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  3. HoboDepot 2.0

    How about you just call it The Depot and not play as hobos trying to sell marshmallow launchers? We need a legit trading company, not a some what trolly hobo store.
  4. Graves of South Zagoria The purpose of this thread is for others to post stories and descriptions of any graves they may have created to bury their loved ones in game. Post the description and location of the grave-site and if you want stories of how they passed. I believe this will help avoid awkwardness with people saying they have buried their loved one some where another person has already buried their people. (If you want follow the template below. A picture, followed by the description, location, etc.) Evelyn Windsor Lynch Near Prud Lake is a rudimentary grave marker. Etched into the wood is the name "Evelyn Windsor Lynch". Every other day fresh flowers would be placed by the grave marker.
  5. Names for Stary Sobor

    I think I'm just gonna vote Stary because this just feels like a meme at this point.
  6. Names for Stary Sobor

    I thought Tortuga twas a meme, what about other names? I do like Tortuga though, I won't lie.
  7. The Underground

    I'm too lazy to go back and see if it was addressed but why did you change the name of the group, the last one was pretty cool, lol.
  8. Names for Stary Sobor

    New Paris?.. Or summin..
  9. Raggen går!

    We don't speak that there foreign commie talk round here. welcome back tho
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    Die, die, never comply.

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      and you all did :)

  10. *Jerry, confused by this response, decides to respond himself.* "But.. Radek Kozlov is the current sitting president of Chernarus and the founder of the Strana Vzkříšení, the nationalist party of the country... It's an offshoot of NAPA.. Portaits and fliers are everywhere.. Don't fall for this crazy mans words, he's obviously derranged and not fit for office!" *He releases the PTT.*
  11. *Jerry hears the man on the radio and decides to respond.* "Hey.. Aren't you that guy that randomly held some guys up and got shot up pretty bad.. I don't know what this town thing is but why would someone vote for a mad man who robs everyone.. Vote for Radek instead, he will make Chernarus great again." *He releases the PTT and wonders how the man is still alive.*
  12. The City of Stary.

    Time to mass initiate with only three guys.
  13. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    I logged in at like 3 AM to play Siege and had been informed my account was permanently banned for multiple counts of cheating. Turned out the guy had done it only a few hours previously and the only reason I found out is because he removed all my friends and added some randos and talked to them. @Spartan I sent a case file to Ubi support, just waiting for a response.
  14. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    My account was hacked and the asshole cheated on it apparently.
  15. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Too bad I was PERMA-BANNED.
  16. Prison Island Event

    I had made a suggestion to Galaxy for a way to make this event an actual lore event that could progress a lot of people's story, but I am unsure of how Galaxy feels about it or others. I'll just drop the idea down below and if anyone has any thoughts on it just say so. COBR operators assisted by OREL have been kidnapping members from different groups in South Zagoria in order to gain information on the area. They have managed to do this by setting up ambushes, traps, and grabbing people when they are alone. They have taken the prisoners to the prison island to be tortured for information. After an hour or so of internal RP among the prison personnel and the prisoners, an RCON message will be sent saying that the raid may begin. Depending on who is a prisoner, perhaps the different groups will attempt to attack the other raiding parties if they are enemies and attempt to capture enemy prisoners in the prison in order to gain information from them as well. Ex. COBR have captured a member of PAU and also a member from Black Fangs. When the PAU and Black Fangs attack the compound, they may want to take out PAU in order to grab the PAU prisoner. Meanwhile in the prison, the prisoners can start a riot in an attempt to escape.
  17. Paid Staff

    I would just like to apologize because it was about 4 AM when I made the post last night, I wasn't meaning to say the team is crap or anything, I went back and changed the wording to fit what I meant more closely.
  18. Paid Staff

    I don't like criticizing the staff team so heavily because I know their job can be hard but I agree. I believe this because of horror stories given from ex-staff to just my general experience. Real life comes first, as it always should but judging by the admins testimonies so far (examples here), they are very busy IRL and maybe they should step down and let some of the GMs take their positions. To be quite honest, if I didn't ever look at the staff page I would never know any of the admins were actually admins, except Lyca. I use to know the admins were here like Terra, Hebee, Shark, etc, because they did work and led the community. It feels like sometimes being in staff is just a "status symbol". Now if you question anything you get hostile and defensive answers as if they feel you are attacking them because you question exactly what they do. Regardless, even if the community had the money, I don't think it would be justified to pay them as some just post every now and then to stay active.
  19. Zero

    UPlay account was hacked and now I am permanently banned for cheating.

    1. Ender


      Could be worse. at least its just Uplay. 


    2. Zero


      Except no Siege with Chief and Friends. :( 

  20. Lore looks good but I just have a few issues. A majority of the population from my knowledge hated the U.S.S.R and communism. The Chedaki were Russian nationalists and technically a minority. To say there was a massive movement for communism might be a bit of a stretch. The country did / does have a secret service type organisation. The agency / unit is known as COBR, which is similar to Russian SOBR. The unit was compromised of ex Spetsnaz who stayed in Chernarus after the fall of the Soviet Union and were responsible for securing a majority of government buildings during the civil war, they fought valiantly and hard and would probably be feared by most. After the war nationalism took over and COBR had intelligence officers working everywhere undercover, from grocery stores to office buildings, some even being embedded within military units. COBR even hunted down the surviving members of the ChDz movement, although it would have only those who were high profile of course. The name Krasnye Volki doesn't sit well with me because the name is similar to an old mod / pre-lore wipe group and many people will be a bit upset most likely if it's used because it's so similar.
  21. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Bang. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. I'm done.

    Gonna miss you being in staff, hope you still pop in from time to time but I've been taking your advice. We are all just here to have fun and hopefully other people realize that to. No need to hate people over a game or community. o7 to a pillar of the community
  23. Event Team Discussion

    Why would there be a marathon in the apocalypse lol?