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  1. The Masonic Knights

    I actually think this could be a good group, I think the idea of a modern Templar order is interesting and has the potential to be a hero group so long as you don't act like someone from a Monty Python skit. If you take on something like having it be a sort of modern paramilitary organisation with Christian values and such it could work out very well.
  2. Can you get in here?

    You can't enter it anymore like others have said. I could be wrong but I think the doors can still be opened but it's just a rock wall behind the doors. The devs removed a lot of these cool areas. There use to be caves scattered around the map but they are long gone now for some reason.
  3. *Rips off pizza*

    1. Boston


      Only one scoop of mashed potatoes, now, young sir.

  4. Jericho Riker

    W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P. W.I.P.
  5. Endeavour's Farm

    I've always loved the history of the wild west but it doesn't really fit to be honest. I think a majority of us have learned by now that no on cares fuck all if something makes sense or should be a thing in this community. Characters, backstories, groups, etc. That's why I stopped playing. No point in doing so if others aren't going to put as much effort as some other people do.
  6. Hello!

    Hello and welcome to the community. Like Buddy said, if you ever need any help just ask. The help-desk in TS is a good place to start, but if no one is there you can always go to the "Questions" section. I would also like to recommend keeping an eye on the "Reports" section because it allows you to have a more in-depth example on what is and what isn't a rule-break, I like to read over the section at-least once a day or so just to keep up with everything.
  7. Padalʹniki

    You always come up with interesting ideas, the only problem is that people never want to join groups anymore it seems. Everyone just sticks with their own small niche of friends and does the same group every six months. Good luck man, I for one think it's an interesting idea, especially with the concept of the radiation areas now. Maybe you could add some goals like escorting people through the dangerous rad zones for a price, depending on what they find you can take a percentage of the cut for the escort and protection.
  8. IT Discussion thread! (Spoilers Obviously)

    I assume because the town is use to people just going missing and the fact that the bully literally tried to kill them that no one cared enough to tell an authority figure. I went and saw the movie today as well and boy let me tell you, it's a far better adaptation then the original mini-series. I think it even did the book justice. I haven't enjoyed a movie in a long, long time, but this one was certainly scary (terrifying even) and enjoyable to watch.
  9. *A Chernarussian man speaks over the radio.* "Eh, you have just made a grave mistake. Most of these foreigners would rather see you hung in front of the Severograd pub let alone speak with you. As you can already see, they want to throw insults over radio and threaten you instead of attempting to bring peace through South Zagoria. If you meet with these degenerates they will attempt to kill you, I have no doubt. These people are nothing but savages and would rather attack and kill the United Nations and other forces that are actively trying to find a cure for this plague instead of helping them. They are condemning themselves by their own means. Perhaps NATO and all government forces should withdraw and simply rain nuclear fire down on the region. Would solve two problems, ano?" *The radio goes silent after he speaks.*
  10. What is happening?

    Well, you aren't wrong. There's a multitude of reasons for the poor state of everything. - The general attitude of the community player-base has shifted drastically. Quite a few think that hostile role-play is just initiating and starting fire-fights that usually end up with all sides being dead. How you are suppose to role-play when everyone is dead is unknown to me. The concept of "Mexican standoffs", heated arguments, fist fights, and threats are a concept of the past. Hostile role-play has just degenerated into a PVP shit-fest. - Another new trend is that people have begun to think that serious role-play is a small niche and doesn't belong here. I've noticed quite a few people make fun of others who make detailed characters or realistic characters, saying it's pointless, it doesn't belong here, etc. Others think that pointing out plot-holes and characters that don't make sense is pointless because we're RPing in a fictional country with a fictional virus. - Camp-fire RPers + the new form of hostile role-player has pretty much destroyed anything in between. Walk into Severograd and you will see 5+ people sitting around a camp-fire either talking about the weather or just not saying anything and just staring at each other or the fire. If you don't get this you get mass-initiations that most of the time end up with causalities of randoms that didn't even know a firefight was going on. - Groups and the characters being played in this community are a joke now. Some with a large and active rosters are nothing more then memes or parodies. If I came across them in game I would treat them as such, as they are jokes. The concept of some of them are laughable and would never pop up in a realistic world situation. Characters being played will believe absolutely anything you tell them and roll with it and part of me thinks it's because they don't treat the servers seriously enough. Yes I know we are role-playing in a video game that is set in a fictional country that has been plagued by a completely fictional virus. But at one point in time this place was a serious role-playing server. It always remained that way up until everyone decided to suicide themselves. There use to be some questionable groups back then but they weren't exactly far fetched. Now it all just seems like a joke. I've stopped caring if people don't like me or my opinion, but what I state has some merit to it. Some of the points might be more opinion based, but there is truth to what I've said. Serious role-play has been killed and a more casualized style has taken over. How I long for the days of 2015. There are some serious role-players left, they can be found, but they are few and far between. I've gotten better role-play out of people who just joined then what I've gotten from veteran members and that's saying something. You've pretty much hit the final nail in the coffin on what needed to be said. The place has devolved into nothing but Altis Life with zombies. Shit, sometimes I had more serious RP on the old Altis Life server I played back in 2014. I know we're not the only ones who think the same thing either, I just had a conversation last night about the same exact thing with another friend of mine in the community.
  11. Goodbye for now

    Sad to see you go Terminator. You always had a good head on you, so everything you've said isn't wrong but that's an unpopular opinion no one likes to hear.. Hope you come back, maybe if you do it will be like the glory days of 2015.
  12. I missed you bb.

    1. Pontiff


      I miss you too man, I fucking do. Life is a bitch tbh.

