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    Add an inland prison

    I say yes. It sounds like a good idea to me. Not sure where a good location would be though. Not many empty areas that make sense. It would be cool to have a military like prison as the current island seems to be a civilian prison. Maybe an gulag or insane asylum? You could make it have lots of medical areas. I like the idea already.
  2. Zero

    Add waterproof & warmth to certain clothing

    I doubt it works like that in all honesty. I think people are really going to want some water proof clothing when Livonia launches. The new map is suppose to be hardcore survival apparently and it’s constantly raining. People already complain when it rains on chernarus due to the lack of water proof options, traveling is halted entirely when it rains and I know people get angry when they have to stop and make fires constantly. Reason I added the poncho is because it looks like a cloak to me that’s been draped over the shoulders + it s always a good idea to have variety in equipment
  3. Zero

    Add waterproof & warmth to certain clothing

    But ponchos are warm and cozy.
  4. Zero

    Add waterproof & warmth to certain clothing

    I suggest that we add warmth + water proof protection for certain clothing items so as to protect you during a rain storm. One item I propose that we add the same effects to the poncho item as ponchos are typically cloaks that were historically used to provide protection from the elements which included heavy rainfall. They also provided warmth. if you have any ideas post them below.
  5. Zero

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    Big no from me. The choice of having the island as a base is a tactical decision. It’s easily defensible and that’s what makes it a great place to live. Kind of sucks people abuse it but not much else you can do. Besides. I think it’s not possible to remove already placed items on the map. You can add but you can’t remove.
  6. Zero

    Allow KOS during queue

    I think this is a great idea.
  7. Zero

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    I remember when base building was first released. Me and @Otto made a sweet ass compound. We didn’t store any gear there really. We found tents and barrels and brought them there but we didn’t care if they got stolen. What pissed me off so much was the fact that a certain group knew when we were offline and would wait until then, then they would go in and steal everything including our generators, floodlights, cables, so on. We didn’t give a shit about the stores rifles or tents. We only cared about the lights. Mostly because it was the only way to light the place efficiently as it was fairly large + it allowed us to blind people if they approached the base gate at night which was totally badass. Anyways. After this happened 3-4 times we finally decided to raid their base and clear them out. Problem was they just came back, stole our shit, then moved base. As you can imagine this pissed off to no end as the base was just suppose to be an RP hub. I understand how you feel and I too think that office base raiding shouldn’t be allowed but without it people just hoard a bunch of shit. In my situation there was no hoarding which just made it worse.
  8. Zero


    I would just be careful is all. It seems the rules and interpretations flip flop depending on the day of the week so I don’t know.
  9. Zero


    Putting guns in log storage seems like it might be a bug and potentially AOGM if that is the case.
  10. Zero

    Need a female RPer to play my 15 year old daughter

    I would recommend not rping a child because frankly it’s not needed on the server and makes everything awkward for other people. Why can’t you just RP that you’re daughter was kidnapped? You don’t have to have someone actually play the character.
  11. Zero

    Upcoming new mods

    I just saw this thread. 1. Trade Zone: I’m skeptical. I know I can’t play now but I hope I can soon. I was on board to an extent with the trader and I’m glad you took my suggestion to not add everything to the NPC and instead it’s only common items. If you’re gonna do the trade zone maybe it would be a good idea for it to only be open certain hours and after those hours are up it’s not a safe zone anymore. 2. DayZ Casino I’ve always wanted poked or card games so this is cool but I think it’s only worth it if you can play against another player. 3. Gun Paint I’m on the fence about it. Allows for more customization but kind of makes it more like COD or Altis Life. 4. Fast Travel If you implement fast travel I hope this only works by adding four or five locations to the map. Each one being the four corners and then the middle of the map play area. Conclusion I’m not gonna be against it but I’m skeptical. We’ll have to see how this plays out.
  12. Zero

    Livonia Map Gameplay and First look

    Yes I agree with you community member Ron. This is a wonderful idea. I think we should do a lore jump. It can bring many interesting things into RP.
  13. Zero

    “Comfort” drug item

    I am willing to provide models if necessary if staggs or other minds behind comfort want to see it in game
  14. Zero

