character, personally I liked the character but I know some people said it was too edgy. Bring back diversity and up the edge and the server would be more fun..
  9. And so we plummet even further into the realm of Altis Life RP. 

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      plummet me daddy

  10. *Kilian would reply* “Sandbags are needed, not sure about other supplies.” *He would release the PTT*
  11. Yeah and the community use to be that way but now you have people that are so salty about not being able to win that they genuinely hate other people. There is no good sportsmanship for the most part anymore and now this ruling just give the salty bois more firepower and reason to not give good RP. With all that being said I know the issue doesn’t lie solely with those being held up, the ones doing the hostile RP can and do abuse what can be done to an extent but now the person being taken doesn’t have to do jack diddly shit and can get away with anything they want almost.
  12. Yeah this shit is dumb, it’s already been a thing for the longest time that the people being taken hostage have all the power to the point that the hostile rper in the situation can’t do anything. The solution? Let’s give them more power. Genius I say. Actions have no consequences and this place is becoming more and more like altis life, the last time my story was actually moved forward was directly after the lore wipe, all the people I played with left because everything is pointless now.
  13. Okay I'm going to nitpick. That's not even anything similar to what combat logging is by definition, but I do agree with you. Just add it under a new rule or fit it under another one that fits better. Just tacking something on under CL would lead to confusion imo, but if it fell under bad-rp or something else then that would make more sense.
  14. *A man with a southern accent comes on the radio* “This is a new world. A world where the strong rule and the weak submit. The old world died with disease and nuclear fire. It’s time to leave it to rot. The days where men with ideals of liberalism and equality are gone. Those same men are the ones who responsible for the end of the old world. Perhaps you are strong, leave behind your ideals and join us or die like the rest.” *He would release the PTT.*
  15. An additional thing would be perhaps LMs would look at the logs and enter the totals onto a page dedicated to all the wars that are occurring. Not sure if that could be coded so someone doesn’t have to manually input it but this would allow people to keep track of war progress.
  16. 1. Logs could be pulled. 2. Would just be an option really and was more of a suggestion of how people could RP it out if they wanted to. 3. Obviously the losing side would be forced archived If it wasn’t the war would be pointless. Also the idea is ultimately to make stories matter. If chars don’t die then they’re pointless. If party A decided to let party Bs leader not have to PK that’s up them. I say that because it would be interesting to let the leader survive and execute all his friends in front of him. That person could be broken for being responsible for all those deaths. once again that is just a suggestion of how they could go with the RP. I always see people cry about nothing ever mattering in RP. This would even the playing field for everyone and make it equal. In the end it would be an option for people to choose. If someone gets salty because of a choice they made then that’s just something wrong with that persons moral character
  17. Yeah and this would get rid of that excuse of “oh I would PK but I know the other people won’t” and get rid of people complaining that firefights don’t do anything. It’s also completely optional so if people just want to keep dying over and over then it’s up to them.
  18. Someone posted a suggestion about forced PKs so I came up with this idea. What if we had a way on the forums where we can declare war if two parties are in a faction? The requirements would have to be 1. Both parties agree to the declaration. 2. After a series of firefights one side wins the war. The losing side is forced to PK and archive their group. To add on, the amount of firefights needed to win would have to be something like 3 perhaps 5. It doesn’t matter how they are won or how they occur. Of course you still have to initiate. If the party complies you have the option of executing them (you’re at war, so you gain rights) or you can take them prisoner where they will sort of have to be forced to stay with your group when they’re online. I think that this option would give an ultimatum to people that keep crying about faction wars and firefights being pointless and since it’s optional and both parties have to agree it doesn’t hurt by adding it. This could also create more RP because if one side wanted to they could have a trial for the “war criminals” (Whoever lost the war). Also if people get captured but then rescued that could make a lost firefight null and reset the board, though that begins to complicate things. obviously this would be on an honesty and Good sportsmanship type scale to an extent but so are a lot of other rules. The main suggestion is just add a declaration of war with the two bullet points above. The other stuff I added is just fluff.
  19. Please remove them. You got a shemagh and a cowl bro. Only if we introduce a rule where I can shoot child chars in the face.
  20. I wish the electric boogaloo would hurry up and kick off already, or a total societal collapse of the US / Western civilization. 

  21. *A man with a southern accent gets on the radio.* “Hello stranger. My comrades run a friendly trade zone and we protect the roads in the area of Vybor. Come around here if you want to be safe and trade.” *The transmissions ends.
  22. That’s what I was imagining and personally I think it looks perfect. Not sure how hard it is to make comfort, but the pill bottle looks nice. Maybe there could be a lore event where the makers of the drug are able to manufacture on a larger scale. If the devs have time maybe it could create an effect where you see colors or something along those lines. The drug from what I understand puts you in a blissful trance.
  23. I’m sure we could push for it. The interest is more than some of the other items the devs added. Renaming and texturing is more simple than modeling as well.
  24. So I am not close friends with the people who came up with this lore invention. Perhaps some people are familiar with it. For those that aren’t comfort is a drug created in one of the “safe” zones from what I understand. It’s a highly addictive and I’ve seen it used in a few storylines with people that are really heavy into the RP aspect of the community. @StagsviewRB would have more information about this. I would like to suggest an actual item for this comfort drug. It could be as simple as using an already made item and retexturing and renaming it. this item in lore is suppose to be rare so it should probably only be spawned in and not added to the loot table. I think if we added in the item it could encourage RP around it and get more people involved with the lore. I think the original creators should have a say so in this as well. The issue with just rping the item is anyone can say they have it. it would be cool to add as it could also create an economy.
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