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  1. If this group needs members so badly why don't some of the staff members join and help with the lore?
  2. I don’t know, I feel like I’d be seeing a lot of Trump-esque tweets.
  3. It is I, militia man Zero. I am excited to spread wealth and prosperity to all citizens within the South Zagoria territory of the Russian Federation.
  4. I will be honest, I don't see a reason to have another Chernarussian nationalist group when CLF is such a large part of the lore. CLF already seems to tolerate if not accept foreigners so what would make this group stand out when compared to the CLF?
  5. Zero


    What kind of AK is that?
  6. I kind of feel like there isn't much to spice up the gameplay of the game currently. I wasn't sure if this mod had been considered. I know at one point the toxic zone mod was part of the game and caused instability? I'm not sure how heavy the load would be from this mod but it seems a lot more fun then tank bears to make gameplay.. "fun"..
  7. Zero


    1. RiZ



    2. Zero



  8. If you can make it not look dumb, why not?
  9. Who cares? It’s a RP server and we make changes that make shit OP all the time. Exhibit one. Tank wolves and bears and armored zombies. They take so many bullets it’s unrealistic, even for heavy armor. Make stuff more realistic. If it’s that big of a deal you can offset it by reducing the spawn of saline, though I’m not sure why you would do that because I personally don’t find them often.
  10. Good luck with this group surviving now I guess. Lasted three weeks. o7
  11. I vote to add it just because Whitename doesn’t like it.
  12. I mean you could RP as a chernarussian gang or mafia. Prolly better than some random Italians in chernarus tbh. Seen this a thousand times already. Never really see local gangs or criminal organizations.
  13. Yeah, it's almost as if the server is unstable due to the slots. Just like how the people who built the game stated servers would be unstable when mods are active and the slots are pushed too far. Who woulda thought.
  14. If I have to re gear again because of a wipe I’ll riot. Sucks ass having to perform lore faction duties and constantly regear.
  15. :trolle:


    1. Whitename


      Epic iPhone screenshot

    2. Zero


      Wouldn’t save right man. 

    3. Whitename


      Use the crop tool boomer

    4. Zero


      What’s a crop tool? 

  16. I think some mods seem to be redundant if I am going to be honest. Squad isn’t one of them though. If you don’t have all the good mods on the server then people will eventually go else where to play. Losing the weapons from the mod is already shitty enough, don’t take away the only thing left that makes some of the factions unique and stand out as a faction that looks like a real military force. Other servers already have mods like expansion. I think you’re hurting the player base in the end. I say wipe the hive and let us regear. It probably won’t be such a bad thing anyways because it would allow the factions to get out some instead of having to bunker down in a prefab. If it hasn’t been already I think a report from a staff member should be given to the mod authors as well.
  17. Or just create an explosive item such as C4 and have that be the only way to destroy the metal. That thing is thick as hell. No way even a sledge hammer could get through it imo.
  18. People voted to change ALL the animals health. This isn’t WoW. Raid bosses are stupid. Change it all because that’s what people want.
  19. Zero

    DayZRP 20.6.2

    So was it the guns or the fact that the server really isn't able to handle so many people?
  20. While I know the topic wasn't intended to be about the group Anarchy, sense it has developed that way I think I should say something as someone who was a member. It was fun times in the group. The RP was good. But I think the lore wipe should be about new ideas.
  21. This isn’t a MMO RPG so why are the animals treated like raid bosses anyways? We got a cool enemy. It’s a zombie in a jug suit.
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