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    Farewell my friends

    Well, it has come that time for me to leave. Perhaps I will return in coming months or maybe longer, but for now I feel I need to make this goodbye message. I am attempting to find my place in this world and I am trying to join the United States Marines. In order to do so I need to lose some weight and get back in shape. It will be a long and painful journey, but one I must follow. I think being away from the computer and from the community will do me some good. Sometimes I take things too seriously here but it's because I am passionate about the community that has given me so much enjoyment over the years. I can't explain how much fun this community has given me, I may have disagreed with some decisions made but with time I came to understand why they were made. While staff gets a lot of flak for things they do I think sometimes we need to take a step back and examine the situation more. The staff team doesn't get enough credit for what they do. Sure, there have been fuck ups, but we are all human beings and I think we need to understand that and give people some slack. @G19RP @groovy tonyRP @LouieRP @JimRP @Agent Banks @Pastor @yuthee @RestOfAnarchyTBH You've all been great friends and have shown me some great times. I've said things I regret and didn't mean but we put it past us. The RP and the groups we've been in have been amazing. @Ark @Stagsview @Taryn you da real staff MVPs. Keep up the good work fams. Taryn better be admin when I return. @Otto @Jack the Ripper @Chief I don't have much words to say. You guys have been my best friends in this community since we've met. If your house burned down I would let you crash at my place, even if you were secretly plotting to stab me in the jugular. Maybe by the time I am back .63 will be released and we can make a bad-ass group. @Major Best lore-master. COBR will rise once more and we will make Chernarus great again some day. @Mexi @Sylva I love you. @Roland I love you dad. All I ever wanted was for you to love me back. For anyone else I may have missed, have fun, do the roleplays and God bless the United States of America. I will return one day and we shall all RP in harmony. Hostile roleplayers. Campfire roleplayers. Anything in between. Here is a song for you all.
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    • Tomu

    I love you.

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    New group.. Soon™..

    @Agent Banks


    1. Mr. Blue
    2. ErebodyH8esBanksRP



    3. Dvlinhb



      "CIA! OPEN UP!"

      Image result for FBI open up giF

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    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    Nice graphics.
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    > When you log on and see that Sweetjoe has been banned. 


    1. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      it was a rough one

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    Music List from the Radio Show & SONG REQUESTS!

    A few, I think they would be good to include some Slav music.
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    • BOLDEdition

    Where are yooooou?

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    1. Mexi



    2. Zero


      Na, we don't throw our citizens in jail for making YouTube meme videos, I say that we are doing fairly well. 😉 

    3. Mexi



    4. Zero



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    Let me play you the song of my peoples and their culture. @G19RP @groovy tonyRP


    1. G19RP


      *our culture

  11. Zero


    In delayed entry program, hopefully I will escape this painful existence of civilian life.

    1. yuthee

      Oh man. Have fun in DEP. I was there for a few months before I shipped off to boot.

    2. Zero


      Couple years out of high school has turned me into a couch potato. Today was a rough start, kept dropping out of the formation. Use to run 6 miles a day and weighed 145, just got to get back into shape again.

  12. “University graduate. Served in the Marines. Recruited into the Texas Rangers. Lots of high-profile arrests. Large list of commendations, as well as a long list of misconduct violations... excessive force, intimidation, racial profiling. Retired after twenty years, then dropped off the grid. No one has seen him since..” Jericho Riker was born on March 7, 1972 in Willow City, Texas. The son of a ranching family and the grandchild of Irish immigrants, Jericho grew up tending land and raising Angus beef cattle with his father Murphy Riker and his older brother. Murphy was a Marine veteran who served in Force Recon during the Vietnam Conflict and had become an avid survivalist after the withdraw of the U.S. in the region and his subsequent retirement. His mother died during childbirth. He attended university majoring in forensic science with a minor in psychology. After school he joined the U.S.M.C. and served as a lieutenant. He served from 2000-2008. After completing his military service he was recruited into the Texas Rangers. For years he worked as a Ranger, traveling around the state investigating political corruption, murder, and performing other special tasks. Sometime in his career he met a young woman by the name of Sarah and soon after they began seeing each other. Within a few years they were married with a daughter. However, when in Houston visiting family Sarah and Alice were killed by a drunk driver in a hit and run. Jericho began investigating the murder himself, unbeknownst to his superiors. Once he found the culprit he tracked the man down and killed him in a dark alley, making it look like a failed robbery that ended in bloodshed. After seeing the dark underside of society for so many years and losing his wife it changed him. His outlook on everything took a far more harsh turn and his moral code drifted drastically. Over the years he received several misconduct violations, such as excessive force and intimidation. After years of service as a law enforcement official, it showed Jericho the corruption and greed within the system. His last case involved investigating a public official for child trafficking and distribution of child pornography. Due to the individuals ties with powerful politicians, the case was kept from the public eye and swept under the rug. Jericho was disgusted by this and resigned from his position. Shortly after he released the case files to the public. The politician in question was ruined and one night was murdered by a vigilante. No suspect could be identified as the crime scene was scrubbed clean by what the investigator thought was a professional. After leaving his position, he returned to Willow City and worked on the ranch for a number of months. He raised cattle alongside his brother for years until he became a semi-trailer truck driver where he hauled various cargo across the United States. While in a truck stop in Arizona he heard of a employment in a country known as Chernarus that promised a hefty salary. The contract took him to Eastern Europe, where he transported various things such as weaponry to United States military installations & armories. Before long he found himself trapped in the former Eastern Bloc country with no way of escaping. - Tendency to lash out and go overboard - Suffers from PTSD & pathological lying disorder - Find a way to obtain Skye's freedom [Ongoing] - Watch Dominik's back & keep him alive [Ongoing] - Locate, capture, torture & execute Ben Khron [Failed] - Form his own group of like minded individuals [Ongoing] - Find Desmond Azadun & make him pay for his betrayal [Ongoing] - Survive through any means possible, even if it means sacrificing morals and sanity [Ongoing] Luke Krey Ivan Lynch Simon Beranek Caleb Gallagher Austin Maverick Lupe 'Ace' Sepulveda Dominik Romanowicz Ben Khron Desmond Azadun
  13. Zero


