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  1. Zero

    The Commission [Open Recruitment]

    If you are having trouble with graphics then I could possibly locate someone that does free graphics. These of course are also very well done graphics that you will actually be able to see and read.
  2. Zero

    Fangs Are Back

    This isn’t Black Fangs but it sure is a repost.
  3. Zero

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    • Major

    Lore wipe when?

    1. Fae



    2. Galland


      Its getting time Major...

  4. Zero

    What qualifies as an initiation now?

    After a discussion in Discord I would like to raise a question. What qualifies as an initiation now? At one point Roland himself stated that it’s only an initiation if you state there is a consequence if you don’t do an action. Now I am being told differently. If someone were being followed and they turned around, pulled out a weapon, and told them to stop following them is this an initiation? Would it be different if they pointed a weapon? This situation doesn’t give a consequence. obviously if they said “stop following me or I will kill you” would be a different situation. If this does qualify as an initiation can we please stop changing it every other year because it confuses me and I’m sure it confuses others.
  5. Zero

    Outfits for groups

    I disagree. There are some groups that would have supply lines and ability to keep equipment restocked through their lore background but can’t do so because of current game limitations. Potius is a prime example of this as the lore masters allowed them ( at least from my knowledge) to have helicopters and supply drops which were done through admin msgs. I know when I ran aegis they also allowed this. Military factions are another example. it’s kind of hard to find pristine uniforms by looting constantly and attempting to find the right piece. It would be nice to see group outfits. Maybe specific retextures of certain items or something.
  6. Zero

    An Ode to the Bayonet

    Some realistic melee weapon damage would be very nice.
  7. Zero

    Position in queue: 31

    Buy diamond rank and your queue problem will not be a problem anymore
  8. Zero

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    I want to see this group be successful. Maybe you should look into the looking for group thread and PMing new white lists?
  9. Zero

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    That’s what I’m afraid of too. While I do think it’s true the server is slowly becoming altis life in nature, think adding fast travel is a bad idea. Maybe even traders. What could be done to balance trading is to make it where the trader is only open certain hours and the area changes each time.
  10. Zero


    The real question is why do we have that added to the server
  11. Zero


    I always wonder who the fuck votes no on this type of things. Some times I can see some arguments from not adding things but not this.
  12. Zero


    I can’t even do radio RP now. 👺

    1. Eagle


      Sad times.

  13. Zero


    *Holds out tin cup* 

    pleaze spare a beanz for a poor, homeless man. 

  14. Zero

    The Second Shakhovkan State [Open Recruitment]

    There can only be one slave trading network sir.
  15. Zero

    • Zero
    • Pontiff

    When Roland opens up RDR RP you can be my trusty priest sidekick. We can travel the lands spreading the gospel and handing out divine justice to the wicked. 

    1. Pontiff


      dominic cooper preacher GIF by Amazon Prime Video UK


    2. FalkRP



    3. Zero


      Falk will be our arch nemesis. 

    4. Otto


      You fellas making plans to replace me I see.

  16. Zero

    RDR2 RP

    We all know you want to open up DeadRP Roland.
  17. Zero

    Remove NBC Clothing from Item Shop

    Maybe add a texture of duct tape somewhere on it to show it’s compromised. If not remove it..
  18. Zero

    Head Bandage / Eye Cover

    Like Ducky already said, the teams needs 3D modelers. 3D modelers are hard to come by because it’s a difficult process and very time consuming.
  19. Zero

    Livonia Map Gameplay and First look

    We’ve been playing the same map set in the same country set in the same area of the world since 2013. It’s 2019. Let’s let that sink in. It’s been SIX years.
  20. Zero

    Livonia Map Gameplay and First look

    Jesus Christ. Can we just change the signs and say this was somewhere in the United States? I’m so tired of Chernarus and Russians and I think a lot of people feel the same way.
  21. Zero

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    If it was a map based in the US I would play it.
  22. Zero


    My name is ZeroRP because you’re gonna get zero roleplay and I’m gonna get all your gear. If you have a problem with it git good. 

    1. Pontiff


      chow yun fat yes GIF

    2. Stagsview


      zero u memer.

    3. Otto


      ZeroRP because no computer.

      Gets all my gear cus I die from tabbing out to all these status updates.

    4. Zero




  23. Zero


    Just finished watching MrMoons movie. That ending was a fucking twist. @GaryCash you need to check it out if you haven’t yet. 

  24. Zero

    Keep Belt Vests

    Looking at the poll already it projects a majority want to keep the items. What gives?
  25. Zero

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Thing is a bunch of people don’t want certain things removed but they’re being removed anyways....
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