      Once my schedule is somewhat set, I'll try to give DayZ some love again.

  13. >When Westerners outnumber the Slavs in an Eastern European country


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    2. Zero


      I ain't gonna lie I was kind of cranky due to a multitude of reasons so maybe I took your joke out of context as well, lmao.

    3. Boston


      I am here to provide my opinion...:


    4. SweetJoe


      ::Shrugs:: who is mad?  Sorry if it made ya feel that way.

  14. Gtx 1080 vs Titan X (Parody)


  15. Nato have spies! [Open Freq]

    *He holds down the PTT.* "Ah, yes. An unfortunate event I will not deny having unfolded. She accused us of being pedophiles after we informed a little girl it was rude to insult strangers and then refused to apologize for spreading heinous rumors. Of course, we ended up saving said girl and a little boy after they were attacked by infected and wolves not fifteen minutes after the fact. We will help save those who are not pieces of human refuse, but as for the others?.. We will show you what a true monster is as I said already. The unfortunate circumstance for you is that you will never know where we are, when we are watching, or who we truly are as we've already demonstrated the past few days. You forced us into hiding and you made us into who and what we are today. You wanted to paint as creatures from fairy tales, evil beings preying on others, so perhaps your wish was granted." "As for your insults, the least you could do is think about them before saying something that makes you look like a donkey. No one here is an SJW, but if you come to someone's country then the least you could do is respect it's people. I would not go to your country and say you're all inbreeds with fucked up teeth, or say that you all shag sheep. I expect the same for when you come to my home." *He releases the PTT button.*
  16. Nato have spies! [Open Freq]

    *A Chernarussian man holds down the PTT button to his radio.* "Eh, you can go fuck yourself. Take your propaganda and lies and shove them up your ass, ano? From what I've been told you abandoned your post and left men to die like a pussy after only a few days. N.A.T.O., U.N., C.D.F., you hate them all and for what, because they attempted to court martial you for breaking military law, for running and leaving others to die? The truth to the entire situation is that the military is attempting to find a cure for the infection while also fighting infected hordes and bandits while this píčo sits on the radio all day or talks shit in a bar. I fight everyday to save you foreigners and all you do is complain as my men die for you. We save children, we help wounded men bleeding on the side of the road after they tried fighting bandits. We bleed for you and for what? For you to insult us and spread false narratives? We know who you are, we know what you sound like, and we know where you sleep at night. If you want to call us monsters, then we will show you what a true monster is. Jdi do hajzlu!" *He ends the transmission.*
  17. "Hey guys, let's all attack the only government organisations capable of curing the infection and then spread a bunch of bullshit lies about them to make even more people hate them for no reason!"

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    2. Undead


      I haven't seen any progress from any of the GOV factions in curing the infection ic. All I know about them on my current character is that they've been hiding off somewhere in other parts of the  country and tbh, for most criminal/bandit characters they may prefer the way things are currently.

    3. Samaritan


      Try talking to them IC if you know who they are (IC knowledge of course) to find out why they are doing it. There could be a reason or you could persuade them to stop.

      Unfortunately there will be groups that want chaos, to be free of government etc. and this is their opportunity. Trying to do 'the right thing' in game will always be difficult, if it wasn't difficult the lore would last 2 weeks at a time because a cure would be found.

      Also pretty much what @Jamie said.

    4. Zero


      @Jamie it wasn't really aimed at you or your group but if the shoe fits then so be it. I will admit I am upsetti over spilled spaghetti. Right from the get go people were doing stupid shit towards the GOV factions that didn't really have an invalid IC reasons for doing. Initiations with no merit, rumors spread for no reason, and these were for the most part the reason the CDF faction was archived.

      People choosing to meta-game our numbers and initiating when they knew OOC we only have one guy on, then followed by false rumors. CDF, U.N., NATO are cannibals and eat babies for breakfast, etc. And because of this people got tired of it and ended up stop playing, thus the group was archived. I have no doubt the U.N. and N.A.T.O. will suffer from the same fate.  In my opinion it's no different then if someone were to go in game and impersonate a member of a group and do bad things for the intention of giving the group a bad name. 

      But with all that being said I didn't mean to offend anyone in particular. I'm just tired of getting in game and then being accused of being a baby eating, murdering cannibal, and then being initiated on because of it. It's one thing for bandit groups to attempt to eliminate the opposition such as the military, but I think it's something different to spread lies for the intention of killing them all off / archiving the group. It was only yesterday that we decided to start being whatever everyone is accusing us of being (monsters that is, not baby eating cannibals and murderers) and that's because we see no point in trying to be something other then what people say we are. 

      "If the world's only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point trying to be anything else."

  18. *Kestrel picks up the radio and responds.* "Me and my men did what we could, but we are not doctors. We have little training in field surgery. Good luck foreigner." *He releases the PTT and picks up his rifle as his men move out.*
  19. *Kestrel holds down the PTT.* "Same place you called from, the electrical station." *He releases the PTT.*
  20. *Kestrel holds down the PTT and responds.* "I'm a concerned individual looking to help a fellow human being. I said I could help. I was under the impression that you needed assistance. That's why you made this broadcast, ano? To seek help?" *He releases the PTT.*
  21. *'Kestrel tunes in and responds.* "Eh, you still there? My men are nearby, we can help.. If you're still living that is." *He ends the transmission and waits for a response.*
  22. I wish we could still put Chernarus as our country, lol. I miss the flags and music.

    1. Spartan



  23. Maybe because in the lore that's where the infection originated? lol..
  24. @Keira I enjoyed the pain RP today. Maybe we can have some more later, ya? (;
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      Haha two birds with zero stones