    This place has become a giant meme.

    1. Jamie


      If you think it's such a meme, why are you here? 

      1 worded responses have always been pointed like that on the radio chatter, and you've been around long enough to know. Sorry, but that's how it is. 

    2. Mexi


      Biggest oof I've read in a while.

    3. Jamie


      When and who did I get to leave? It’s funny how everyone takes random people’s rumours as the gospel these days. I’ve never told anyone to leave the team seriously.

    4. Brady


      Locked permanently, and for review

  14. Zero

    Looking for an FAL

    - User was Warned for this post -
  15. Zero

    Character Timelime Feature

    I like it.
  16. Zero


    1. BorisRP



    2. BorisRP



  17. Zero


    > When you keep performing hostile acts on different groups and characters so you just keep making new characters to avoid the consequences. 🤔

    1. Sleepyhead


      I would bring it up to a higher member of staff, honestly. That's just abusing the system imo.

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      not able to play other characters? thought that was a feature for here.

    3. Mexi


      It is a feature, but when someone makes a new character after creating a rather large amount of hassle for people in game just to avoid the consequences that would usually follow, it's rather obvious what the persons intentions are.

      Loopholes need to be filled, because it's a rather annoying thing to happen..

      What makes it worse, is they then CONSTANTLY talk shit and provoke people on the radio.

    4. Malet


      People that change characters or stop playing in total because they "cant be bothered" to live with the consequences of their actions are one of the major reasons why the motivation to build up relationships and stories and by this serious longterm-focused RP becomes more and more rare.

      Whats the point in making enemies and friends when from one day to the other, often without explanation, they just disappear and leave a lose storyline behind? 

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  19. Zero

    The Horsemen [IC Recruitment]

    Some new blood? This will be interesting.
  20. Zero

    Backpacking in the US

    Yeah, if you want to be shot or stabbed.
  21. Zero

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    I'm just going to agree with Jack because he's right. I originally thought the old rule here was better but after some thought I think otherwise. The problem though is the current rule allows for a lot of abuse and allows people to just initiate then killing the captured without much role-play involved, the other issue is that not many people RP out injuries. But what is fair when it comes to RPing injuries? How long do I need to RP that out? If we are being realistic being shot would put someone out of commission for several weeks and that seems rather excessive. Is it okay to role-play that my plate carrier saved me, or that I was wearing Kevlar under my shirt, thus exempting me from having to RP out anything other than some major bruising? If that's the case then everyone can magically say they are wearing Kevlar when it would be rather difficult to find that sort of equipment.
  22. Zero

    Rule Protection Mode?

    Everyone has already pointed out the obvious. For some reason we are looking for an impossible, "perfect" rule-set to protect against any situation possible, which by the way, is impossible to do. Most of the old rules were fine, if someone broke the rule you reported them and the problem was dealt with. The new rules just encourage endless cycles of initiating and meta-gaming. Polls are put up, majority says bring back the old rules, threads are swept under the rug, and everyone just goes back to smiling and waving. Come to think of it, sort of reminds me of the DPRK in the movie The Interview where Kim puts up all this stuff to make the place seem nice and as if there isn't a problem. Everything is just a facade.
  23. Zero

    How long are you allowed to stay inactive in a group?

    I don't think it's favoritism, just that both the community and staff team are in a sort of never ending loop at the moment. Activity is down, people are burned out. Sometimes mistakes are made or people don't have time to check every single group or every single community members activity.
  24. Zero

    Stupid Rule???

    That's not how that works and you know it. You can't just kill someone after robbing them. That is what we call a rule-break and the report section is there to weed these things out. Implementing more and more rules is not a solution to fixing a problem, instead it's caused more problems then what we had before. The way it worked is people could torture or rob you, if you complied and what not you now have revenge rights which are persistent until either one of you are perma-killed. If you didn't comply and died then that's your own fault. You made a choice and now have to deal with the consequences.
  25. Zero

    How long are you allowed to stay inactive in a group?

    As a previous member of the damned, he is correct. They have moved on to other things or are bored with the game, most of those that were active no longer played on the characters they joined the group on. Me and others have wondered why the group wasn't archived due to inactivity a long time ago.