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    Deleting character pages marked as "dead"

    Why is that we aren't allowed to delete character pages marked as dead? Furthermore, why is that you can set a dead character as active as well as edit the character page, what if you wanted to add the parts of the story that led to that characters death? I am attempting to delete a character page that was marked as deceased, so it would be nice if some of these were options.
  2. Zero

    Deleting character pages marked as "dead"

    PMed you the deets. Also if that's the case, it's not necessarily a big deal, it's just that with the character cool-down it sucks if you accidentally set the dead character as active and your stuck and have to get a reset from a GM.
  3. Zero

    Regarding NLR

    Brought back NLR because people were tired of the constant bullshittery that was happening in regards to hostilities. Nothing was being progressed, people refused to PK and would just initiate over and over for fuck all. Better this way imo, even if it has some drawbacks.
  4. Zero

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Kameníci + Liska = Super political party powerhouse group? #BringBackZelenogorsk
  5. Zero

    raincoat currently unbuyable?

    Working as intended, only the best can be a part of the black raincoat death squad. What would it be like if anyone could be one of us?
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  7. Zero

    Executions and their purpose

    I don't know why they went back on these rules and made them bare bone. The rules were fine before, all that needed to be changed was the fact that dynamics and KOS rights were shit. Why can't we just revise it back to where you have to speak both in game and in TS if talking to your pals and all that other shit? I don't know, we asked for one thing to be changed and everything was changed despite it not being needed. It use to be you had to have a certain number of very hostile encounters to be granted execution rights, like PKing someones friend or group member. Everyone just executes for the hell of it nowadays it seems.
  8. Zero


    #GroupAmnesty #BringBackReapers

    1. Mademoiselle


      TBH i miss Mikhail

    2. Zero


      A lot of people seem to want the group back.

    3. Mademoiselle


      I wouldn't mind, nostalgic days tbh (even though I haven't played, still)

  9. Zero


    Everything has a price...

  10. Zero

    Doc for Hire

    *Harlan would grab his radio and speak to anyone that was listening.* "This is Doc Holliday reaching out to anyone that is interested. If ya need help, just reach out, because I'm willing.. For a price that is.. I offer medical services, mostly in high risk situations. Firefights, clearing out infected hordes, or maybe you just need someone to give you some medical expertise on how to obtain information out of a subject that isn't willing to give it up. I can be reached on this frequency, 75.5. Just give me a holler." *He would clip his radio back on his belt.*
  11. Zero

    Doc for Hire

    *Harlan would pick up his radio and answer Tyler.* "Sorry pal, only pain killers I carry are hard, Chernarussian Vodka. My expertise lies in keeping people alive and sewing them up, ain't a pharmacist. You could try some Motrin and, uh.. Change your socks? Yeah.. Yeah that always worked in the Army, do that!" *He would think for a minute before replying to the others.* "Moody, is that you? Listen pal, I don't give away prostate exams for free, and you keep asking for one. I'm starting to think you aren't afraid of prostate cancer, it's just.. Something else. As for the other guy, I'll be contacting you soon, 88.5 you say?" *He releases the PTT button, ending his transmission.*
  12. Zero





    1. Aisling


      Lets hope so?

  13. Zero


    Have I spent enough for group amnesty yet @Roland?


    1. Zero



    2. Roland


      Pay 2 win tbh

    3. Zero


      Is that a yes? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Alexis


      Holy shit zero 😂 

    5. Aisling


      I am there with you 



    6. Zero


      @Aisling I have a problem.


    7. Aisling


      yes yes you do


  14. Zero

    Item Shop Discussion

  15. Zero

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Oh. How... Wonderful?..
  16. Zero

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Gorka suit hoods? Mosin with burlap wrap Burlap hood? Rain ponchos! Fucking eye patches. Different variations of the plate carrier, like different colors? One with punisher skull?
  17. Zero


    @Roland I will pay you a handsome fee of €25.00 for group amnesty. Your move Rolando.. 🤔


    1. Aisling



    2. Zero



  18. Zero

    Item Shop Discussion

    Military clothing holds way, way more than hunting clothing. Pretty sure you can fit an AK in the gorka jacket..
  19. Zero

    Item shop descriptions

    Damn. Leather Jacket : It's not human skin, I swear!
  20. Zero

    Item shop descriptions

    Black skull balaclava : Become a spoopy skeleton boi
  21. Zero

    Item Shop Discussion

    The prices are high, I was expecting a $1-$2 range at most, but I'll be honest, I will probably pay for all my items. The only thing that makes me sad is the bandanna is under the hat slot. Also, where's that dank tan cowboy hat? ;(
  22. Zero

    hey goisss

  23. Zero

    One Group

    - Reapers - The Regulators - The Black Fangs The original Reapers would be nice to see because it was meant to be a hero group and it would be nice to see that for a change. The Regulators were always fun people to RP with because it was filled with great people and characters. The Black Fangs were cool because it didn’t start out as a straight up bandit group and they basically did protection racket type stuff.
  24. Zero

    Need Help With How My Character Came To Chernarus.

    They were on a plane heading from another country when the plane crashed in the Chernogorsk hotel.
  25. Zero

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    *Harlan grabs his radio and responds.* "Gone for three days and you decide to leave, eh Doc? Thought we could work together, but guess I'm back on the road by myself again. Just don't get yourself killed, you are the only person I actually like in this country." *He would release the PTT button.*