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  1. Yeah but don’t you think that’s a lot of work? I mean I make polls on what seems like a weekly maybe bi weekly basis lately. Something might seem important to me but not important to admin. Obviously I would like to see that suggestion be taken but I doubt it would pan out.
  2. But then the polls will never matter unless an admin pins it. Usually when a poll is going one way that means a majority would vote the same does it not? What’s the point in me doing all these polls when the biggest turnout I’ve had is just over 100. Big changes to the server are being made but only 60-100 turnout for the poll. do we need some sort of dayzrp Supreme Court or something.
  3. *Kilian gets on his radio and replies* ”Hey baby I got something you can report on. You can take pictures and everything.” *He laughs then releases the PTT.*
  4. Boys I got a great idea. Anarchist work camps.
  5. I always hated multiple servers because you could base on one area on one server then people would come there on the other and no one would be there. Then there would be a flood of radio threads of either your enemy gloating about your base being theirs or some random came to your base for help but says it’s abandoned but with that being said we def need two servers. Capping it past 80 makes things unstable.
  6. Yeah bro. Why was my child RP thread ignored and closed. There were over 100 that voted (which is probably consisting of the most active players). But my thread was ignored despite 60% votes to ban it and for good reason. I thought the trader idea was a good idea ONLY because I thought we couldn’t monetize mod items. Well we can. So why is it being added? Let groups and people form merchant areas. Not an NPC.
  7. Tbh this is kind of unusual. Not sure if a bunch of people recently got white listed.
  8. I agree with what Timeremortem said. It makes no sense to add a non functioning version. God I would hate to raid someone’s base and steal a suit then I drop dead while in a zone because it’s just a cosmetic item.
  9. If this is an issue of balancing in terms of slots then is it possible to disable the ability to add a backpack to your character if you’re wearing a belt vest? This would seem like a better solution then removing them.
  10. So masses many item mods allow for people to use a certain type of vest in the belt slot which gets rid of the belt. These from my experience were moderately rare. Roland has decided to remove them unfortunately. I am petitioning for keeping them instead. There is absolutely no reason to remove these vests. Balance wise if you run any other vest with the belt combo your stamina drops significantly. There is also the issue of why are we adding these mods to only to remove a bunch of things in the process? There are so many items in the mod that I have never even seen. I’m not sure if they even spawn so they are essentially removed. Another issue is what if people simply don’t want to carry a backpack? Even with a vest such as a high cap it gets very difficult to carry essential items. I for one hate carrying backpacks but the Smersh vest belt item allowed me to carry what I deem the essentials without having to tote a bag around. I would also like to add that the practice of using a plate carrier with an assault type vest was very common during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Please think about keeping these items in game.
  11. This post is for beanz. Can you spare a can for a poor, homeless man? 

    1. Lemons


      For the low price of 3.99$

    2. Woodzie


      Donald Trump Debate GIF by Election 2016

    3. Kordruga


      You can have my beanz, I hope all is well Mr.Zero

    4. Terra


      Have a can of mine too ❤️

    5. Aisling


      Why would I feed someone whos leaving us!

    6. Zero


      Because I’m hungry and live in a 📦 


    7. BongoJoe


      Here's some beans ya dirty bunghole. Get a job. 

  12. In general it’s absolute dog shit. The only way you will be able to enjoy yourself is if you manage to find a clique to fit into. Most of the time that requires isolating yourself which is also shit because if you end up getting bored anyways.
  13. Pretty sure that was explained tho in a lore post somewhere about nuclear reactors and weapons depots exploding near the border.
  14. It’s called wind. It tends to carry toxic particles away from different areas. You know, like how fallout works?
  15. Seriously? so we finally have something that makes the game somewhat dangerous and somewhat difficult and people are already crying. No. Tisy should be hard to loot. Period. You should have to actually work for high level loot in this game. I will say this though. I would prefer a radiation mod instead of having giant clouds.
  16. I think I might take a break. Everything seems to either be constant PvP lately or people with their head so far up their ass they think that their shit doesn’t stink; this seems to be coupled with the mentality of wanting to be in isolation so they can circle jerk each other for hours on end. This place has certainly changed a lot over the years. 

    1. Roland



    2. Wulf


      Where's all the banter gone? Seems like everyone just wants to fuck over everyone else. Even the reports are just another game of win or lose.

  17. Advocating violence against the homeless is not okay people. 😂

    1. KennethRP


      Am I right?! 

  18. Before the radio became buggy I used it all the time. It’s actually really fun.
  19. *The man would reply.* "Hm, an odd time to be collecting history but who am I to judge. I will keep an eye out for any of the pieces you are looking for." *The broadcast ends.*
  20. *A man would come over the radio.* "My friend are you wanting to go to war or open a history exhibit? I am not a museum curator but a salesman of the finest modern weapons. Perhaps I could interest you in an M249 or a Steyr scout rifle?" *He releases the PTT.*
  21. Probably can't find anyone because they're all sitting on a fucking island.
  22. *Kilian would get on his radio and make a broadcast* "Lorcan, I've got that product I was talking about a week or two ago. Get to me when you can, this shit wasn't easy to find but I'm sure you'll be happy with the results." *He would release the PTT.*
  23. *A man would come over the radio* “I suggest you find another line of work before an accident happens. South Zagoria is a dangerous place my friend. Would be a shame if you were to end up in a dirty ditch bleeding out.” *The transmission would end.*
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