    Unnecessary Post

    Link to the source of punishment: can’t link it as I only have a phone now. Why the verdict is not fair: yeah I have no idea why these points were even handed out. I simply advised a community member to please stop necroing threads from several months ago. He went on a 24 hour necroing party and no points were even handed out to him. If I decided to necro threads I would have gotten points, I’ve seen it done before on at least two occasions in my time here. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I seriously was just trying to help the guy not get in trouble and I am punished for it. If anything a PM or caution would have sufficed but fuck me I guess. I’ve been trying to help people lately and have refrained from any type of banter that could be taken out of context in an attempt to be a productive community member. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed obviously. What could you have done better?: Keep my dirty whore mouth shut and refrain from backseat moderating. Damned if I help new people damned if I don’t.
  15. Zero

    Addendum to griefing rule

    Here’s another problem with you wanting this rule. What is to stop someone from emptying a tent themselves, then reporting the base raider, and then saying “hey this tent was empty, there fore this is griefing” too many problems with this bandits have to be friendly and nice and organize your loot again for you.
  16. Zero

    Addendum to griefing rule

    They might be easy for you to make but not everyone knows how to craft certain items. I don’t know 3/4 of the shit added in by the mods we have. My point still stands. If you steal a tent but leave behind the items that’s not griefing. If you pulled all the items out, then unpacked the tent, and left everything on the floor that IS griefing. If they stole your tent for a purpose then they obviously didn’t just leave everything there “for laughs” they took what they needed and left. For future reference and as a way to cover my ass I will just bring a giant ass box truck and then take all your gear you took so long to collect.
  17. Zero

    Addendum to griefing rule

    If they stole your tent then why would they realistically place everything neatly back into other containers you have scattered everywhere? Your comparison is a bit laughable. If a someone robs your home they typically trash it in the process of trying to find valuables. They don’t neatly fold your undies and place them back in your designated underwear drawer. It’s not like a robber robbing you then taking a shit in your cabinet. It’s more like a robber just robbing you. plus no one seems to think about the consequences this might have on the person robbing you. When I raid I make it as quick as possible. In and out in 5 or less. Do you realize how long it would take me to tidy up your nice little camp if I’m required to neatly place everything in different places because you only have so much space in each tent. It’s just not realistic. I agree that griefing should be a rule break. But griefing is intentionally dumping items for the sole purpose to despawn them. Either as a joke, being vindictive, or just being a troll. It’s not stealing a tent and leaving the items that were in the tent behind.
  18. Zero

    Addendum to griefing rule

    I think it’s pretty dumb that we say there is a hoarding issue but when raiding and I take a tent it’s an issue that the items are left out to despawn. I’m not griefing but why should I as someone who is robbing you be required to neatly place all your items back into a tent on the other side of your compound. Or have to find slots in five different tents just to cram in al your useless junk you are hoarding? If we’re gonna keep this ruling then there should be something added to the rule. Stealing a tent and leaving the items there is NOT griefing.
  19. Zero

    “Comfort” drug item

    I want it. Personally I can’t be assed to RP out an item that isn’t even in game if I’m going to be honest and I know for a fact a lot of others feel the same way. I want to have the RP that comes with narcotics but if you tried to get new white lists to RP out this without there being an item they can keep track of through gameplay mechanics then they aren’t going to bother with it. it’s like marijuana. I can remember one instance in my time here since 2015 where people RPed out joints and getting high. But once we added the item in game lots of people use it and even sell it. There’s literally nothing stopping someone from saying “oh yeah I got 20 pills of comfort I’ll sell you”. Good luck with that in a report section. I also think we should take what we can get and be thankful Ducky is at least trying. Personally if I came up with something I would be honored if it was decided or at least attempted to put the item in game. To say that drug dealers don’t put pills in bottles to sell is also false. They usually combine all the pills into a bottle and sell them that way so I don’t see anything wrong with a bottle labeled comfort. Just make the item count low or something.
  20. Zero

    Gas mask buffs

  21. Zero

    Initiation before raiding

    Why not remove wooden boxes and instead replace them with other storage items that spawn in small quantities such as tents, barrels, and lockers from the mods we have?
  22. Zero

    Add Bible and Quran (books overall) to item shop

    I suggested this weeks ago.
  23. Zero

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Two weeks ago I was cleansed of my sins in holy fire. I expect a spot on this roster if I am able to return anytime soon.
  24. Zero

    The Commission [Open Recruitment]

    If you are having trouble with graphics then I could possibly locate someone that does free graphics. These of course are also very well done graphics that you will actually be able to see and read.
  25. Zero

    Fangs Are Back

    This isn’t Black Fangs but it sure is a repost.
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