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  1. Desolation Redux sounds fun.

  2. Why not replace Chernarus with Takistan?
  3. Someone said that buffing the guns would just render the AI buffs pointless. They're correct. Instead the AI themselves need to be toned down, maybe not back to pre-mod levels, but the wolves and bears shouldn't be tanks.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/8174-zero/warnings/5947/ Why the verdict is not fair: I guess the verdict is fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am aware that what I did was wrong. At the time I was very upset. The archival and complete dismal of the group I was a part of set me off. We had spent countless hours doing work for the group and creating RP for the community, not for just us, not for just myself but for everyone. I stood at a gate for hours on end, doing nothing but RPing with myself and if lucky with the one other guard assigned to man a checkpoint / entrance with me. Furthermore, the hours poured in to attempting to create something mostly for the community through the quartermasters office and the safe zone was completely rendered useless. I was finally happy with the group I was in, the people that were in the group welcomed me with open arms despite me having not spoken to any of them in years. The group itself had so much potential. I think it was completely reasonable that I was upset. What was unreasonable was the manner that I displayed my emotions. I shouldn't have taken it out on the staff team or LMs that have spent so much time preparing a lore for everyone to enjoy. Not just for one group, but for the entire community. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Discord ban lifted, so I can see sneak peak pictures. The glorious work that the God tier developers do excites me to no end and I would like to see these items or things they are working on. What could you have done better?: Not have taken my anger out on lore-masters.
  5. Looks cool. There really isn't any gear for religious characters so why not? Don't know how or who would go about making it though.
  6. Voted yes but would prefer that the map authors lore be used and it be based on where it’s suppose to. Maine, USA. What’s the point in making it Chernarus or RAC controlled when RAC is pretty much done for and the CLF would just move over and do the same thing they are already doing. Do something different for once.
  7. Pls gib us weapon slings.
  8. "There comes a point when you have done such awful things that you have to wonder if the devil will welcome you as a friend when you arrive" Once a member of the prestigious security services of the Democratic Chernarussian Republic, Kazimir's service to his country stretches out through his entire adult life. After serving his mandatory enlistment within the Chernarussian Defense Forces, he sought a career within the Ministry of the Interior. A some what corrupt police officer, Kazimir quickly became a member of O.R.E.L., a unit of highly trained riot and special purpose police. Eventually he went on to become a member of the security service. An agency to counter the Russian F.S.B., the security services were sometimes described as a secret police. When the civil war happened in 2009, Kazimir was assigned to protect government buildings. However, as the situation worsened, some saw the fight as over. When the United States decided to abandon all ties with the Chernarussian government Kazimir went into hiding. Going underground, he remained undetected for several years, watching from the sidelines as the Chernarussian Liberation Front waged a guerrilla war against the R.A.C. and Lopotev's totalitarian regime. It wasn't until the infection swept through the region that Kazimir decided to come out of hiding. Hoping to help his fellow countrymen, he now seeks out the C.L.F. in an effort to once again serve his country.
  9. Zero

    DayZRP 20.6.5

    Just another reason to try to develop in house.
  10. I think it’s fine as it is now. Base building while a cool feature was highly abused by the gear fear crowd and the people who just wanted a no KOS server. It’s better this way. If you want or need a base make a group and get a prefab. I do think that the doors could use a buff though. It seems too easy to break down a metal door.
  11. Unfortunate but makes sense.
  12. Just wondering why grenades were removed? I was told they were by someone and have yet to see one spawn or seen anyone with one so I assume the person wasn’t mistaken. I feel like by removing at least half the weapons from the game has made it kind of boring compared to vanilla.
  13. If this group needs members so badly why don't some of the staff members join and help with the lore?
  14. So when can I play as NATO?

    1. Rover


      Right NOW.
      On Livonia.

    2. Zero



    3. Azu




    4. Zero


      @groovy azu make livonia great again


    5. Whitename


      In Chernarus? Never lmao

  15. I don’t know, I feel like I’d be seeing a lot of Trump-esque tweets.
  16. It is I, militia man Zero. I am excited to spread wealth and prosperity to all citizens within the South Zagoria territory of the Russian Federation.
  17. I will be honest, I don't see a reason to have another Chernarussian nationalist group when CLF is such a large part of the lore. CLF already seems to tolerate if not accept foreigners so what would make this group stand out when compared to the CLF?
  18. Zero


    What kind of AK is that?
  19. Jesus, the feels.


  20. Anyone know if Livonia has a custom loot table? Bored of chernarus and just bought Livonia. 

    1. Whitename


      It's similarly customised as Chernarus. Since there was a lot more NATO presence in the country there are significantly more western weapons than eastern ones. Basically the inverse of Chernarus weapon wise.

      I will warn you (even though you probably already know) that in the last 7 days Livonia had a maximum of 4 players (once, for a little over an hour), an average of 2 players, and a low of, you guessed it: 0.

      Enjoy the RP!

    2. Zero


      I don’t appreciate you tampering with the loot economy to where livonia is at a disadvantage when compared to chernarus whitename. I will be reporting this staff abuse to the highest authority. 

  21. I kind of feel like there isn't much to spice up the gameplay of the game currently. I wasn't sure if this mod had been considered. I know at one point the toxic zone mod was part of the game and caused instability? I'm not sure how heavy the load would be from this mod but it seems a lot more fun then tank bears to make gameplay.. "fun"..
  22. Zero


    1. RiZ



    2. Zero



  23. *W.I.P.* A man with a history of military service that stretches over the years, Mikhail enlisted at eighteen in hopes of escaping a life on the streets of Saint Petersburg. Having been raised in an orphanage his entire life, Mikhail's options were severely limited. A life of crime, or a life within the Russian military. Despite his troubled past, he has managed to thrive in the Russian Army. Originally just serving his part in a simple motor rifle battalion, he met several people that he would later become what he saw as family, one being Valentin Voronin. As time progressed, Mikhail sought something more and went on to join the 45th Guards Spetznaz Brigade. Headquartered in Moscow, the brigade would go on to become a large part of Russian military operations in Eastern Europe. Having took part in both the intervention in Ukraine as well as anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus, Mikhail is no stranger to war or conflict. However after more then a few close calls with death, Mikhail decided to end his enlistment. For a time Mikhail didn't know what to do with himself, eventually he returned to Saint Petersburg where he he searched for work. However, he found that without the military he sought something. Purpose. Brotherhood. After searching for something to fulfill his life, he received a letter from a friend he met while serving in the military, hoping for someone to go along as a guide, Valentin asked Mikhail if he would accompany them in a foreign country. Familiar with the terrain of Chernarus, Mikhail decided to go with Valentin on his trip. *W.I.P.*
  24. If you can make it not look dumb, why not?
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