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    Turn down night time duration

    No one is mad here, I was just making a point. Idk why everything has to be rustled jimmies these days. I was one of the people who wanted more night time as it’s more immersive having a working day night cycle, lots of people wanted it.
  2. Zero

    Turn down night time duration

    How about no. It’s a survival game. Night time is suppose to give people some time to RP the more survival things that aren’t screaming and shooting. Learn to not just initiate or firefight for one hour or so and have some relaxation around a fire I find combining both play styles is the most fun tbh. Just get a flashlight or night vision if you feel like you have to travel at night. I get that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but as a community we should try to have a little bit of everything for everyone. Not just having a majority of one thing. Diversify.
  3. Zero

    Petya Build mod

    Looks nice. Would be cool to have more building options.
  4. Zero

    Is it possible?

    Eh. Probably. We did this years ago but i think it had to be done manually. Once S1 filled Roland would open S2. Not sure if it’s possible to script or something. I don’t know how all that works. The problem with that is people still continue to spam S1 but use S2 to loot while others are queuing S1.
  5. Zero

    Reduction and removal of craftable storage

    I was thinking about this last time Roland did a stream on server performance. It would be better to just remove craftable storage and then increase all of the different storage items like lockers, tents, and barrels.
  6. Zero

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    The point is they don’t make any sense to be here and to be frank takes me out of a serious RP moment, especially when you have underage people already here acting like this is an altis life server. These are the type of people that play a child character but start beating up a full grown man without rping out the fact they are a child but that’s just another argument entirely.
  7. Zero

    The Current Whitelist

    I think a bunch of people through the last wave might just be looking for a no KOS server or a light RP server. This simply isn’t the place for that. I’m not even playing but already know about how much rule breaking is going on. When these waves go through it makes me not want to play because people don’t even know the rules. There are ways to have people’s whitelist revoked, start reporting and recording when these people say they didn’t even know it was a rule because you would know that certain stuff is a rule break if you actually read through the rules page.
  8. Zero

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    I just don’t understand why the colorful gorka jackets were shot down but this shit was added. Plis remove.
  9. Zero

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    I mean you could just kos the cat eat people.
  10. Zero


    I’ve been away for a month or so, Dayzrp is kind of an escape so it sucks not being able to play with friends. I have nothing I can do in my spare time so you can imagine the boredom.
  11. Zero

    The Time. [GOTY 2019]

    I wish I could be a slave right now.
  12. Zero

    The Time. [GOTY 2019]

    Does this mean return of trade post?
  13. Zero

    DayZRP Story Time: Fae's Pet

    If I ever get a microphone I want to play the next cowboy role.
  14. Zero

    Bleed mechanics suck

    I’m not even gonna read through all the comments. This is a SURVIVAL game. It’s suppose to be HARD. Compared to other games DayZ doesn’t even scratch the surface as being “difficult or challenging”. If it’s too hard for you then start utilizing the medical system. Use blood bags and saline. Yeah getting cut drains your health but I think your over exaggerating quite a bit.
  15. Zero

    Greetings All!!

    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy it here. It’s the best place I’ve found for RP and it’s stayed afloat since 2012 so that’s got to say something. If you haven’t already I would check out the newcomer guide under the information tab.
  16. Zero

    It's been a while.

    Horseman Fox, or am I thinking of someone else?
  17. Zero


    Hello welcome to the community. Hope you have fun here, you might get frustrated at certain things but it’s the best place I’ve found for RP. If you haven’t read it yet I would recommend checking out the newcomer guide under the information tab. Good luck.
  18. Zero


    To be fair we decided to make a map that is suppose to be part of the U.S. a territory of an Eastern European country.
  19. Zero

    Remove long implementing / dismantling items (base parts, traps, etc) & replace with specific base raiding tools that are rare

    Yeah but the point was to disable the ability for those items to be able to take down base parts, not the other stuff lol
  20. Zero



  21. Zero

    Add Bible and Quran (books overall) to item shop

    Roland take our money damn it.
  22. Zero

    Remove long implementing / dismantling items (base parts, traps, etc) & replace with specific base raiding tools that are rare

    I thought only the hammer was used to build? The only rare items would be the saws really. The sledgehammer as far as I am aware is used for dismantling. Part of the reason to make it this way is because as far as I can tell the entire system is interlinked so by making base parts take 5 minutes to dismantle you are forced to do the same thing with traps which is pretty unrealistic.
  23. Zero

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Community Helper Zero here. There’s no rule saying that they can not play as Anarchy and The Shepherds as far I am aware. There is a rule however stating they can’t be officially recognized as two groups. If they wanted to say play The Shepherds one day then switch to Anarchy the next day they fully well could. The only catch I believe would be is that when playing as Anarchy, which would be a dynamic group they would not gain the rights they have as an official group if The Shepherds were approved as a group. Right now there shouldn’t be an issue anyways as they aren’t official yet. By doing what I described as above they could show that Anarchy isn’t just magically gone or dead as some people have been saying which is kind of power gaming imo for others to say they wiped out anarchy or made anarchy run away. I skimmed through the roster, for the most part they seem to have made new characters but there are some that are Anarchy members. As a separate note I don’t believe there is anything barring characters from joining a new group. You might argue that it doesn’t make sense but it makes more sense then you might think as there is a movement known as Christian Anarchism and the movement states that anarchism is Inherent in Christianity Now seeing as I am not staff this isn’t an official ruling, but just what I can interpret from the rules from my knowledge so take it with a grain of salt if you wish.
  24. Zero

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    I say good luck. You guys were always cool, thought it was kind of shitty the way you were always seemingly targeted IC for made up reasons or because people were bored OOC. The constant attacks were crazy and seemed unwarranted to the point of 2.3 levels (the only time I think 2.3 was ever warranted was in saviors situation). It’s also pretty shitty if you guys were actually doxed but don’t let that get you upset as there are a lot of others that wouldn’t do that around here.
  25. Okay, so I’ve wondered why the server has decided to fix base raiding the way it has. We first implemented these long implementing / dismantle times to give base owners more perks for all the work they do. However I think the solution we used is kind of faulty. I assume the longer dismantling and implementing times are tied to traps, which take an insane amount of time to put down. It should not take 3-5 minutes to dismantle a bear trap. My solution is to implement specific tools that are for base raiding and make them extremely rare then we can put the base dismantling times back down to vanilla levels. This is what other servers do and I think it makes base raiding better + solves other issues. The tools that you can use to break into a base would be the sledgehammer, the hacksaw, and the regular blue handle saw. These items should be extremely rare (as rare as night vision perhaps), maybe a bit more common). This would make the tools more sought after and perhaps you could create a trading system around it as people would want to trade other rare items for the ability to break into a big base. In order for this to work you would have to remove the ability for axes or other items to dismantle base parts.
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